1. What To Look For In A Pest Control Company

    What to Look for In a Pest Control Company

    Pest control problems are the last thing that you want to deal with. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, how serious the problem is, or what type of pest you have on your hands, the one thing that you want is to get rid of the pests as soon as possible. Here in Sacramento, there are so many…Read More

  2. Minimizing Pests in Your Home This Fall

    Seasons transitioned quickly this year. We were enjoying what felt like an extended summer when winter promptly reminded us it was soon approaching. Those drops in temperature reminded us that the season where pests start to migrate indoors is upon us, and it’s best to start preparing. In today’…Read More

  3. Benefits of Pest Control in Your Rental Property

    California has been, and will continue to be, one of the top places to live. Whether you own a property that you have long-term renters in or you’ve got a property intended for short stays through Airbnb, pest control and pest management is your responsibility. While you’re not living in the pro…Read More

  4. Some of California’s Most Dangerous Pests

    Living in California has its perks. From the warm weather to the beaches that you can find across the coast of the state, there are plenty of aspects about California for you to enjoy. One thing, however, that you should be prepared for are the pests that come with it. In today’s blog post we want…Read More

  5. A Comprehensive Guide To Rats

    While all rodents may seem alike, when it comes to destruction, rats stand above the rest. No homeowner wants to have any pest invade their abode but when rats take up residence in your home, you will wind up with bigger issues on your hands. From damaging your home to contaminating your food, these…Read More

  6. When To Call A Sacramento Exterminator

    There isn’t a single person we have ever met who likes to deal with having bugs or rodents in their home during any time of the year. While some people might suggest that you try and take care of your pest problems on your own, we personally don’t think that is the best option. This is especiall…Read More

  7. A Comprehensive Guide To Mice

    When it comes to pests in the home, there is probably no foe better known than the house mouse. Mice infest homes across the nation, taking advantage of better food sources and a sheltered home. Often, a mouse infestation occurs before you even realize there was a single mouse in your house. While y…Read More

  8. Preparing For Summer: Mosquito Season Is Here

    Mosquitoes are incredibly resilient creatures that are known to be able to live through drought and freezing temperatures. There are also certain species of mosquito that travel incredibly far distances in order to feed, while others will live the entirety of their lives just 150 feet from the place…Read More

  9. How Does Weather Affect Your Insect Issues?

    When the weather changes because of the seasons, it is often very difficult to control insect infestations. This is especially true when the weather begins to get warmer. Increasing temperatures, warner winter, increasing precipitation, and droughts, all work to make it easier for certain insects to…Read More

  10. Keeping Your Sacramento Patio Pest-Free

    When you are spending time outside, it is often very difficult to control the insects that are around you. This expansive environment leaves you open to being bothered by a number of pests, make spending time on your patio much less enjoyable that you would have imagined. However, it doesn’t have …Read More