Ant Pest Control & Extermination Services in Central California

Ants are notoriously difficult to get rid of with over-the-counter pesticides. While you might temporarily kill off the ones you see, more ants will soon be on their way. Fill out the form for a free ant removal quote!

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Ant Pest Control & Extermination Services in Central California

Some ants are so tiny that they can barely be seen by the naked eye. But when an ant army invades your home or business, you’re sure to quickly notice the chaos these small insects can cause en masse. And because ants are notoriously resistant to pesticides, deterrents like ant traps and insect spray don’t last long.

Don’t give up and let the ants eat you out of your house and home. Call Earthwise Pest Management for professional, affordable, and effective ant pest control services in and around Stockton and Sacramento, CA. Our ant extermination services are the best in the business!

Ant Prevention Tips

  • Sweep the floors and wipe down counters to clear food debris immediately.
  • Keep pantry food sealed tight.
  • Eliminate water sources by fixing leaks.
  • Seal cracks in walls and doors and re-caulk windows.
  • Keep wood piles and mulch piles far away from your home.
  • Carefully plan your garden and landscaping. Avoid plants that attract aphids, which can then attract ants.
  • Don’t place things like pots, piles of cardboard scrap, or bags of soil right up against your home. Store them in a shed or other location separate from the house.

Professional Ant Treatment Services in Central California You Can Rely On

There are over a thousand species of ants worldwide, and all of them are bad news for your home or business. Ants are attracted to our indoor spaces because they can find food, water, and shelter, but unfortunately, they often cause serious damage while seeking out these necessities. Some ant species, such as fire ants, can sting and are especially detrimental to children and pets. Others, such as carpenter ants, can burrow into wood and cause structural damage.

When you call our team for ant pest control services, we begin by identifying the species. From there, our ant exterminators can address the infestation and work with you to find a solution to prevent more ants from entering your home or commercial property in the future.

Types of Ants in Central California

No matter what type of ant you see, our ant exterminators can tackle the problem. Here are a few types of ants we frequently see while providing ant pest control services:

Ant Extermination PB Ants Pic 1

Odorous House Ants

Odorous house ants are known to cause an odor when crushed. They give off a smell that’s been likened to rotting coconut.

Ant Extermination PB Ants Pic 2

Pavement Ants

As their name implies, pavement ants can generally be found around pavement, where they will often create their homes along the edges of sidewalks and roads. They can also be found in buildings, especially in damp and warm places.

Ant Extermination PB Ants Pic 3

Fire Ants

Fire ants are highly aggressive and will not hesitate to sting humans. They create mounds, which are dangerous to approach. This ant species can be quite dangerous, especially to infants and pets, so eliminating an infestation quickly is important.

Ant Extermination PB Ants Pic 4

Argentine Ants

Argentine ants are a native Argentine ant species invasive to California. They’ve had success in spreading, likely due to their limited number of natural enemies. These ants are known to ravage gardens and any other food sources they can find.

Ant Extermination PB Ants Pic 5

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants aren’t as helpful as human carpenters. Rather, they undo all the work you’ve done on your home. They damage wood as they burrow in to make themselves at home, causing significant structural damage. They’re also quite large and have been known to bite humans.

Ant Extermination PB 50 50 Pic 2

Integrated Pest Management for Ant Infestations

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques can effectively manage ant infestations by focusing on prevention, monitoring, and targeted interventions. Here are some IPM strategies that we use to address ant infestations:

By combining these integrated pest management techniques, we can effectively control ant infestations while minimizing the use of pesticides and promoting environmental sustainability. Keep in mind that the choice of techniques will depend on the specific ant species and the severity of the infestation.

Ant Extermination Services in Central California

Our skilled team provides more than just ant pest control services. Here are a few other types of work we do in and around Sacramento and Stockton, CA:

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When you need professional ant treatment, there’s no better team to trust than Earthwise. If you’re ready to banish ants from your home once and for all, contact us today to schedule ant pest control services. We’ll be there right away!


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