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Ants are notoriously difficult to get rid of with over-the-counter pesticides. While you might temporarily kill off the ones you see, more ants will soon be on their way. Fill out the form for a free ant removal quote!

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Getting Rid of Ants for Good

There are various types of ants, and all of them are bad news for your home. Ants are attracted to our indoor spaces because they can find access to food, water, and shelter. Some ants, such as fire ants, can sting you and are especially detrimental to children and pets. Carpenter ants can burrow into wood and cause structural damage.

When dealing with ants in your house, identifying the species is the first step toward eliminating the problem. From there, your Earthwise pest control technician can address the infestation and prevent future infestations from occurring.

If you have an ant infestation, get in touch with us for effective ant removal and control.

Tips for Preventing Ants Immediately:

  • Sweep the floors and wipe down counters to clear food debris
  • Keep pantry food sealed tight
  • Eliminate water sources by fixing leaks
  • Seal cracks in walls and doors and re-caulk windows

We know it can be difficult to protect your home from every type of pest that threatens it. Just when it appears like you've eradicated one pest, another seems to appear. Unfortunately, this is the way it goes. And one pest you will never truly be able to rid of your property is ants. But you can certainly try.

When you hire Earthwise Pest Management, you can feel confident knowing that we are working as hard as possible to ensure that you receive the very best ant extermination, removal, and control. Continue reading below to learn more about our services.

The first step to eliminating an ant infestation in your house is figuring out what kind of ant you're dealing with. There are many ant species, all of which vary in their appearance and their methods of living. We’re going to give it to you straight: not all ants are created equal. Additionally, not all ants are as harmless as they appear. How can you identify which ones are currently taking over your home? Let’s discuss the most common type of ants our Sacramento ant control experts deal with.

How to Keep Ants Away From Your Granite Bay Home

Ants can represent a serious challenge for homeowners, and while they may seem like just a nuisance, can pose health risks as they can contaminate food and spread allergens and harmful bacteria. Some ants bite or sting, while others damage wood and can create safety hazards in wooden structures.

If you’re worried about ants in your Granite Bay home, whether you’ve already seen them or you want to prevent having them show up in the first place, Earthwise can help. We offer Granite Bay pest control, including both control for existing infestations, and preventative maintenance—which can keep you from having to worry about getting ants in your Granite Bay home in the first place.

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Common Ants You Might See in Granite Bay

Knowing what types of ants you might see in granite bay, and being able to identify ones you come across can help you understand the best approach to take when ants encroach. These are a few types of ants you might come across in Granite Bay:

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Odorous House Ants

As their name suggests, Odorous House Ants are known to cause an odor. This isn’t all the time, though, and you generally won’t smell anything—until you crush one. Then, they give off a smell that’s been likened to rotting coconut.

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Pavement Ants

As their name implies, pavement ants can generally be found around pavement, where they will often create their homes along the edges of sidewalks and roads. They can be found in your home, too, though, especially in damp and warm places.

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Fire Ants

Fire ants are invasive ants who have made their way all the way to California and much of the United States. They’re highly aggressive, and they will not hesitate to sting humans. They can be quite dangerous, especially to infants and pets, so eliminating an infestation quickly is important. They create mounds, which are dangerous to approach, since if they’re disturbed, they will attack in large numbers.

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Argentine Ants

Argentine ants, as their name suggests actually do come from Argentina. They’ve had success in spreading, likely due to their low level of natural enemies. They have a mutually beneficial relationship with honeydew creating insects like Aphids. It's a win-win for the ants and aphids, but lose-lose for gardeners and the natural food chain.

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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants can damage wood as they burrow in to make themselves at home—often inside of human homes. They can cause significant structural damage and they’re drawn to sources of wood and warmth. They’re quite large and they have been known to bite humans.

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Why Preventative Maintenance is Important

Needless to say, ants are quite small. This may seem like an obvious statement, but it’s an important consideration, because ant infestations can be difficult to detect when they’re in their early stages. Many ants like to hide out where they aren’t seen very often—underneath shelter, inside of wood, in small spaces in the home, and underground in soil.

By the time that they’ve become noticeable, ants can have proliferated and formed large colonies, spread contaminants to food, and already established themselves quite well. The best way to deal with ants is proactively. By taking preventative maintenance steps, you can reduce the risk of dealing with large infestations in the first place and keep your home safer.

Prevention Steps

There are some simple steps that you can take on your own to reduce the chances of getting an infestation in the first place. While Earthwise can help you with comprehensive preventative maintenance, there are some things you can do on your own, and we’ll get into a little bit about how you can lower the chances of having to deal with an infestation in the first place.

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Keeping Wood Piles Away From Your Home

While it can be convenient to have wood piles near your home for easy access, consider keeping them at a healthy distance. Unfortunately, these home-adjacent wood piles are also convenient for ants—especially carpenter ants. They’ll make themselves right at home, where you may not even notice them until their numbers have grown significantly.

At this point, it will be more difficult to eliminate them, and if the wood pile is too close to your home, they’ll make their way inside in search of food. That’s because they don’t actually feed on wood. They simply use it for nesting. From there, they can expand their network and create other nests inside your home for easier scavenging.


Avoid Pools of Water and Dripping Water Sources

If you’ve had a leaky spigot for years, or a dripping water hose, it might be time to take steps to fix it or have it fixed. While it may not seem like a big deal—it might not be dripping that much, after all—for ants, it unfortunately is. Ants will be drawn to sources of water, and if those water sources are too close to your home, they’ll make their way inside in search of more water and food.

Other water sources to look out for are pools of water—things like low spots in the yard where water pools frequently, empty pots that collect stagnant water, and other containers like empty buckets. If you have a sprinkler system, be sure to adjust it so that it isn’t spraying water where it can collect near your home.

Ant Extermination PB Garden Landscaping

Carefully Plan Your Garden and Landscaping

Certain plants can be wildly attractive to ants. Remember how we talked about aphids and Argentine ants? Certain insects, including aphids, will feed on plants and secrete a sweet substance called honeydew.

Many species of ants—including Argentine ants—are attracted to this substance, and they will protect aphids and other honeydew producing insects from their natural predators in exchange for the honeydew. It’s bad all around. Your plants will become more and more damaged without natural predators keeping aphids and other honeydew insects in check, while ants will have food and keep growing their colony, and the ecosystem can become disrupted when the natural food chain is interrupted. So, when you’re planning out your garden, consider if these plants are too close to your home, because from there, ants will make their way inside in search of more food.

Another important consideration to take is that if you have fruit producing plants, they will occasionally drop fruit on the ground. Ants will be attracted to this fruit, so be sure to pick up dropped fruit and keep the ground as clear as possible. In general, it’s best to keep your plants a healthy distance from your home for all of these reasons.

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Keep Your Mulch Pile at a Distance

Keeping your mulch piles away from the home can help prevent ants getting inside. For good reason, many people like to line the bottom of their mulch piles with weed barriers. These do a good job of keeping growth out of mulch piles, but unfortunately for homeowners with risks of ants, they also trap a lot of moisture, which attracts ants. Mulch piles are unfortunately very attractive to ants and other insects. They retain a lot of water, and they’re warm.

To avoid this becoming a problem, you can take a two approaches: you can keep your mulch pile far from your home, so that even if ants make their way into it, they’ll be much less likely to make it into your home next. The second approach is forgoing a mulch pile entirely, and opting to use stone mulch instead.

Stone mulch or pea gravel is ideal for a number of reasons. For one, it won’t need to be replaced as often as traditional mulch which breaks down over time. Additionally, it will allow water to drain into the soil better, it does a good job of keeping weeds out, it’s naturally resistant to fire, and it’s very aesthetically pleasing.


Securing Trash, Debris, and Food

Keeping tidy doesn’t just keep your yard and home looking nice—it also goes a long way in ant prevention. Making sure that your yard doesn’t have debris will help prevent ants for more than one reason. Even trash that doesn’t have food on it can offer ants shelter, and trap moisture. And, trash that is food, or has remnants or residue of food on it can definitely draw in scavenging ants.

Things like banana peels, discarded cans of soft drinks and other sugary beverages, candy wrappers, and plastic liners from plastic tubs of food are some of the worst offenders. Ants will be attracted to the food on this type of trash, and from there, they’ll make their way into your home in search of more food.

Ensure that trash can lids are secured, and try to avoid keeping piles of trash bags outside of your garbage can. If you have no choice because your bin is full, at least ensure that they’re a good distance from your home and well-secured.

Ant Extermination PB Storage

Reduce Storage Against Your Home

We get it—it’s been a long day of gardening or yard work, and you just want to lay that bag of soil and that pile of terra cotta pots against the house or apartment, go inside and shower—but these can become quick targets for ants. Things like pots, piles of cardboard scrap, bags of soil—even lawn mower bags and other yard equipment offer ants shelter, and retain ant attracting moisture. Your best bet is to avoid storing things against the side of your home, altogether. If you opt for a garden shed, consider placing it far from your home, and if you’re already using one near your home, try to avoid leaning tools against the outside of it, as well.

Should You Contact An Ant Control Professional?

When it comes to having certain infestations in your home, handling it yourself just isn’t an option. Take ants for example. To handle an ant infestation, you’re going to need the help of an experienced and professional pest control company in Sacramento or the surrounding areas. Most often, using a professional exterminator is recommended when you have infestations of pests like bees, wasps, and hornets. On the other hand, fire ants pose just as much of a threat and should be handled as such by experienced fire ant removal experts.

Another consideration when you have an ant infestation in your home is how often you have had other infestations. If you've been trying to get rid of pests on your own for the last several years and still have difficulties, it's an indication that you should seek expert pest control help. Not only can the professionals get rid of your current infestation, but they can also help you to prevent future infestations as well.

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How Earthwise Can Help: Pro-Active Preventative Maintenance

One of the best things you can do is get local pest control in Granite Bay to help out with preventative maintenance. At Earthwise, we offer year round preventative maintenance with our pro-active maintenance plans. We can offer expert advice, make recommendations, and help you keep your Granite Bay home ant-free.

Regular Inspections

We’ll make regular inspections and put our experience to work, inspect your home for signs of infestations before they become serious, check for conditions that lead to ant infestations, and identify the root of existing infestations. While many homeowners may not be able to simply glance at an ant and identify the species and likely hiding spots, we know exactly what to look for, where to look for it, and what to do next.


We'll also keep your home safe year-round with regular treatments and control efforts. Left untreated, a small ant problem can become a big infestation. Depending on what kind of ants you’re dealing with, complications that might arise range from contamination of food to structural damage, and some seriously painful stings. That’s why we take a measured, and biology-informed approach to taking the most efficient pest-control measures so that you can keep your home safe through the whole year.

Expert Recommendations

A big part of what we do is bring our experience and expertise to you Once we’ve inspected your home, we’ll let you know what we found, possible risks for attracting future infestations, what you can do next, and offer advice ranging from treatment options to ways you can reduce the risk of attracting future ants. We’ll provide you with a full report and help you deal with existing infestations and offer solutions for avoiding future problems.


Sacramento Ant Extermination and Control Services We Offer

At Earthwise Pest Management, we can offer you a lot more than just information about ants and infestations. Our long list of services is unmatched by our competitors and will leave you feeling secure in your home. These pest control services include, but are not limited to:

  • Unparalleled pest control services and a desire to leave our customers satisfied after each servicing
  • Inspection and treatment by a knowledgeable and trained staff member that will lend to you experiencing fewer pest problems in the future
  • Proven strategies that are known to handle ant infestations, control, and exclusions with our guarantee
  • The use of safe pest control products that will not harm your family or pets
  • Advice from experts who care and know-how to deal with your pest issues
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Earthwise Pest Management Is The Ant Control Company Sacramento Residents Trust

We are ready to take care of your Sacramento home by removing any pests that you are dealing with. The owner of Earthwise Pest Management, Joe Hawkins, is a second-generation pest management professional, making him a trustworthy technician with many years of experience. Additionally, every technician at our pest control company has been extensively trained and tested in the fields of pest control techniques, biology, materials, and more. We are here to be your all-around pest management solution. If you are ready to get rid of the ants in your home once and for all, contact our Sacramento office today and get a free quote on ant removal services in Sacramento or the surrounding areas.

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Whether you’re already dealing with an ant infestation—small or large—or you’re worried about future infestations and want to do everything you can to prevent them, we’re here to help. We offer comprehensive pest control in Granite Bay, including treatment for infestations that are already there, expert recommendations, and year-round preventative maintenance that can help you reduce the chances of future infestations.

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