Fruit Fly Pest Management in Sacramento

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Fruit Fly Control Services in Central California

Fruit flies aren’t exactly a “harmful” pest, but they're irritating nonetheless. Earthwise Pest Management understands firsthand just how annoying these pests can be. Whether fruit flies are surrounding your business or buzzing around the inside of your home, let our fruit fly exterminators be the ones to take care of this problem once and for all!

Earthwise specializes in providing home and commercial property owners with effective and thorough fruit fly control services in Sacramento and Stockton, CA, and the nearby areas. Call us today or fill out our contact form for a fruit fly removal estimate.

Signs of a Fruit Fly Infestation:

  • Regular Sighting of Flies

  • Maggots

  • Dark Clusters of Spots in Corners

  • Clusters of House Flies Near Lights

  • Large Amounts of Dead Flies

Fruit Fly Extermination Services

Fruit fly infestations can be a difficult problem to tackle, as these tiny insects reproduce quickly and can withstand harsh conditions. Count on Earthwise Pest Management for superior fruit fly control services, and leave these buzzing beasties behind.
We understand that no two homes or businesses are alike, so we tailor all protocols according to your specific needs in order to ensure complete elimination and give you peace of mind that your property is fruit-fly-free. Our experts utilize various methods to eradicate fruit flies, but the primary method of pest management that we utilize is called integrated pest management, also known as IPM. There are countless reasons we choose to utilize this pest management method, but the primary one is that it works.

The first step involved with IPM is a thorough examination and investigation of the area where you are struggling with pests. Your entire building will be examined to determine why it has become a desirable spot for pests. It may be the climate alonefre, or there may be factors creating the ideal space for pests that you might not even recognize.

From food and water sources to shelter and protection, our team will look for everything that allows pests to thrive. Once we’ve determined which factors are drawing them in, we will work as a team to strategize long-term solutions that help eliminate them for good! Rather than immediately utilizing pesticides, our team looks at the root of the situation and finds solutions that will ensure your space is no longer a desirable location for these pests.

If your infestation is particularly stubborn, we also have many other tools at our disposal. We can spray targeted insecticides and baits, set up traps, or even introduce insects that feed on the flies themselves. We also have access to specialized equipment like ULV foggers, which spray safe, non-toxic ultra-low volume (ULV) insecticide around entire buildings, killing off fruit flies quickly and efficiently.

Once your extermination services are complete, we will create a plan and schedule of routine pest management to ensure that the fruit flies don’t return. Our team is dedicated to safely removing the pest problem, and we don’t stop at the first initial visit — we’ll continue to check on you after the fact to ensure complete satisfaction.

Potential Harm Caused by Fruit Flies
Fruit flies aren’t as dangerous to people or property as termites, rodents, or fleas, but that doesn’t mean they’re harmless. Fruit flies often cause these and other issues…

Food Contamination
Fruit flies are known for landing in and around food. If you have anything edible sitting out on the counter or easily accessible within your pantry, fruit flies will inevitably become interested in it as a potential food source.

To reduce the risk of infestation in the future, consider investing in high-quality sealed storage once professional fruit fly removal services are complete. Not only will sealing your food reduce the chances of fruit flies, but it will also ensure there isn’t any food contamination if flies are around.

Health Issues
Depending on where fruit flies are breeding and what contact they’ve had with the outside world, diseases may be something you have to worry about. The typical house fly has been suspected of being able to spread at least 65 different diseases to humans. Keep your family members and pets safe by hiring professionals for fruit fly extermination services.

Not all flies are capable of biting, but some species of fruit flies can bite humans or animals on your property. While the potential harm from these bites is far from serious, getting bitten by fruit flies is still an annoyance nobody wants to deal with. When you hire our team for fruit fly control services, we’ll make sure that flies aren’t nibbling on you or your furry friends any longer.

Signs You Need Professional Fruit Fly Removal Services

Hiring professional fruit fly exterminators saves you time, money, and trouble compared to attempting fruit fly control services by yourself. Below you’ll find a few warning signs that your problem may require professional attention:

●       You’ve noticed maggots in mud or around garbage or sewers near your property. These particular settings are ideal breeding grounds for flies.

●       You're seeing large numbers of adult fruit flies flying around or resting on surfaces such as your countertops.

●       Your drains have become clogged with larvae and eggs.

●       The smell of rotting fruit is lingering in your kitchen, office breakroom, or other spaces where the pests have been found.

●       You've tried to exterminate the fruit flies yourself but have had no success.

●       You need to get rid of large fruit fly populations quickly and efficiently due to health safety regulations (for example, in a commercial kitchen).

●       You are seeking advice on how to prevent future infestations from occurring.

Professional Fruit Fly Treatment Services

If you are currently struggling with a fruit fly problem, let the team at Earthwise Pest Management help. Our IPM approach to professional fruit fly treatment services ensures that we tackle the root of your fruit fly infestation and provide you with a long-term solution. Before you know it, those infuriating insects will be gone for good! To schedule fruit fly control services in Sacramento or Stockton, CA, fill out our quick online contact form or give us a phone call.

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