About Bed Bugs

Found in nearly any structure, bed bugs have become a nationwide problem in hotels, theaters, homes, and other areas — including in the Sacramento area. Until fairly recently, most people (and even pest control professionals) had never seen a bed bug. While bed bug infestations were extremely common in the United States before World War II, improvements in hygiene, and especially the widespread use of DDT during the 1940s and ‘50s, caused bed bugs to all but vanish.

Over roughly the past decade, bed bugs have made a dramatic comeback in the U.S.― they’re appearing increasingly in homes and in commercial buildings like apartments, hotels, health care facilities, dormitories, shelters, schools, and on public transportation. Other places where bed bugs sometimes occur include movie theaters, laundromats, on rental furniture, and in office buildings.

Immigration and international travel have contributed to the resurgence of bed bugs in the U.S.  as well as a need for bed bug elimination practices. Changes in modern pest control practice, less effective insecticides ― and a decrease in societal vigilance ― are other factors suspected for the recurrence. The bottom line is that bed bugs are hard to spot and even harder to get rid of. If any of the below situations sound familiar to you, make sure to contact your Sacramento pest control company for bed bug treatment.

How to Know If You Have Bed Bugs

While the only true way to know if bed bugs have infested your home or business is to have an actual sample of the bug, you may be able to hypothesize that there are bed bugs present in your space without actually seeing one of these parasitic pests. On the other hand, we would not recommend that you jump to conclusions either. Just because you have an unknown bite on you, doesn’t mean it is necessarily a bed bug bite. It could be another critter which our Sacramento pest management experts can help identify.

You are going to have to have more evidence than just a bite to be sure you have bed bugs. One good indication that you have bed bugs will occur if you are waking each morning with bites on your body that were not there when you went to sleep. Additionally, look for stains on your mattress and sheets that you cannot explain. Bed bugs will leave black fecal stains in the areas they inhabit. Just remember, seeing a bed bug is the only true way of knowing they are what has infested your space. Because bed bugs are so small and are great at hiding, it is often best to call us for a bed bug inspection to make sure. 

Sacramento Bed Bug Control And Treatments

Treating bed bugs is an extremely complex process and this is why it is suggested nearly 100 percent of the time that you hire a local pest control company if you have them in your business or home. Just a few bed bugs can completely destroy the reputation of a business, and we guarantee your friends won’t be visiting your house for months if they discover you have bed bugs in your home. This is why it’s imperative that you have a pest control professional come to your space to inspect it as soon as you even so much as suspect that you may have a bed bug infestation. After all, a female bed bug can lay anywhere from 200-500 eggs in just three months.

Thankfully, this is where we come in. If you are interested in hiring a pest control company in Sacramento or the surrounding areas to eradicate the bed bugs from your property, the most common treatment used will be a heat treatment. Bed bug treatment companies prefer this option to others because it is chemical-free and makes the space safe to occupy once the bed bug treatment is complete.

Some companies also offer steam treatments which are similar to heat treatments in that the steam can be used to kill the bed bugs by subjecting them to high temperatures. This is also a good alternative to pesticides because steam can reach deeper recesses of a space than the alternative. Your bed bug control experts will determine the best treatment option for bed bug removal. 

Preventing Bed Bugs

If you want to make sure you do not end up with bed bugs in your home at the very least, there are some preventative steps you can take. Below you can find just a few of them:

  • When you stay in a hotel, make sure that you search your room for bed bugs before you unpack your belongings. Most commonly you can find bed bugs behind the headboard of the bed, but they can also be spotted on any other portion of the bed or on other furniture in the room.
  • Do not place your luggage on the bed when you are staying in a hotel. Bed bugs love soft materials and they will have no problem transporting themselves from the comforter on the bed to your luggage and hanging out there until you return home.
  • Any time you stay in a place other than your home, be sure to wash all of the clothing you took with you on your trip as soon as you return home. Make sure to wash on hot and that you dry in high heat as well. This will kill any bed bugs that may have infested your clothing.

Our Sacramento Bed Bug Removal Services

We administer heat treatments as our main method of bed bug removal because this type of treatment has proven to be the most effective non-chemical method of bed bug control. These treatments consist of heating the space to over 120 degrees for a period of time. During that time, all bed bugs and their eggs are killed.

Afraid you have bed bugs? Call today for an inspection. We offer bed bug removal services in Sacramento and the surrounding areas.

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