Keeping Your Sacramento Patio Pest-Free

When you are spending time outside, it is often very difficult to control the insects that are around you. This expansive environment leaves you open to being bothered by a number of pests, make spending time on your patio much less enjoyable that you would have imagined. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can make your patio an ideal place to hang out with just a few minor adjustments to your space. If you would like to know more about how to accomplish this, continue reading below.

Identifying Pests

The most common pests you will likely have to deal with infesting your patio this spring and summer are house flies, fruit flies and mosquitoes. Additionally, you could have an issue with wasps and bees wishing to spend their time swarming around your patio furniture. This could mean there could be bests located near your windows and doors. But there is no need to fear. Being able to identify the pests that are preventing your patio from being a safe haven is the first step to getting rid of them.However, we would also suggest you try the following tips to prevent future pests from attempting to take over your space.

How To Create A Pest-Free Patio

Clean Often

If you like to eat on your patio in the spring and summer, make sure that you are sweeping up any crumbs and wiping away any liquids that may have been spilled. While it might seem strange to clean up so intently in an outdoor space, even the smallest crumb or the tiniest spill can attract ants and many other insects.

Refresh Your Lighting Situation

If you have any white bulbs on your patio, we would suggest that you replace them with yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lights. The orange or yellow glow is far less likely to attract insects than the white light.

Plant Some Herbs

You may not be aware but garlic and rosemary can help to repel a number of biting insects. You can also plant a small chive or a garden full of lemongrass as another way to ward off pests.

Burn Citronella Torches and Candles

This is normally the go-to for people who are annoyed with insects in their yard. Citronella helps to get rid of a number of insects like flies and mosquitoes. Having both candles and torches will help to keep the bugs at bay two-fold.

Spray Essential Oils

This may seem a little strange but spraying water that has lavender or eucalyptus around your patio will create a natural pest barrier. You can also spray it on yourself if you want to avoid getting bug bites.

Get Pest-Deterrent Flowers

If you love the way marigolds look, you are in luck! These beautiful flowers help to fight against mosquitoes, as well as other biting and stinging insects. For extra protection, place some potted marigolds on your patio table to deter pests from bothering you while you are eating or simply soaking up the sun.

Keep Mouthwash On Hand

While it may sound like a myth, using mouthwash to repel mosquitoes actually works. Spray your tables, chairs and the perimeter of your patio to give your space a great scent and a lack of pesky bugs.

Hire A Pest Control Company

There is absolutely no reason to allow bugs to run you off your own patio. If you really want to make your space enjoyable this spring and summer, your best bet is to hire a pest management company to come spray your backyard. If you want to know more about our available services and pricing, contact Earthwise Pest Management in Sacramento today!

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