Some of California’s Most Dangerous Pests

Living in California has its perks. From the warm weather to the beaches that you can find across the coast of the state, there are plenty of aspects about California for you to enjoy. One thing, however, that you should be prepared for are the pests that come with it. In today’s blog post we want to touch on a few of the most dangerous pests that California hosts.

Black Widow

One of the most well-known spiders also happens to be one of the most dangerous spiders: the black widow. These spiders are easy to recognize with their black body and the red hourglass warning that is visible on their stomach. The venom that these spiders carry is extremely dangerous and can turn your own nervous system against you to create some concerning reactions.

From difficulty breathing and tightened muscles to your heart racing and feelings of nausea, there are many ways for you to indicate that you’ve been bitten by a black widow spider. Though the symptoms can be nervewracking, they are very rarely life-threatening until there have been multiple bites. Either way, it’s best to visit a medical professional to ensure that you’re doing okay after this bite.

The unfortunate part of these venomous spiders is that they are extremely likely to make a home in places like your garage, shed or basement — so it’s not uncommon to see them. For that reason, it’s always good to keep an eye out for any when you’re spending time or grabbing for items in these types of settings.

Deer Mice

Rodents are well known for carrying diseases, bacteria, and the like. One of the most dangerous pests that we want to touch on is deer mice. These mice can become a big issue because they are able to pass along diseases in their: bites, feces, lice, fleas, and urine. All of these mediums of transporting disease are not only easy for you to come into contact with, but they are easy for the rest of your family and even your pets to come into contact with and be infected by.

Moreover, one of the most dangerous diseases that could be spread by deer mice is known as Hantavirus. This disease is extremely dangerous as almost 38 percent of people that are infected with this disease die from it. Concerningly, this disease is spread through airborne contact from the mediums we mentioned before. That means that if there is urine or feces from a mouse that has been in your house and carries this disease, there’s a good chance that you could become ill.

Though these pests are common, they are extremely dangerous to the well-being of families and pets. The best way to avoid this is by always keeping your eyes open for any signs of mice infestations in your home. The sooner that you find an infestation and get it taken care, the less likely you are to come into contact with this issue.


Given that the temperatures are high in California, it’s not surprising that there are scorpions in the area. Though all scorpions are slightly dangerous, there are certain species that are more dangerous than others. For example, the bark scorpion is extremely threatening. These are extremely threatening scorpions because they are the most venomous species. When people are stung, the pain throbs through the body for extended periods of time. This pain can become so severe that it leads to numbness in limbs, nausea, and tingling sensations in the limbs.

If you live in an area that is dryer and desert-like, then you will want to keep an eye out for scorpions surrounding your house. Even the smallest crack under your door could be a welcoming invitation for these pests to make their way into your home and pose as a threat. If these are a concern for you and your home, check your weatherstrips to make sure that they aren’t finding ways to get inside.

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