Residential Pest Control Services in Central California

Dealing with roaches, mice, bedbugs, or other household pests can wear you down and cost you hundreds. After a while, it becomes harder to feel safe and secure in your home with your loved ones. And even after you’ve been battling the horde for what seems like a thousand years, there are always more critters lurking around the corner.

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Don’t give up on pest control just yet. At Earthwise Pest Management, our residential pest exterminators take a unique approach to pest control that really works — guaranteed. Keep reading to learn more about our residential pest control services in Sacramento and Stockton, CA!

What Makes Us the Best

Why choose Earthwise for your residential pest control services? Here are just a few of the many reasons our customers love us:

  • We have years of experience
  • We limit our use of pesticides
  • Our pest control methods are safe and effective
  • We handle a wide range of California pests
  • We focus on long-term solutions to pest problems

Residential Rodent Control

We provide a wide variety of rodent services, including residential mouse control and rat control. Here’s what you should know about these common pests:

Since rodents are known for being able to survive in both rural and urban settings, it’s no surprise that they often settle down in homes throughout Stockton and Sacramento, CA. In fact, residential mouse control is one of our most frequently sought-after services since rodent infestation is even more common than you might initially assume.

Most rodents are just as afraid of you as you are of them and are likely to stay out of your way. However, they’re not a pest you want to keep in your house. Rodents are known for carrying diseases that can easily be spread through contamination of food or exposure to feces. They also eat through insulation, drywall, and even support beams, causing serious harm to a building’s structural health over time. If you find rodent droppings in your home, get in touch with us ASAP to book residential rodent control.

Residential Bug Control

If you’re tired of spiders in your storeroom, cockroaches in your closet, or silverfish in your shoes, our residential bug control experts can lend a hand anytime. We can help remedy some of the nastiest and most destructive insect issues with our termite services and bed bug services, and we also specialize in residential silverfish, wasp, ant, spider, and cockroach control. If it’s got more legs than you know what to do with, you know who to call!

Residential Silverfish Control

Silverfish don’t have gills or swim in the ocean. Rather, these small pests are insects that feed on paper and fabric fibers. Since paper and fiber items are commonly found in the home, silverfish are drawn to residential properties. If you find one silverfish in your home, there’s a good chance that there are more where that came from, but unfortunately, these pests are nocturnal, so dealing with them can be difficult. Speak with our team about residential silverfish control solutions if you’ve noticed these nocturnal nuisances in your house.

Residential Moth Control

Moths are extremely common at certain times of the year, and given the warm temperatures we enjoy here in California, there are moths around more often than not. You might find moths swarming around your exterior lights or hanging out by your windowsills. While there’s nothing wrong with leaving a moth on your porch alone, moths can become a rather large problem if left in an area where they thrive, especially indoors. They eat fabrics, contaminate food, and breed quickly. If you spot moths in your pantry, attic, closet, or elsewhere throughout your home, call our team for residential pest control services sooner rather than later.

Residential Wasp Control

If you’ve ever been stung by a wasp, you already know just how unpleasant these pests truly are. Though they’re only alive for a portion of the year, wasps build colonies that expand quickly, making residential wasp control difficult.

Since wasp stings can be painful and even dangerous, we always suggest having professionals take care of your wasp problem. In addition to removing nests, we can also help you develop a strategy to prevent wasps from returning to your property.

Residential Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are some of the most indestructible bugs around, but even they have their weaknesses. During residential cockroach control, we’ll help seal up any spaces where these disgusting bugs crawl through and eliminate food sources they’re drawn to.

Residential Termite Control

The last thing anyone wants to hear is that their home has termites, but unfortunately, termites are another common household pest. Because termites can do so much damage to wood structures, including support beams and foundational material, it’s imperative that you book residential termite control as soon as you suspect termites might be lurking near or in your home.


Preventative Forms of Pest Control in Sacramento

Every pest problem starts somewhere. More often than not, pest problems arise when a pest finds a food source that they can survive off of and a space that they can safely call home. Regardless of how large your house is, there are at least one or two places that offer both of these items to a pest. It’s these spaces that make it possible for pests to thrive, and while you can’t eliminate the chances entirely, there are some preventative measures that you can take to decrease the chances of pests finding living quarters in your home. Keep reading to discover three methods of pest control Sacramento residents can do to make all the difference.

#1: Tidy Up a Bit

Tidy Up

Tidying up a messy space is one of the easier scenarios for all types of pests to walk into. Now, we must clarify that messy spaces don’t attract pests, but they make it easier for a pest to thrive. In these types of spaces, rodents, cockroaches, spiders, and more like to hide without being disturbed. Plus,  the chances of them finding a food source is significantly higher. By tidying up regularly, you can make these two things a whole lot more difficult for a pest to find in your house.

Tip: Don’t just stick to tidying up the more commonly thought of rooms like the kitchen or the basement. Pests aren’t prejudiced to space or food, so keeping your entire home as tidy as possible is going to be your best bet to staying pest-free.

#2: Tend to Your Home

In our last point, we touched on keeping your house tidy, but this point is entirely about tending to your home and any issues that it may have. Many pests can find their way into a residence with the help of cracks and holes that haven’t been tended to. While it may not seem like a warm welcome when you see these small issues in your home, that’s exactly what it is to a pest.

It’s important to remember that most of these pests are extremely small and their bodies can mold to even smaller sizes. Mice, for example, are already small in size but their bodies are capable of fitting into even smaller spaces. There doesn’t need to be a large hole for a mouse to squeeze through for them to get in.

tend to your homeIf you notice that there are cracks that need to be sealed or holes that need to be patched, take the little bit of extra time that it requires and get it done. Aside from keeping pests out, these small tasks will help increase the energy efficiency of your home and maintain the overall condition, regardless of whether or not you need pest control services in Sacramento.

Tip: Plan a weekend to go around your house and look for cracks or holes that need to be tended to. Make a note of the areas that need repair. Once you have a list of the repairs that you’ll need to make, collect the supplies and dedicate a certain day to getting them taken care of. By dedicating one day to these repairs, they don’t get put off and you don’t feel like you’re wasting time by doing them. Our pest control company can also help point out these areas during our service call.

#3: Take Care of Problems ASAP

When you do notice a pest problem in or around your residence, get it taken care of as quickly as possible. Not all pest problems seem like large issues or full-blown infestations, but more often than not they’re headed in that direction. Rather than see where this pest problem takes you, call your local pest control company and have them come out and assess the problem. At the very least you’ll gain some clarity on the situation.

Tip: Earthwise Pest Management offers free residential pest inspections! You can’t beat that! Let our team come out and provide you with some insight into the situation that you’re dealing with and offer a plan of attack if there is a bigger problem at hand. Check out our reviews, and you’ll discover that we offer the type of pest control Sacramento residents trust to keep pests out for good.

Preventive Pest Management

At Earthwise Pest Management, we believe in preventive pest control as much as we believe in tackling problems that are happening right now. This is because pests can and do pop up out of nowhere, so taking preventative steps can save you tons of time and money later on, especially if your home has previously been subjected to an infestation.

Why Choosing the Right Residential Pest Exterminator Team Is Critical

Are you tired of having an exterminator visit your home for residential spider control only to find more eight-legged foes just a few weeks or months later? Oftentimes, this happens because the exterminator simply dealt with the infestation rather than taking steps to prevent pest problems later on. Our team utilizes a method of residential pest control called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This long-term solution eliminates the current infestation and excludes future pests from entering your home. Whether you have rats, mice, termites, roaches, bed bugs, or another type of creepy-crawly in your home, we can take care of it — and make sure that this time, the pests stay gone for good thanks to pest exclusion!

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