Preparing For Summer: Mosquito Season Is Here

Mosquitoes are incredibly resilient creatures that are known to be able to live through drought and freezing temperatures. There are also certain species of mosquito that travel incredibly far distances in order to feed, while others will live the entirety of their lives just 150 feet from the place they were born. Sure, these critters are fascinating, but they are also incredibly annoying when they choose to use you as their food source. If you want to make sure that you are not going to be dealing with a slew of mosquitoes in your yard, there are several steps you can take. Protect your family and your home by learning the tricks of the pest control trade below.

Mosquito Prevention

If you want to try and limit the number of mosquitoes that will be in your yard this summer, there are a number of things you can do. The majority of them include just general yard maintenance such as:

  • Keep your grass mowed

  • Make sure that you remove all debris from ditches and gutters in order to prevent them becoming mosquito breeding grounds

  • Inspect window screens and doors to ensure they are not damaged and that they close tightly

  • If there is anything containing standing water on your lawn, make sure that all the water is removed entirely. This could be anything from an old tire to an empty flower pot, your kids’ toys or bird baths.

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Protecting Yourself From Mosquitoes

While you can do everything in your power to ensure that your yard is as mosquito-free as possible, chances are you are still going to have to visit other outdoor areas that are going to be mosquito-ridden. This means you are going to have to know how to protect yourself from them when you are attending a number of different occasions throughout the summer months. In order to do this, you need to:

  • Dress in light, long-sleeve clothing when you know you are going to be spending extended periods of time outdoors

  • Try to limit the amount of outside activity you participate in at both dusk and dawn

  • Wear mosquito spray that contains DEET

Mosquito Protection At Large Gatherings

Additionally, if you are planning a big outdoor event where there are going to be plenty of people, it is a good idea to have the area sprayed for mosquitoes ahead of time. When it comes to weddings, family reunions, graduation parties, and more, there is nothing that can ruin a gathering more quickly than mosquitoes swarming the area and assaulting your guests. We can help you to prevent this from happening.

Hire The Professional Pest Management Team At Earthwise

At Earthwise Pest Management, we make it our main goal to protect you and those who are important to you from pests. If you really want to make sure your outdoor space is free of mosquitoes this summer, you’re going to need our help. Contact us today to find out more about our services and the many ways in which we can help you!

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