Minimizing Pests in Your Home This Fall

Seasons transitioned quickly this year. We were enjoying what felt like an extended summer when winter promptly reminded us it was soon approaching. Those drops in temperature reminded us that the season where pests start to migrate indoors is upon us, and it’s best to start preparing. In today’s blog, we’re going to cover a few of the things that you can do to minimize the chances of pests finding their way into your home. We hope it helps!

Manage Moisture

One of the many things that attract pests in the cooler seasons are the moist, humid areas in the home. This is often the basement or the attic, especially when the heat is on. In the case that your home has either a basement, attic, crawl space or all of the above, you are going to want to make sure that you’re managing moisture throughout the season.

These spaces are known for building up moisture and having an overall humid feature to them. Make sure to ventilate often and consider investing in a dehumidifier to keep these areas nice and dry.

Seal Openings

Whether you’re trying to avoid pests or you’re working on enhancing energy levels, sealing off cracks and openings in your home is beneficial. Even the smallest of openings can pose as an easy entryway for all sorts of pests. If you have cracks in the foundation, your plumbing, your roofing, or the like, take a weekend to get them taken care of. You won’t regret taking this extra time for some peace of mind.

Check Your Weatherstrips

We just talked briefly about how easy access into the house can greatly increase the chances of pests making their way into your home. Weatherstrips and window seals are one of those small entryways that can easily be overlooked. Again, taking the time to look at your weatherstrips and your window seals can also improve the efficiency of your home this season, but it will keep pests from finding a way in. Overall, this is a pretty affordable and quick repair to make.

Properly Store Food

While an easy entry is something that you need to make sure isn’t available to any pests around your home, you also want to make sure that they don’t have access to any of the items that they need to survive. One of the first things that you’ll want to ensure they don’t have access to in your home will be food. If you leave food out on the counter or you have a fully stocked pantry, there’s a higher chance that any pests that make their way into your house will thrive. The best way to avoid this is by keeping all of your food in containers that can’t be broken into and minimizing the amount of accessible food on your counter. In the case that any pests make their way into the house, they won’t be able to find a food source quickly, and that’s great!

Check Outdoor Spaces

Pests are going to find their way into your home, but only if they’ve first been drawn to the land surrounding your house. When seasons change, backyards start to see a buildup of leaves or debris. This is a great place for pests to turn into a temporary home, but as temperatures drop they’re going to make their way towards your home. Buildings offer the warmth necessary to survive, so it’s inevitable that they do so.

The best way to avoid them every making their way to your home is to clean up any piles of leaves, debris or junk that you have surrounding your home. By minimizing the opportunities that these pests have, you reduce the chances of them moving towards your house during these cooler seasons.

Book Your Services

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