Our Pest Control ServicesPest control services are necessary. Regardless of if you’re a homeowner seeking residential pest control or a business owner in need of commercial pest management, you want to know that the space you own is free of pests. The team at Earthwise Pest Management has been fortunate enough to provide a wide range of pest control in Sacramento and the surrounding areas.

We are firm believers that quality pest control services shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. That being said, our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that we are equipped with the knowledge and equipment necessary to provide long-term results at a great price. If you’re in need of affordable pest control in Sacramento or the nearby areas, make sure you’re using a pest company that knows what they’re doing. 

Bed Bug Removal

One of the smaller pests that people struggle with is the well-known bed bug. These little guys are known for being easy to get and extremely difficult to get rid of. Being as small as they are, they find a home in the seams of mattresses, in clothes, and on furniture. Only coming out at night, bed bugs are usually only obvious when the body is covered in small bites that are extremely itchy.

Though they’re not dangerous pests to find in your home, bed bug removal can be difficult. Many people have tried to remove them on their own but find out that it is challenging to remove them entirely without the help of a pest control specialist. Rather than waste time and money on trying to remove bed bugs yourself, it’s better to contact a professional bed bug exterminator and have them removed once and for all.

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Moth Removal

One of the pests that often goes overlooked as it turns into a full-blown infestation are moths. These are pests that we see frequently throughout the seasons and we rarely think that they’re an insect that you would call a pest control expert over. While a couple of moths flying around the front porch light may not seem like a big deal, these pests can quickly turn into a bigger problem that you now have to deal with.

Though they are far from harmful, having a moth infestation can become a pain to deal with, especially when they are taking over your pantry or closet. If you’re tired of these insects flying around your home or flocking to the bright lights, our team can help with moth removal in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. We’ll provide you with additional insight as to why you have a moth problem in the first place and how to move forward with it. Learn more about moth control and call us for a free quote today!

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Rodent Removal

A pest that frequents both houses and commercial buildings are rodents. These smaller pests are capable of sneaking into tight spaces, making them a challenge to avoid. If your home is providing a food source and a warm place for them to live, rodents might consider calling it their home, too. If this is the case, call Earthwise for rodent control

Aside from the fact that rodents are easy to attract, they’re also quick to make themselves at home. The moment that you find rodent droppings or notice something has gotten into your food, there’s a good chance that there are more hiding in the walls, attic, or garage. In the case that you suspect mice or rats are in your home or commercial space, contact our team and we’d be more than happy to help with safe and effective rodent removal

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Termite Treatment

Pests that do physical damage wind up being some of the most devastating to find in your home or your commercial building. Termites are one of the more common pests that do damage around the Sacramento area. These little pests can build a large colony in a matter of days and lead to insane amounts of damage. Whether you’re noticing termites on the trees surrounding your home or commercial building, or you’re finding them in the interior of your space, it’s crucial to call us for termite treatment so that you get them taken care of as quickly as possible.

As with a majority of pests, these are nearly impossible to remove on your own. Rather than try to take on the removal of termites from your home by yourself, allow our team of pest control experts to help you. The sooner you reach out to us for termite removal or termite inspections, the sooner we can get these pests taken care of and avoid more damage to your home or commercial building.

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Tick Control

Sacramento has beautiful trees and landscapes, but one downfall to spending time in the outdoors is the chance of coming into contact with ticks. These are another small pest that is known for doing some serious damage by spreading diseases to humans and pets. Though it doesn’t take an infestation for this pest to become a problem, the last thing that you want is the trees or land surrounding your home or commercial building to have an abundance of ticks in them.

These parasitic pests are known for burrowing into the skin. Though it’s not extremely common, ticks are known for carrying Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, and other diseases. Once these diseases have been passed on, medical treatment is almost always necessary. For that reason, we always suggest checking for ticks on your skin if you have been spending time outside. And, in the case that you notice these pests by your home, it’s best to get them taken care of as quickly as possible so that they don’t mature into an infestation or pose a harm to you, your family, your pets, or the like. Learn more about our pest exclusion services today. 

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Wasp Removal

The warmer months of the year are when you see those scary black and yellow pests that fly around you and chance getting stung. If you’re tired of dealing with wasps on your property, then it’s time for you to contact Earthwise Pest Management.

Choosing DIY wasp removal could put you in danger, and that’s not how it should be. Our pest control team has years of experience and can recognize the type of wasp that you’re dealing with and ensure that they are safely and responsibly removed. Aside from that, we’ll also provide you with some additional information on why wasps were drawn to your property in the first place. This type of information can help minimize the chances of them returning in seasons to come. The fewer times you have to call your pest control team back to your home, the more they become an affordable pest control option. 

If you’re interested in learning more about these insects, check out this page dedicated entirely to wasps and their removal.

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So Many Others!

We’ve listed three of the primary pests that we work with above, but they’re far from the only pests that we’ve had to remove from spaces. The team at Earthwise Pest Management has been in the industry for years. We’ve worked with countless types of pests in a wide variety of buildings and spaces during out time in the affordable pest removal industry. If there’s a pest that you’re struggling with and you need residential pest control or commercial pest control — reach out to us. We will always do our best to assist you with your Sacramento pest removal needs. Check out the list below for some of the other pests that we’ve worked with over the years.

Earthwise Pest Management provides the services above to both residential and commercial spaces. Learn more about both the commercial and residential services that we offer below.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

If you are the owner of a commercial building, then you’ve probably encountered a few different types of pests in your day. Whether it’s bed bugs or rodents, our team of pest control experts has been there and can help. We’ve been fortunate enough to offer high-quality and affordable pest removal services to countless types of commercial buildings, which has only provided us with even more experience on how to best handle situations.

Our team will always provide you with a consultation on the circumstances of your pest problem. This allows us to determine what is attracting pests to your commercial building in the first place as well as how we can responsibly remove them. Given that your commercial building houses employees and guests alike, we always want to ensure that our commercial pest removal services are safe for all. Some of the most common commercial spaces that we’ve performed commercial pest control in include:

  • Distribution Centers
  • Government Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Medical Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Shopping Centers
  • Warehouses
  • And more!

Whether you have a problem with pests at the moment or you’re looking for preventative pest maintenance so that you can avoid pests down the road, Earthwise Pest Management can help.  

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Residential Pest Control

While you want to turn the house that you purchase into a home, you never intend for it to become something along those lines for anything but your family. When pests start to find a way into your home, you want to know that they’re going to be out of there as quickly as possible. Earthwise Pest Management can provide you with the residential pest control services in Sacramento that you need in your home, and we’ll also provide you with a long-term solution and responsible care.

Whether the problem that you’re struggling with is in the backyard, your garden, or the inside of your home, our team can help. We’ve learned to approach all pest problems with an open mind so that we’re able to adapt to the needs of the situation. Through the initial pest inspection that we conduct, our team will be able to acknowledge the severity of the problem and how to best move forward with the removal of the pests.

Pest removal can take a chemical approach when you’re looking to remove large amounts of pests, but the team at Earthwise Pest Management understands that you want your home to be safe for your family and pets as well. That’s why we focus our efforts on responsible pest removal methods. Through integrated pest management, our team is able to ensure that pests are removed from your house with your family’s safety in mind while also acknowledging the long-term scenario of pests down the road.

Integrated Pest Management

The pest control technique that we use is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This technique strays from the methods that are high in chemicals and allows us to handle the root of the problem when we go to help you at your home or commercial property. We start all of our appointments with a consultation and thorough inspection of the area that we’ll be working on.

During our initial consultation, we will look for all of the factors that could be drawing pests into your home. We will take the following into consideration:

  • Entranceways
  • Type of pest
  • Food sources
  • Season
  • Maturity of the infestation
  • And more!

Each of the factors that we’ve mentioned above plays a major part in whether or not there’s a pest problem in your home and just how severe it becomes. Moreover, it determines how we can best remove them from your home and prevent it from coming back.

Each time that we provide a consultation, we try to solve the root of the problem, rather than simply remove the pests and wait for them to come back. Our removal process will also provide you with insight on how you can best avoid pests in the future. When you choose a Top Rated Local®  pest control company that uses effective methods, you realize that pest control is actually quite affordable. 

About Earthwise Pest Management

After years of being in the Sacramento pest control industry and working for other companies, Earthwise Pest Management owner Joe Hawkins decided it was time to start his own business. Pest control has always focused on the removal of pests, but it’s never looked at the bigger picture to see what things could be changed to minimize the chances of pests returning in the future. This is something that Joe strived to provide people.

Years later, Joe has built a team that is passionate about providing results to customers at an affordable cost. We’ve gained experience over the years that has helped us learn and grow, but most importantly it’s helped us gain a rewarding perspective. We know that all situations, no matter how challenging, have a solution. We will work tirelessly to see how we can provide you with affordable pest control with the outcome of a pest-free home.

If you’re interested in learning more about the situation that you’re dealing with or you have any questions about the pest removal services that we offer, feel free to contact our team. We are always willing and ready to help.

Treatment Programs Available

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If you’re in need of any of the Sacramento pest control services that we’ve mentioned above, it’s time to reach out and get the quality help we strive to provide. We start each of our appointments with a consultation and inspection of the space and the pests that you’re struggling with. In doing so, we are able to best determine how to move forward with the removal of the pests. As a whole, our goal is to yield long-term results and we do this through that initial consultation that looks at the following:

  • The infested space itself
  • Number of pests in the space
  • Overall maturity of the infestation
  • Factors drawing them in
  • And more!

There are so many components that cause pest infestations and very few people recognize that. Our job is to look at the big picture and surface those small details that may be overlooked or unnoticed. In doing so, we are able to care for them and focus on the root of the problem, rather than just the removal of the pests.

Areas We Serve

Earthwise Pest Management is proud to offer our services to countless individuals in California. We believe that affordable pest control services are something that all individuals should have access to. Browse the list below for areas that we serve and contact us today to book your services.

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