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Pest Control & Extermination Company in Central California

If you’ve ever had a pest problem at your home or business, you’re far from alone. Studies indicate that over 80% of American homeowners have struggled with a pest infestation of some kind, with many people reporting problems specifically occurring over the past 12 months.

Pests may be all too common, but this doesn’t mean that you have to put up with them. Take back your life and take charge of your property by calling California’s top pest control company: Earthwise Pest Management! Our innovative techniques and solutions send pests packing every time. Find out more about our work below!

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What Sets Our Pest Extermination Company Apart?

We aren’t just another run-of-the-mill pest control company. We strive to be different and better than all the rest. Here’s a quick peek into what makes us better than “the other guys:”


  • We are fully licensed and insured. Our team members are constantly training, learning, and innovating.
  • We’re trained to handle all types of California pests, from roaches to rats to everything in between.
  • We plan for the future by practicing Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which includes pest exclusion so that those creepy critters can’t come back anytime soon.
  • We minimize pesticide and chemical use, keeping your children and pets safe.
  • We have a stellar community reputation. Just ask anyone who’s left one of our 500+ glowing reviews!
  • We take pride in our honest and transparent pricing and quality promise. We guarantee that we’ll get rid of your pest problem — or we’ll come back for free.

Professional Pest Control Services You Can Depend On

Anytime you need commercial or residential pest control in or around Sacramento or Stockton, CA, you can count on the Earthwise team. We’re proud to employ the best pest control experts around. Here are some of the services that our pest control company provides:

Termite Services

Termites are destructive and dangerous since they eat through wood. One termite can’t do much, but what termites lack in size, they make up for in teamwork. A colony of termites can wreak serious havoc on your home. Make sure to cautiously watch out for some of these warning signs that you have termites.

Bed Bug Services

Nothing makes the skin crawl more than bedbugs — literally and figuratively. These tiny, nasty insects hang out in dark, warm places and come out at night to nibble on your arms and legs. A bedbug infestation is almost impossible to deal with if you don’t have professional help, so this is definitely a time to call our pest control company.

Rodent Services

However you feel about mice and rats as pets, they don’t make good housemates when they’re allowed to roam free. Wild rodents will eat through your drywall, nest in your insulation, and leave contaminated urine and feces on your food and other items. They breed quickly and can wriggle into just about any space they can fit their heads through, so if you spot rodent droppings in your home, it’s essential to get the problem under control ASAP.

Commercial Pest Control

If you’re a business or property owner, you have a duty to customers, visitors, and employees to keep your building safe and clean. That means you have to keep out pests! Luckily, we make it easy to keep pests under control at your business. Just give us a call, and we’ll come up with a strategy together to protect what’s important to you!

Preventive Pest Control

The best way to really prevent pests from entering your home or business is to have a pest control company on-call to provide quarterly treatment before pests can move in. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, speak with our team members about preventive pest control solutions today.

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If the pest comes back, so do we. Free of charge.

Excellent Work

I've used Earthwise at two different rental properties for subterranean termites. Each time these guys were prompt and never tried to sell me a monthly service contract like many other pest companies will try to do. They do excellent work and I'm very pleased.

Jim. A., Sacramento, CA

Very Professional

We just had our first service with then today and they are the best. Breanne helped us set up our appointment and explained the program to us, while Kyle came out and sprayed this morning right on time. This company is cost friendly, very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone.

Cullin B., Lincoln, CA

Highly Recommend!

Highly recommend Earthwise! Contacted them for a carpenter ant problem and the whole experience was great. The treatment was very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround. From Breanna to Joe to Jerry, all were helpful, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Donnette O., Sacramento

Absolutely Great

Termites, I had freakin termites in my roof.  Earthwise Pest Management was absolutely great, they worked with me on my tight schedule and came out and handled the situation quickly and professionally.  Overall, just a great experience (minus the termites of course).

Ted F., Sacramento, CA

Fantastic Company

Earthwise is a fantastic company!! They work well with their clients and explain what the situation is with the problem they are trying to fix. I went with this company based on their unbelievable positive reviews and im happy to say I can be another client to add to their positive reviews.

Nadine N., Roseville, CA

When you are in search of fast and high-quality pest control in Sacramento or the surrounding area, you need to know you’ve hired a company that has your best interest at heart. Earthwise Pest Management has a reputation for being the most trusted local exterminator, here to serve you no matter what sort of pest is causing you trouble. Whether you need us to assist at your home or business, our pest control services have you covered! You won’t find a more dedicated team to help you manage the pests you are currently dealing with and prevent more from moving into your space. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation!

How a Pest Inspection Company Can Save You Money

Whether you own a small, simple home or a bustling multi-building business, routine pest inspections are always a good idea. We offer free residential inspections as part of our professional pest control services — you can’t beat that!

Regular inspections can save you a bundle because…

  • You’ll be able to stop pest issues before they happen.
  • You’ll protect your building and property from pest damage.
  • You’ll get insider tips and tricks for keeping pests away, customized to your building’s layout and ecological surroundings.
  • You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that there aren’t any unwelcome guests secretly living in your home or business.

Call Our Pest Control Experts Today!

When you need a pest extermination company that cares, turn to Earthwise for the best service in California. We’re always happy to help our friends and neighbors in the Sacramento and Stockton, CA, areas, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We’re looking forward to learning what we can do for you!