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Rodent Control and Signs You Have Mice

By 1seodev / March 19, 2020

Being nocturnal creatures, mice prefer to keep hidden and quiet during the day and they tend to head out and search for food in the middle of the night. Still, there are quite a few signs that you may have a mouse infestation. Mice are active all year long and they can cause a great…

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Rodent Control in Sacramento and Owning a Cat

By 1seodev / March 6, 2020

You may have heard that a dog is man’s best friend. There is also a lot of talk out there that dogs are the best pets you can own. But we tell you what, cat owners will disagree. About one-third of households in the United States have a cat, and for very good reasons. Cats…

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Pest Control in Sacramento and Rodents

By 1seodev / February 18, 2020

Rodents are sneaky creatures, they come out mainly at night and scrounge around for food in your kitchen while you are having pleasant dreams. A rodent infestation is more than just an inconvenience, rodents can carry diseases and they will attract other pests like ticks and fleas. They also have a tendency to chew on…

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Pest Control Services Sacramento: Ways You Are Inviting Pests Into Your Home

By 1seodev / January 29, 2020

If you keep finding ants, mice or spiders in your home, you need to ask yourself what might be attracting them to your house. No matter how much you try, you are always dealing with these pests. You think that you are doing everything you can to keep pests out of your house. You clean…

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Your Pest Control Service in Sacramento and Controlling Squirrels

By 1seodev / January 13, 2020

Don’t let the twitching whiskers and bushy tails fool you. Squirrels might be super cute, but if left unchecked, they are capable of doing an impressive amount of damage. And while there is no easy and quick way to get rid of these pests, there are several things you can do to shoo away these…

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Your Pest Control Company in Sacramento and Rodent Problems

By 1seodev / January 9, 2020

If you are a homeowner, there is a risk for a rat or mice infestation. A rodent infestation, no matter how small, can be expensive and stressful if not properly handled. Worse still, having a rodent infestation exposes you and your family to a variety of parasites and diseases. The reality is that every home…

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Ant Control for your commercial business in sacramento

Tips for Commercial Pest Control in Sacramento

By 1seodev / December 19, 2019

Dealing with pests in your home is one thing. It’s a personal challenge for you and your family when rodents or insects take control of your space. But when you own and operate your own business, a pest control problem not only affects you, it affects your customers and therefore your livelihood. Just like with…

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Sacramento Pest Management Services for Winter Pests

By 1seodev / November 15, 2019

In a previous post, we talked about where bugs go in the winter. Some may migrate to warmer climates to survive, while others enter a state of sleep referred to as torpor. Those who stick around tend to seek shelter from the chilly weather outside by moving into the homes of unsuspecting homeowners. If you…

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Spooktacular Folsom Pest Control Services

By 1seodev / October 2, 2019

With temperatures slowly on the decline, fall has finally made its grand appearance and provided us with a bit of a reprieve from the intense summer heat. Unfortunately, many common pests come along with the cooler temperatures, and some of them are sure to give you quite a fright if you come across them unexpectedly.…

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Late Summer Pests To Watch Out For

By 1seodev / August 1, 2019

We’re entering the final stretch of summer and fall is quickly approaching. This means you may be seeing different habits in the pests around your home. As your pest control company serving Roseville and the Greater Sacramento area, we understand how frustrating it can be to have a new wave of pests show up after…

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