Pest Control Services Sacramento: Ways You Are Inviting Pests Into Your Home

If you keep finding ants, mice or spiders in your home, you need to ask yourself what might be attracting them to your house. No matter how much you try, you are always dealing with these pests.

You think that you are doing everything you can to keep pests out of your house. You clean frequently, don’t hoard a bunch of food and vacuum on a regular basis, yet you always have pests running around.

First of all, don’t feel so bad. Studies show that nearly 40% of American households have seen a rodent in their home in the last year. And every house will attract a certain amount of spiders, ants or other pests, there is just no way to avoid it.

At some point, it will be necessary to deal with pests, but there are a few ways in which you can keep them at bay. Earthwise pest Management, your pest control service in Sacramento, offers ways in which your home is attracting pests.


If you are looking to keep your house clear of bed bugs, you will want to check your luggage when returning from a trip. Most people don’t consider that they are the ones who are introducing pests into their homes.

Bed bugs are known to jump into luggage and let you unknowingly bring them right to your bedroom. Don’t be a bed bug taxi, check your luggage thoroughly before packing your things up while at the hotel.

Gross Trash Cans

Trash cans hold all of the gross and nasty things you are wanting to get rid of. But trash invites pests and you should keep your trash can as clean as possible.

If you have a garbage disposal, some of the gross things you put in the trash can be zapped down the drain instead. You should also take out the garbage frequently, and not just when it is full. Empty it often if you are filling it with material that can rot and attract pests.

Also, clean the trash can on a regular basis, inside and out.

Food in Random Places

You ate half a slice of pizza in the living room while watching a late movie. You went to bed without putting the rest of the slice away. In fact, you left it sitting on the coffee table.

You can bet that the half slice of pizza is going to attract pests, they can smell that for miles. Your best bet is to break those habits of leaving food out and utilize Tupperware or other methods of sealing your food up. This includes pet bowls.

Dirty Dishes

Constantly leaving your dirty dishes piled up in the sink can attract a whole range of pests. At the very least, you should be rinsing them off and placing them in the dishwasher. A better practice is to just wash them right away and put them away.


You can have a very clean house and still have crumbs, which will attract many types of pests. Crumbs and sticky spills on countertops and the floor will attract roaches and ants. So you should ensure that crumbs and sticky spots are all cleaned up.


It is nice that you are doing your part to help the environment by recycling, but you might be inviting pests in the process. Cockroaches and ants love settling in for a long stay in the sticky ooze that accumulates at the bottom of your recycle bin.

Do yourself a favor and clean that recycling bin on a regular basis and keep your home free from pests.

Beer and Wine

Fruit flies are attracted to the sweet smell of beer and wine. Keep these pests at bay by rinsing out the bottles after use or use a bottle stopper.


Birdseed is meant to attract adorable birds, but it can also attract unwanted pests. Skip the birdseed if you don’t want skunks, raccoons and squirrels on your property.

Unsealed Windows

Pests will find a way into your home if given the opportunity. Check the weather-stripping on all of your windows and doors. If there are areas where it is torn or otherwise damaged, get it replaced.

Basement windows are the preferred choice of many pests, so take a good look at those.

Unsealed Cracks

Pests don’t just get into your home through gaps in the windows, they can get in even through the smallest of cracks. Inspect your home, inside and outside for cracks and if you have some, get them sealed up right away.

Dirty Gutters

Your gutters get clogged up with leaves and pools of water are created. This is great for mosquitos. Clogged gutters also provide the perfect living space for ants and other pests. It is best if you clean out your gutters on a regular basis.

Basement and Attic Clutter

One man’s trash is a pests treasure. Take a look in your attic and in your basement. If you have boxes and boxes of stuff, that could attract pests that you don’t want. It is best if you eliminate clutter wherever possible.

There are a couple of solutions. You can buy plastic containers that seal, this will keep pests out of your family heirlooms. Another solution is to pack everything up and take it to a storage facility.

Untreated Wood

Certain types of pests are attracted to unfinished and weathered wood. You might notice that bees are hanging about the eves of your house, this might be because they are attracted to the untreated wood. The best thing you can do is treat the wood with a weather-proofing material.

Cardboard Boxes

You probably know that termites live to chomp on wood. But what you might not know is that they love the taste of cardboard as well. Your best bet is to just get rid of any cardboard you have around the house. Anything you have in boxes should be transferred to a plastic bin with a lid that seals.

Stacked Firewood

You should keep your stacked firewood outside until it is ready to toss in the fire. Your stack firewood should also be away from your house.

Firewood attracts all sorts of pests. Just start unstacking the pile and see what you discover. When you bring firewood in and don’t burn it right away, you are bringing in pests as well.

Unused Drains

If you have drains in your home that aren’t being used, they could be attracting flies into your home. Flies love to feed in nasty drains that people don’t use.

If you are suffering a pest problem, by all means, give Earthwise Pest Management a call.