Tips for Commercial Pest Control in Sacramento

Dealing with pests in your home is one thing. It’s a personal challenge for you and your family when rodents or insects take control of your space. But when you own and operate your own business, a pest control problem not only affects you, it affects your customers and therefore your livelihood. Just like with any business, the small stuff can make all the difference. Don’t let a small problem get out of hand; follow these Earthwise Pest Management tips to better understand how you can maintain some control over your business from critters.

Keep Shared Spaces Tidy

Owning and operating a business is difficult enough as it is. There’s one thing to do after another and even though you love the work you do, it can be hard to catch a break. You also have the challenge of sharing a space, either with your co-workers or perhaps even another business. If your Sacramento business is faced with a pest infestation, it can throw business operations out of line and cause frustration amongst co-workers. One of the best practices to implement in your business is keeping shared spaces clean. 

Ants Can Be Your Enemy

Ants, in particular, are attracted to food waste, so take out your trash regularly, wipe down and clean kitchen surfaces often, and try not to leave dishes in the sink. It can be hard to do so when you share spaces with others, because although you may personally take responsibility to help avoid pest problems, your co-workers may not. Remember to be patient, but stern in keeping up with tidying up. This should help you avoid any need for ant removal in your commercial building. 

Clean Your Office Lights

We understand that you may only check the lighting in your office in the event a bulb is out or flickering distractingly. However, be sure to inspect your office lights every so often. Often times, moths are attracted to facility lighting. While inspecting the pretty lights, moths may enter your office building through crevices or cracks you did not notice before. They can then lay eggs around your office and we understand better than anyone you would rather not deal with the Moth Man when you could be working instead. To avoid a moth infestation, clean your office lights regularly and inspect for cracks they could enter your building through. If you are still experiencing a pest control problem, call your Earthwise Pest Management expert so they can help you find a better solution. 

Give Your Office Furniture A Once Over

The questionable office chair in the corner no one seems to sit in still needs to be cleaned. Furniture used frequently by humans can actually become a preferred hiding place from some pests common to Sacramento. In this area, we have a considerable bed bug problem because bed bugs are not exclusive pests to beds. Any place that is dark with enough moisture and warmth might be their new favorite place to be. When running a business, plenty of customers walk in and out of your doors, and unfortunately one may be a carrier of bed bugs that are ready to hide in your chairs and couches to find their next meal. Inspect any furniture used by customers and co-workers often, cleaning it regularly if you have to. If you are still concerned, Earthwise can help find manageable solutions to avoid future pests.

Want More Tips To Avoid Business Pests?

At Earthwise Pest Management, we know what we’re doing when it comes to pest control for your commercial business. We want to help keep your Sacramento business up and running without the frustration of ant infestations or moths swarming while you work. Let us work the bugs out of your business. Contact Earthwise Pest Management in Sacramento today if your business is experiencing a bug problem.