1. Your Commercial Pest Control in Sacramento and Rodent Infestations

    Mice can be cute when you see them in the field or behind glass at the local pet store, but they look a whole lot different when they are spotted in your place of business. Mice and other rodents are known for chewing through cords and paperwork, ruining stored food and spreading some pretty serious…Read More

  2. Your Pest Control Service in Sacramento and Organizing Your Garage

    Your garage can be a wonderful addition to your home. Your garage keeps your vehicle protected from the elements and it is a storage area for items that just don’t fit in the house. But as most homeowners know, the garage can also become a black hole where junk is stored, pests call it home and th…Read More

  3. Pest Control in Sacramento and How to Kill a Spider

    Spiders of all types and sizes make their way into your home. When you spot one, you have no choice but to kill it. The only good spider is a dead spider. It doesn’t matter if the spider is harmless and beneficial or poisonous and dangerous, all spiders must be killed. In most households, every fa…Read More

  4. Pest Control in Sacramento and Eating Insects

    As the population continues to boom, humanity is slowly running out of resources, some by the middle of this century. There will be just too many people to sustain. Experts agree that the world population will reach nine billion by 2050, at which point the demand for food cannot match the population…Read More

  5. Your Commercial Pest Control Service and Mice in the Office

    Your office or workplace is like Disneyland for mice. This is because it not only provides shelter and food for them, but because it is a playground of interesting things for mice to do. You might think there is nothing special about the pile of computer cables in the storeroom, but mice think that …Read More

  6. Your Pest Control Service in Sacramento and Superbugs

    Believe it or not, there is a bug cavalry of sorts. These are bugs that help limit bad bug infestations in crops and in your garden and help keep our ecosystem in balance. Most people don’t think much about the insects they find in their homes and gardens. Most people think any insect is probably …Read More

  7. Your Pest Control Company Doesn’t Recommend DIY Pest Control

    There are risks when pests invade your home. Rodents and insects may bring disease and damage, which is why pest control is necessary. There are also risks in pest control treatment. However, these risks are greatly diminished when pest control is handled by a professional. Licensed pest control com…Read More

  8. Your Pest Control Service in Sacramento and Controlling Squirrels

    Don’t let the twitching whiskers and bushy tails fool you. Squirrels might be super cute, but if left unchecked, they are capable of doing an impressive amount of damage. And while there is no easy and quick way to get rid of these pests, there are several things you can do to shoo away these rode…Read More

  9. Your Pest Control in Sacramento and Avoiding Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs don’t wait for an invitation, they barge right on in on their own. Bed bugs present a major problem for households all across the United States. Bed bugs need a safe and warm environment to survive and thrive, there are many places in your home that provide the ideal conditions. There are…Read More