Pest Control in Sacramento and Outdoor Pests

There are many factors that affect the health and beauty of your lawn and garden, much of it is out of control. For example, there really isn’t a lot you can do about the weather. However, there are factors that affect your lawn and garden that you can control. Factors such as rodents or other creatures in your yard are both preventable and treatable.

Rodents and other smallish animals can burrow, tunnel or otherwise dig their way into your yard and garden. They are often in search of food and shelter. In doing so, they can cause damage to the appearance of your lawn. They can be quite destructive.

If there are pests in your yard, you will definitely want to get rid of them and keep them out. Earthwise Pest Management, your pest control service in Sacramento, offers ways in which you can rid your yard of critters and keep them out.

A Fence

Your first line of defense is a fence. You need more than a picket fence or chain link fence to keep mice and other critters out of your yard. You need to utilize chicken wire for a fence that keeps critters out.

Plastic Owls

Place a few plastic owls around your property. Mice and other small critters hate owls, because they eat them when given the opportunity.

Fake Snakes

Head to the local novelty store and buy a few rubber snakes. Take these fake snakes and strategically place them around your property. Like owls, mice hate snakes because they eat them. Rodents are terrified of snakes and will leave the yard if they spot one.

Blood Meal

Blood meal is dirty and flaky and is a by-product of meat-packing plants. Most critters hate the smell of it and will avoid it at all costs. Apparently, it smells like predators to them.

Garlic and Hot Sauce

Take garlic cloves and mix it with a cup of hot sauce and a pint of vinegar and you have a concoction that will drive rodents and other animals out of your yard.

Spray the mixture on your plants and grease and the smell alone will chase most creatures away. If you have a brace animal not afraid of the smell, they will clear out once they take a bite of one of the tomatoes in the garden that you sprayed.
Of course, you need to apply more mixture after it rains.

Human Hair

The scent of human hair is enough to send all types of animals running for safety. Rodents and other animals are happier when humans are not around. Besides, you need a haircut anyway.

Coffee Grounds

There are a lot of us who like coffee, love it actually. And many of you can’t get going in the morning without it. But animals can’t stand the smell or taste of this delicious beverage. So spike your garden with coffee grounds and it will keep them free from mice and other critters.

If you go to Starbucks, they will give you all of the old coffee grounds you need. As a bonus, coffee grounds are very good for the soil and will help boost plant growth.

Find Where They are Hiding

If you do have mice or other types of animals in your yard, you need to find them so you can get rids of them. Wood piles are one place to check for pest infestation. It is a good idea to dismantle wood piles from time to time to check for nests.

Rodents and other critters are attracted to the garbage in your garbage cans and recycle bins. If they can’t be found in the cans or bins, it is likely they are nesting nearby.

If you have a shed or barn on your property, there is a change it has unwanted guests staying there. Some animals looking for shelter will tunnel underneath and make their home. Animals who can’t dig will find themselves inside the shed to escape inclement weather and decide to stay.

If you have a compost pile, you had better check it for signs of an infestation. A compost pile is a smorgasbord for mice and other animals.

Signs You Have Mice on Your Property

Aside from spotting them directly, there are several signs you have rodents and other critters on your property.

One of the most obvious signs of rodent activity is droppings. If you spot droppings on your property, it is likely you have an infestation.

If you notice that plants are disappearing overnight, it could be because critters are eating them while you sleep.

Tunnels in your garden is another sign you have a rodent issue. You might have a gopher or a mole.

If you need help with your outdoor pest infestation, give Earthwise Pest Management and call.