Your Residential Pest Control Company in Sacramento and Cleaning Up After Mice

You just discovered that you have mice, so much fun. Now is not the time to hesitate, give us a call and we can resolve this issue quickly and efficiently. Problem solved.

A mouse houseguest and his buddies can leave behind more than just bad memories. Your mouse friends might look cute, innocent and harmless, but they can carry potentially life-threatening diseases including hantavirus, salmonellosis and rat-bite fever.

The germs in mice urine and feces can linger for a long time. So even after the mice problem has been dealt with, you need to get on top of cleaning up. So grab a bucket of hot water and some rubber gloves and get ready to get busy cleaning.

Earthwise Pest Management, your residential pest control company in Sacramento, offers cleaning tips after a rodent infestation.

Don’t Forget the Gloves

You don’t want to be cleaning up the aftereffects of mice with your bare hands, wear rubber gloves. You might think that a surface is clean because it looks clean, but that isn’t always the case.

Mice urinate when they become frightened and they may even step in it and drag it all over the place. They haven’t been taught to wipe off their little feet.

Plenty of Water

Mouse droppings and urine dries out rather quickly, but that doesn’t mean a broom or vacuum cleaner is the best option. Even after you have swept or sucked away the droppings, there is still a problem. You need to wipe all areas down with a disinfectant that kills germs on contact. Sorry to sound so much like a commercial.

You can use a disinfectant you buy at the store. You can also make your own at home by mixing a cup-and-a-half of bleach with a gallon of water. Spray all of the infected areas well and leave in place for 10 minutes.

Scoop it Up and Dump it Out

If the area you want to clean is still wet, you need to be systematic and thorough. Scoop up the debris, put it in a plastic bag, tie it off and dispose of it in the outdoor garbage can.

Mice are curious creatures, so they like to explore. This means that you need to check the entire house to see just where they have been. It is likely that they have been in drawers, cupboards and even on your kitchen countertops.

Look inside things and behind things for evidence of mice and clean up as necessary.

Mop and Sponge

Once any dry or wet materials have been cleaned up, it’s time to wipe everything down. Use the disinfectant that you bought or made and wipe down shelves, cabinets, countertops and all other surfaces.

You should use a disposable mop and sponges that can be thrown away after use. These are things you don’t want to keep and reuse. Be very generous with the disinfectant.

Carpet Cleaner

You will want carpeted areas and upholstery to be properly cleaned as well. If you have a steam cleaner, that helps. You can rent a steam cleaner if you don’t have one or you can call a carpet cleaning company if necessary.

Clean Yourself Up

Throw the mop, sponges and rags you used to clean up away. When you are finished cleaning, scrub your hands with hot and soapy water. You should even lather up twice just to make sure your hands are clean.

Rodent-Proof Your Home

The last step is to ensure that no more mice will invade your property. You can hire a professional to seal off your home and minimize the chances of another infestation.

If you have a mouse problem, call Earthwise Pest Management.