Your Pest Control Company in Sacramento and Preventing Poisoning

In 2017, over 52,000 children under the age of six were treated in emergency rooms across America for poisoning. That is a scary number. There are several reasons for the accidental ingestion of a toxic substance. Some of these reasons include packaging that is not childproof, packaging that looks intriguing to kids and easy access.

While much has changed over the years to help prevent poisonings, like childproof caps, parents like yourself still play a major role in making sure your children are safe.

Take a look under the kitchen sink, typically, it will be full of various containers. There is a good chance you have a can of Raid or some rodent poison down there. That is the last place you want to store such toxic chemicals. In fact, it would be best to just get rid of such products and rely on your pest control service instead. It would be safer for your family.

Earthwise Pest Management, your pest control company in Sacramento, offers these tips to help prevent poisonings.

Keep Products in Their Original Package

Do not replace the original containers with other bottles, boxes or other household containers. Putting Ajax in a Tupperware container is not a good idea. Nothing but food items should ever go in food containers.

Never Mix Chemicals

There is a chance you could come up with a deadly combination by mixing chemicals. This includes cleaners. Mixing bleach with ammonia can create toxic vapors that are extremely dangerous.

Check the Seals and Them Check Them Again

Before putting away any chemical, medicine or cleaner, check to make sure that you have sealed it up properly. It only takes a second to check. And then just to make sure, check it again to be certain that your shield cannot open the bottle, jar or whatever container the poison is in.

Be Serious About the Dangers

It is all too easy to downplay the dangers of medications, cleaners and other products. For example, you don’t think twice about leaving your pet shampoo out and the lid open. But you should be concerned.

Children are very curious and a bottle of dog shampoo might look tasty in that fancy bottle. Next thing you know, you are rushing your child to the emergency room.

Be a Good Teacher

It is important that you teach your children the dangers of poisons when they are very young. You need to teach them not to consume anything that they know nothing about. In fact, you should teach them to come to you with anything they might want to try.

Read the Labels

Whatever type of medications you are giving your children, whether it be prescription or over-the-counter, make sure you take the time to thoroughly read the entire label. And make sure that you follow the direction very closely. If you aren’t sure about something, no matter how small the detail, call your pharmacist or doctor and ask them.

Properly Dispose of Old Medicines

Any expired medications you have around the house should be gathered up and properly disposed of. This holds true with any medications that are not outdated, but you have no further need for them.

Just by getting rid of old and unused medications, you lower the risk of accidental poisoning.

Mix old medicines with used coffee grounds, dirt or cat litter. Then place the mixture in a sealable plastic bag and throw it away. In doing this, you limit the chances that anyone will discover and consume the mixture. Nobody wants to eat dirt or cat litter.

Medicine is Never Candy

We get it, you want your kids to take their medicine because it is important. But you should bever call medicine “candy” as a way to get them to take it. By calling medicine candy, your children are at an increased risk of consuming more than their dose.

Put Things Away

When you are done using the floor cleaner or cold medicine, put it away where it belongs. You should be storing chemicals and other poisons in a high place that children can’t access. It is also a good idea to lock these poisons up. Even if it is a little inconvenient.

Ditch the chemical pest sprays and give Earthwise Pest Management a call instead.