1. The Signs You Have a Mouse in the House

    Mice are not uncommon in California by any means. When these little critters are searching for food, water, and shelter, it’s not unlikely that your home would be a pretty enticing location. For the most part, mice look for cool locations to reside as they associate lower temperatures with water. …Read More

  2. How Can Your Business Benefit From Pest Control?

    When you own a business, there are a million and one things that are on your plate at all times. Not only do you have to run the business, but you have to constantly be on your toes in order to stay a couple steps ahead of your competition. Business owners choose to do this in several different ways…Read More

  3. Why Are Pests Targeting Your Home

    Why Are Pests Targeting Your Home?

    While it may be nice to think about, there are simply some homes that are much more prone to having pests invade them than others. If you didn’t know this, we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but it’s true. This could come as welcome news to you, however, if you have been struggling to …Read More

  4. Where Do Mosquitoes Hide In The Winter?

    With winter comes a number of things that we don’t experience the rest of the year. Whether it is freezing cold temperatures or several inches of snow, winter is quite a magical time of year. One thing that makes it even more wonderful is the lack of a certain warm-season pest that none of us real…Read More

  5. Keeping Rodents Out

    Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home This Year

    If you have ever experienced having a rodent in your home, you know what a frustrating occurrence this can be. You can do everything possible to catch the pest and get nowhere. You can set traps or seal off your home, but mice and rats can still avoid being captured. When this happens, it is clearly…Read More

  6. Skipping A Termite Inspection Is A Huge Mistake

    While you may think your home doesn’t stand a chance of having termites in it, you would be wrong. Sure, every single home may not have termites, there is no way to know that without an inspection. Yes, even if your home is relatively new, you may have termites hiding away in your walls, going to …Read More

  7. pest control this winter

    What Can Your Local Pest Control Company Do For You This Winter?

    While winter may not be everyone’s favorite season, it is a great excuse to spend the majority of your time inside relaxing and staying warm. Humans are not the only ones who share this sentiment, however. Winter is the time of the year when pests retreat indoors as well, posing problems for you a…Read More

  8. What People Are Saying About Us

    Earthwise Pest Management is a commerical and home pest control company serving Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville, and beyond. In case you are a prospective customer wondering what “earthwise” might mean, it comes from our environmentally-conscious approach to pest and rodent removal. We utilize Int…Read More

  9. 2018 Pest Free Guide

    If you ask a homeowner in the Sacramento area to tell you what is great about bugs and rodents, chances are they won’t have an answer for you. Even as professionals who work with these pests every day, we don’t know that we can name a single good thing about them. Not only do they make your home…Read More