5 Tips for Finding a Quality Roseville Pest Control Company

There is nothing worse than seeing a cockroach, rodent, or another pest skitter across your kitchen floor. In the moments after this happens, most people are more than a little freaked out. Many homeowners will reach for the telephone to call their trusted Roseville pest control company once the initial sense of panic subsides, but what happens if you don’t have a trusted partner in the pest management business? How do you know who to call?

Earthwise Pest Management is your go-to source for affordable and effective pest control in Roseville, providing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services that go beyond applying pesticides and calling it a day. In today’s post, we’ll review five tips for finding a quality pest control company and how our team can help protect your home from unwanted pests. Let’s get started!

How to Find a Reputable Pest Control Company

Consider Quality and Value

This is the number one concern for most homeowners, and for good reason — you want pest control services that are both affordable and effective. It is not enough to simply look for the company who provides the cheapest services; pest control is definitely one of those services in which you get what you pay for. The technicians must competent as well to ensure that the pesticides they use are applied properly so as to not pose a health risk or damage your property. By considering the rest of the tips in today’s post, you can find a company that provides high-quality, competent pest control services.

Gather Free Estimates

The best way to find affordable pest control services is to gather a few estimates from various Roseville pest control companies. Most pest control companies offer free inspections and estimates, so you may want to steer clear of the ones that don’t. Why? It doesn’t take long for a team of experienced exterminators to perform an inspection of your home to determine the best extermination solution. Likewise, charging for an estimate is a good indication that customer service is not one of their main priorities. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask a company what they charge for an inspection and quote before they come to your home.

Ask the Right Questions

There are many questions that you could ask a potential pest control company. The ones we recommend asking include:

  • How many years have you been in business? Companies that provide poor pest control services don’t stay in business long and reputable companies have good standing in the community.
  • What pest control methods do you use? There are many different approaches to pest control from chemical-only services to Integrated Pest Management.
  • Can I see your license? All pest control companies must hold a license with the State Department of Agriculture and they should be able to show it to you
  • Who will perform my services? It is important to confirm the person applying pesticides is a licensed commercial pesticide applicator.
  • Do you offer any type of guarantee? Companies who are confident in their services often provide some type of guarantee on re-treat services.

Check Out Reviews

In today’s day and age, you can find pretty much anything you are looking for online. To find reviews for prospective pest control companies, you only have to go so far as checking Facebook or performing a Google search for the company’s name. A quick search of Earthwise Pest Management will provide you with more than 150 reviews on Google for an impressive 5-star rating. It also never hurts to ask friends, family, and loved ones for their recommendations as well.

Buyer Beware

As you are searching for reputable Roseville pest control companies, it helps to be aware of some red flags so that you can identify them should you come across them. In general, it is best to be cautious of companies that:

  • Don’t seem to have a working telephone number or website. Reputable companies have clear points of contact that are in good working order.
  • Sell their services door to door. The services that reputable companies provide will speak for themselves without solicitation.
  • Sell their services as a package deal with other home improvements. Home improvement companies may offer pest control services, but they are rarely as affordable or efficient as those of a licensed pest control company.
  • Claim to have specialized pesticides. All pesticides are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and the local Department of Agriculture.
  • Claim their services or pesticides are endorsed by government agencies. Government agencies do not endorse pest control companies or a specific pesticide.
  • Only quote prices by the gallon of pesticide used. Some jobs, like termite treatments, require several hundred gallons of pesticide and are better quoted in a different manner.

Need an Experienced Roseville Pest Control Company?

When you have unwanted pests in your home, you need a Roseville pest control company that you can rely on. Earthwise Pest Management is here for you when you need us most, offering a variety of pest control services that will eliminate pests in your home and keep them from coming back. Our experienced technicians examine the conditions that attract pests to your home in the first place and implement measures to keep them from coming back once they are removed. This allows us to minimize the use of harsh pesticides while providing you with a long-term pest control solution.

Need pest control in Roseville? Contact us today to request a pest inspection and estimate!