The Benefits of Spiders

It may seem odd for a pest control company to be talking about the benefits of pests, but, in reality, every living creature, even pests, are integral to the food web of this planet and most serve some kind of overarching role in the operation of our planet. If you believe we are connected and we all have our place, then spiders do as well.

Earthwise Pest Management in Roseville, the best pest control company, offers residential and commercial spider control and spider removal services. When you need an exterminator for common pests, such as termites, rodents, ants, and wasps in the Roseville area, give us a call. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of spiders and what that means for pest control and IPM (integrated pest management).

What is a spider?

A spider is an arachnid and is not an insect. Many people assume because it has more than four legs, crawls around, and is creepy that spiders are insects. Nothing could be further from the truth. Unlike insects, which have three body parts, spiders only have two. They also have eight legs instead of six like insects. They also do not have antennae like insects.

All spiders make silk, and most spin webs in which they trap their prey. They have specially adapted appendages called spinnerets to spin the silk web with. They are carnivores, meaning they eat other animals, mainly insects. Spiders, lacking mouthparts, can only consume liquids. Venom, which all spiders have, is injected into their prey which not only kills them but breaks down their bodies so that the spider can suck them down. Spiders can have up to eight eyes, each with a single lens; insects have compound eyes. Despite their many eyes, some spiders have poor vision, and instead hunt by sensing vibrations. They can also sense changes in air pressure as well.

Most spiders surprisingly are good parents, most caring for their young, even carrying them on their backs till they can defend themselves and take care of themselves. Spiders weave silk egg sacs with hundreds of eggs inside that many spider parents protect. The average lifespan of a spider is two years, with some tarantulas living to up to 25 years in captivity. Although not as old as insects, fossil records date spiders to at least 300 million years ago.


  • Spiders eat pests. Most spiders feed on insects, including cockroaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and moths. Spiders in your home are actually helpful, as they will usually take care of most of the pests in your home. Earthwise Pest Management in Roseville notes that spiders in and around your home will hunt aphids, moths, beetles, and other pests.
  • Spiders will kill other spiders. You can call this callous and cannibalistic behavior on the part of spiders eating spiders; however, spiders see each other as competition. Those cute, beloved Daddy Long-legs are especially adept at killing other spiders, even Black Widow spiders. Hence, these guys are great to have around your house or business as a form of natural pest control.
  • Spiders help humans by eating disease-carrying insects. By preying on mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ticks, and more, Earthwise Pest Management in Roseville notes that spiders are helping to cut down on the spread of diseases to humans.
  • Spiders’ venom is being researched for medicinal purposes. Since spider venom stuns its prey long enough for the spider to kill it, it is a natural numbing agent. Spider venom has the potential to be a natural painkiller for humans and is being researched as a way to treat strokes, muscular dystrophy, and is already an antivenom for other spider bites.
  • Spiders’ silk is one of the strongest substances in the world. Researchers are examining possible uses for this material. It is stronger than steel when compared pound for pound.

It is estimated that spiders eat between 400 to 800 million tons of insects and other pests every year. Imagine a world where spiders didn’t exist; it would definitely be very buggy indeed.

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There are spiders known as house spiders. These are a variety of species of spiders who predominantly live in buildings made by humans. These spiders have been living inside since at least Roman times and have adapted quite effectively.

Spiders have gotten a bad rap because of the very few whose venom is powerful enough to kill humans and because of the even fewer deaths caused by these spiders. Hence, people lump them all together out of lack of knowledge and instantly want to eradicate every eight-legged arachnid that crosses their path.

Using the IPM (integrated pest management) approach, Earthwise Pest Management in Roseville focuses on prevention methods and finding the source of your spider infestation. Spiders, like insects, are here to stay. You can live harmoniously with them if you keep them at bay.

Earthwise Pest Management in Roseville understands people’s desire to rid their home or business of spiders. There are some species of spiders that do live together in big groups that could potentially cause some damage. However, for the most part, spiders do humans very little harm, and in fact, keep their homes and businesses safer.

That being said, you don’t necessarily want to be the spider rescue home or business where spiders can roam about as they please. Instead, Earthwise Pest Management in Roseville recommends keeping spiders in check and discouraging them from making your home or business its permanent abode. There is definitely an optimal amount of house spiders you want roaming around, and we believe by actively discouraging spider inhabitants, you can prevent a spider infestation and prevent a call to us for spider removal services.


  • Limit their habitats. Spiders like dark corners where they can hide. This would include windows, eaves, and basement corners. You can remove their webs when you find them and encourage them to settle elsewhere like your garage or crawlspace.
  • Seal off entry points. Although house spiders stay inside, other spiders make their way into your home that you want to discourage. Any cracks in windows, holes in screens, and missing sealants from doors and sliding glass doors are great places to repair. This also prevents insects from getting in your home.
  • Limit their food source. If you discourage insects, spiders’ main food source, they won’t come in chasing them and will go elsewhere. Earthwise Pest Management in Roseville recommends that by sealing up your home and putting food up where it belongs, less insects will make your home as well.


  • Poisonous spiders. If you live in an area where there are Black Widow spiders, Brown Recluse, or another deadly type, it might be worth investing in spider removal services. These guys are dangerous to you and to your pets and children and definitely should be removed.
  • Spider webs. Spider webs are best kept outside where they can be beautiful to look at. Inside, they are unsightly and collect dust and pollutants you don’t want in your home.
  • Arachnophobia. The fear of spiders is the third most common phobia in America and can be debilitating to some people. If you suffer from arachnophobia, spider removal can help alleviate your fears.


While your first instinct might be to squash spiders, you should think before you just indiscriminately kill them. Spiders do a world of good to this world, and as part of nature, should be treated like any other animal you would preserve in your neighborhood, like squirrels, birds, and rabbits. With over 4,000 species of spiders, there is a lot of variety. Some people think spiders are cute, and tarantulas are popular pets. Spiders are definitely fun to watch in action and make great teaching tools for kids about the importance of keeping nature in balance.

Earthwise Pest Management in Roseville can help you determine if you have a spider infestation and help determine the source so we can stop them from invading your home, business, or a portion of your property. Perhaps you have a wood pile that needs removed, or a food source that is drawing them in. When you partner with us, we’ll help discover the root cause of your spider problem and help solve it, so you can keep the spiders in their natural environment outdoors. Contact us today to get started!