How to Avoid Spiders

In our ongoing blog series on spiders, we’ve looked at the benefits of spiders and revealed some common myths about spiders that are just not true. In this blog post, we’ll discuss tips on how to avoid spiders so you don’t accidentally get bitten by one.

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Spiders only bite if you happen to sit on one, step on one, or otherwise come in very close proximity to it where it feels threatened. These situations often happen because we don’t realize the spider is there. Earthwise Pest Management in Roseville offers the following tips on how to avoid being bitten by a spider:

  • Know their habitats. If you know where spiders are most likely to be found (in corners in your closet or in basement cubbyholes), you can avoid those areas (or in the case of your closet, clean it out to prevent a spider from finding such a comfortable home).
  • Think before you enter their habitats. If you are going to clean out your backyard shed for the first time in 15 years, it’s a good idea to take precautions before doing so because odds are there are many happy spiders out there keeping your shed free from pests. Earthwise Pest Management recommends wearing gloves before reaching into places where you can’t see, put on pants, and wear boots with tall socks to prevent spiders from biting you if you do happen to accidentally disturb one. Spider bites, unless by a Black Widow or a recluse spider, are harmless and may result in a momentary sting with a bump or a rash for a few days as a result.

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  • Shake out items that have not been used in a while. Spiders like places that are undisturbed by humans and other animals. This includes old clothes, towels, other linens, shoes, and seasonal items, such as coats and jackets that are left on the floor. Your camping gear in particular is great item a spider would love to call home. Thoroughly inspect sleeping bags and foam mattresses for camping before using them for the season. Earthwise Pest Management in Roseville recommends shaking these out before putting them on or using them because no one wants to grab an old towel where a spider lives and end up wrapping a spider around them!
  • Keep your home tidy. Items left on the floor, firewood piles in your home, and toys left lying around for days all invite spiders to settle in. Keep your home tidy, organized, and clean, and spiders will look elsewhere for a home. Also, you’ll want to remove cobwebs when found and vacuum your curtains, which are popular spider hangouts since curtains just hang most of the time.


Earthwise Pest Management in Roseville offers spider removal services. Most spiders are harmless and are just living their lives. However, if you notice a preponderance of spiders, it’s best to give us a call. We can come to your home or business and assess your spider situation. If there are too many, or we identify ones that could harm you, spider removal services will most likely be recommended. We use IPM (integrated pest management) to not only remove your spiders, but also to see why they are in your home or office in the first place. Determining the root cause of the problem will reduce the chance of future occurrences. Contact us today for a free estimate!