1. Home Pest Control in Sacramento and Picnics

    Picnic season is just around the corner. For many, you are counting the days until you can pack up the car and take the family on a picnic. Some people like to stretch picnics out into weekend camping trips. Either way, the idea is the same; you love having delicious food while enjoying nature and a…Read More

  2. Pest Control in Sacramento and Eating Insects

    As the population continues to boom, humanity is slowly running out of resources, some by the middle of this century. There will be just too many people to sustain. Experts agree that the world population will reach nine billion by 2050, at which point the demand for food cannot match the population…Read More

  3. Your Pest Control Company in Sacramento and Phobias

    Phobia: An intense, abnormal or illogical fear of a specified thing. Overview: A person who suffers from any type of phobia will avoid all situations or things they are afraid of. Some symptoms of phobia include fear, panic, rapid heartbeat, shaking and shortness of breath. They also feel the need t…Read More

  4. Home Pest Control in Sacramento and Superheroes

    Some of the most famous and beloved superheroes are named after the very pests we despise and try to keep out of our homes and yards. As a matter of fact, some of them are even pests themselves. There are popular and well-known superheroes named after pests, Spider-Man comes to mind. But there are a…Read More

  5. Pest Control in Sacramento and Keeping Cockroaches at Bay

    Few things in life are more frustrating than a roach infestation. These persistent pests make themselves at home in your bathrooms, kitchen and other living space in search of food. The problem quickly gets worse as they multiply fast. It is a scene you have witnessed in a movie or television show. …Read More

  6. Reasons You Need Flea Extermination In Your Sacramento Home

    Fleas are nasty little things. Once they get into your home, it’s incredibly difficult to exterminate them with home remedies. Their larva bury themselves and hide in carpets and build their cocoon and stay in it sometimes for months before hatching. This is why many times you’ll see no signs of…Read More

  7. Your Pest Control Service in Sacramento and Home Equity

    You plan on selling your house one day, perhaps sooner than later. And when that time does come, you will hope to get the best possible price for it. In order to make the most money from your house, you keep it in very good shape. You spend time and money fixing things when they break, painting room…Read More

  8. ants

    Your Pest Control Company in Sacramento and Ants

    Ants are some of the most common pests you will find, no matter where you live on this planet. There are more than 12,000 known species of ant on our planet and you can expect a few hundred in any state. When they are invading your home, you don’t really care much about the species, you just want …Read More