Fly Control Tips From the Sacramento Pest Control Experts

Flies can be more than just an annoyance. They can spread diseases throughout your home or business, making you and others sick. While houseflies may not be the type of pest you need to worry about ruining your property, biting, or stinging, they can contaminate food and spread salmonella, typhoid, and cholera, among other diseases. This article will discuss a few ways to keep flies out of your Sacramento home.

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Keep Fruit off of the Counter

Having a fruit bowl on your counter is a convenient way to keep a healthy snack around for you and your family. However, as the fruit begins to go bad, it releases gases that attract flies. Fruit flies and houseflies both enjoy eating fruit that is a bit past its prime.

Empty the Trash Frequently

Trash, especially food waste, attracts several types of flies, including the housefly, fruit fly, and little housefly. Emptying your trash can more frequently and removing decaying organic matter will remove an easy food source for flies and help to keep them out of your Sacramento home.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

Fruit flies love sweet food and drinks, and houseflies live off liquids. ITo keep flies out of your home, you must clean up any spills that occur immediately, especially if they involve juices, sodas, or another sweet substance. Also, be sure to lift up or clean underneath and behind items near the spill to ensure you don’t leave anything behind. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean a fly can’t smell it in their search for food.

Remove Pet Waste

Removing pet waste is a vital step in preventing fly problems around your home. Accumulated pet waste can attract common nuisance flies, creating a breeding ground for a potential fly infestation. Flies are drawn to decaying organic matter, and pet waste provides an ideal environment for them to reproduce. To avoid a fly problem, it’s essential to promptly clean up pet waste, ensuring a hygienic and pest-free space.

Utilize Professional Pest Control

Houseflies are attracted to both animal feces and dead animals. If you have other pests living in your home, such as rodents, they may attract flies. Utilizing DIY pest control products often leads to rodents expiring in parts of your home that may be hard to get to, such as in your walls or crawlspace. Dead rodents in your home can attract a host of flies and lead to an infestation in no time. Utilizing professional pest control can help you avoid this problem.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal and Drains

Fruit flies and phorid flies commonly breed inside drains and pipes, which makes it incredibly difficult to kill off the infestation. Frequently cleaning your garbage disposal and drains to ensure there is no food waste or other debris can help to remove a common source of food and breeding spot for flies.

What to Do When Fly Control Methods Fail

When fly control tips prove insufficient and dealing with persistent adult flies becomes a challenge, it’s time to call in the professionals. Earthwise Pest Management specializes in addressing diverse fly species and employs effective strategies to eliminate fly populations. Unlike generic fly traps or store-bought fly control products, our expert team is equipped with comprehensive knowledge about the habits and life cycles of different fly species. This insight allows us to tailor solutions that not only kill flies but also target the root of the issue, ensuring a more long-lasting and efficient outcome. Don’t let fly populations disrupt your living space; trust Earthwise Pest Management for professional and reliable fly control services.

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