1. Your Pest Control Service in Sacramento and Organizing Your Garage

    Your garage can be a wonderful addition to your home. Your garage keeps your vehicle protected from the elements and it is a storage area for items that just don’t fit in the house. But as most homeowners know, the garage can also become a black hole where junk is stored, pests call it home and th…Read More

  2. Home Pest Control in Sacramento and Spring Maintenance

    After a long, dark winter, spring is a breath of fresh air. But there is a downside. The longer days and sunshine spotlight all of the flaws around your house. Your gutters are filled with leaves, there are dead plants in your yard and your house could use a coat of paint. Spring is still a little w…Read More

  3. Your Pest Control Company in Sacramento and Phobias

    Phobia: An intense, abnormal or illogical fear of a specified thing. Overview: A person who suffers from any type of phobia will avoid all situations or things they are afraid of. Some symptoms of phobia include fear, panic, rapid heartbeat, shaking and shortness of breath. They also feel the need t…Read More

  4. Your Pest Control Company in Sacramento and Rodent Problems

    If you are a homeowner, there is a risk for a rat or mice infestation. A rodent infestation, no matter how small, can be expensive and stressful if not properly handled. Worse still, having a rodent infestation exposes you and your family to a variety of parasites and diseases. The reality is that e…Read More

  5. Home Pest Control and How to Properly Store Firewood

    Nothing beats relaxing around your home in front of a crackling fireplace. And while you are enjoying a fire in the comfort of your own home, the last thing you want to do is deal with a pest invasion. While the fire in your wood-burning stove or fireplace may fill you with warmth, the firewood you …Read More

  6. Sacramento Residents; Keep Bugs Out Over The Holidays

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year. There is so much to do in Sacramento over the holidays, from visiting the Zoo to ice skating downtown. The last thing you want is to deal with pests on Christmas. Don’t share your home with extra guests this holiday season. When temperatures drop, pests …Read More

  7. Ant Control for your commercial business in sacramento

    Tips for Commercial Pest Control in Sacramento

    Dealing with pests in your home is one thing. It’s a personal challenge for you and your family when rodents or insects take control of your space. But when you own and operate your own business, a pest control problem not only affects you, it affects your customers and therefore your livelihood. …Read More

  8. Your Home Pest Control in Sacramento and Spiders

    Seeing a spider crawling around your house can be a bit unnerving. And it makes you wonder just how many spiders are hiding out in your home. There are many different types of spiders you might encounter in California, some are completely harmless and some could pose some danger. The trick is to det…Read More

  9. Nutritional Benefits of Eating Insects

    Entomophagy. This is a word that not many of us here in the United States are familiar with. It means the practice of eating insects, especially by people. You may be thinking: why do we need a word to describe eating bugs? Probably because most Western societies don’t eat insects, so we had to pu…Read More