Three Mice A’Hiding, Two Bugs A’Flying: 4 Common Hiding Places for Holiday Pests in Sacramento

The holidays can be a stressful time. There are presents to wrap and families to feed—and the last thing you need is to accommodate mice, termites and more in your home this Christmas. If you are worried about pests finding their way into your home this holiday season, be sure to look in these common places before laying cookies out for Santa Claus.


You probably rarely make visits to your attic and we understand why. It’s dark, dusty and maybe kind of creepy. The only time you might go up really is for your Christmas decorations. During the rest of the year, this becomes a perfect living place for pests. While you may not think to check your attic if you don’t need anything from there, check regularly so you know pests aren’t nesting inside and causing damage. For example, termites feed off of the wood of your rafters and can go for long periods of time without being spotted. They can cause serious damage that could cost hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars to repair. Don’t wait until next Christmas to check your attic for pests. 


Santa Claus isn’t the only quiet creature looking for cookies. Pests love crumbs and any other source of food they don’t have to look far for. Not to mention, pantries are dark and perfect for hiding. It can also become dangerous for humans though, by allowing our food to interact with pests that we then consume. Gross, right? Don’t spend Christmas checking for “chocolate”. Keep your food stored properly at all times and be sure to clean up all messes in the kitchen, too. Pests are invasive and the last thing you want to deal with during the holidays. In the event of an infestation, be sure to throw away all food. Including that fruitcake from 2004.


While your garage is understandably more outside of your home than in, it can be frustrating when pests get inside, wreaking havoc in cars, tools, and storage. Often times, pests can easily get into our homes through the garage, through openings, nooks, and holes that are a tight squeeze and easy to miss. Rather than concern yourself with keeping pests out this Christmas, be sure to fill any holes before the colder months so they can’t get in. Fill them professionally with plaster or wood, or with something as simple as steel wool. Anything that blocks their path and keeps pests from getting in. 


We already mentioned your pantry as a common spot for pests to hide. Your kitchen is another good place to check regularly, though, even though you spend plenty of time in front of the sink or stove. If you have a habit of leaving messes for the next day, keeping dirty dishes in the sink with food residue on them or you think you can leave that spill until it dries, you could be inviting pests to their own Christmas feast. Kitchens are pests’ dream for breeding, feeding, and living. Drawers, fridges, sinks, and trash, are all great opportunities for them to take over your house. Keep your kitchen clean so your holiday spirit isn’t dampered by household pests.

Still Having Pest Control Problems?

Check these common places for pests this holiday season and keep small problems from getting out of control. If you’re still having trouble, call Earthwise Pest Control in Sacramento.