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Our Pest Management MethodPests problems are one of the worst things to deal with, and while it can be difficult to look over the issue at hand, there’s a reason that these pests are there. No, we don’t mean that there’s some greater message or lesson to be learned here. There are simply factors that are making it an ideal place for these pests to call home. Whether it’s the temperature outside, the ease of entering the space, or the ability to find a consistent food source, understanding these key points is one of the best ways to ensure that you go without a pest problem for years to come. Keep reading to learn about one of the main methods of pest control Sacramento residents can depend on. 

What we are talking about here is known as Integrated Pest Management. It’s the method that we use to perform both residential and commercial pest control in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. Not only is this how we strive to safely remove pests from a space, but it’s how we ensure that they don’t return. Keep reading to learn more about the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method and what you can expect when you choose Earthwise Pest Management as your long-term pest control solution.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Removing pests is only one part of our job. Sure, you’d like to have these pests gone as quickly as possible, but what if the removal only lasted a short while? The goal at Earthwise Pest Management is not only to remove the pests but to ensure that they don’t return. For that reason, we use IPM as our method of choice.

IPM is a broad-based approach that focuses on the long-term prevention of pests based on biological factors such as their habitat, food sources, reproduction cycles, and the like. By doing this, our Sacramento pest control professionals are able to remove the pests while also creating a plan of attack that acknowledges these factors while minimizes the chances of these pests returning. Let’s dive into this method of pest management so that you can truly get an idea of how this method differs from your typical pesticide approach.

identify the pest damage

Identify the Problem & Manage the Results

A major benefit to choosing IPM as a method of pest control in Sacramento and the surrounding areas is that the end goal is to eliminate pesticides from the mix, unless absolutely necessary. We are able to do this by identifying the pest that you’re dealing with and finding an alternative measure of removing it from your Sacramento home or commercial space.

Not only does this allow for us to prioritize the safety and well-being of you, your family, your employees, and/or your customers, but it allows for us to look at the root of the problem and determine what really needs to be fixed in order to eliminate pests in the long-term. While the immediate gratification of removing pests is something that we all want, IPM focuses on the big picture and reducing pests in the long-run as well.

Acknowledge Ways to Manage the Problem

As we mentioned before, there are a variety of ways that you can manage a pest problem without having to turn to pesticides, and that’s our end goal at our eco-conscious pest control company. Here are four of the ways that we like to manage pest problems in the Sacramento area.


Given that IPM is a preventative approach, prevention is definitely going to be one of the ways that we manage pest control problems. By taking preventative measures to keep pests from entering and infesting a building in the first place, you drastically reduce the chances of dealing with pests down the road. Based on the information that we provide you during the consultation and after the pest removal process, you should be able to make preventative decisions that keep pests from returning to your space.

rattlesnake fence

Controlling the Physical

There are certain physical changes that can reduce the number of pests that you deal with. A few examples of this would be adding barriers to spaces where infestations have occurred, making a change in materials, or updating and enhancing physical factors that made it possible for pests to infest in the first place. A few examples of this type of pest control would be building a fence or barrier around your garden, closing up cracks and holes, and using materials that are unattractive to pests.

Controlling the Cultural

At the end of the day, pests are just animals that are looking to survive. The thing is, we don’t want them to survive in our homes and make a home for themselves. Unfortunately, our homes and office spaces offer much of what pests need to survive. From food sources to shelter, most pests are finding the security and supplies that they need to survive right in your home.

By controlling the biological you can, however, reduce the chances of this happening. For example, many pests will be drawn to a place where the humidity and temperature are ideal for them. If that’s one of the factors that drew pests into your place, then this is something that you could take control over.

Another example of this would be cleaning both inside and outside so that it’s not ideal for pests to thrive in. This gives them less space to go unnoticed and covered and will make a pest problem much more evident when it comes your way. You can also eliminate necessities like food and water sources and you now have control of their cultural needs. If this all sounds complicated, don’t worry. Our Sacramento pest control company helps you with this process. 

Controlling the Biological

The last point that we’re going to cover is the biological aspect that you can take control of. This method utilizes natural enemies of pests to minimize the chances of them becoming a problem. Some of the best ways to do this without doing too much work are planting plants that pests like to avoid or by keeping certain pests around that will remove other pests. That can sound a little confusing, but a good example of this is spiders.

Spiders are not ideal to find in our homes and many people call us for spider removal, but they are great for removing smaller pests in homes. The same can be said about safe snakes in the yard. If there are certain pests that you don’t have a problem with and they keep other pest problems from arising, there are ways to ensure they thrive in the environment while others don’t. However, as a comprehensive pest control company, we can also eliminate all or most pests from the premises with various methods. 

It’s All About Control

Integrated Pest Management is all about taking control of the situation that you’re dealing with and shifting it. When paired with pest removal techniques, this can ensure that pests are no longer present in the moment, but that they find very little reason to return later on, as well. This method works, and combining it with our amazing customer service makes us the pest control company Sacramento residents can depend on.

Pest Control Consultation

What a Consultation Looks Like

Determining the needs of our clients truly requires us to take pest management on a case by case approach. A home with a rodent infestation is going to need a very different approach than a restaurant with a rodent problem. Similarly, bed bugs will need to be treated differently than raccoons. For that reason, we like to start the IPM process with a consultation of the situation.

When you call our office to ask about bed bug removal, rodent control, or a general inspection, a member of our team will help you schedule a time that works for you, but what does it look like after that? We’re going to dive into what an initial pest management consultation looks like and what you can expect from our team after the fact.

Detailed Inspection

When we first visit your place we will perform an inspection of the infestation. This is how we determine just how mature the infestation is and, ultimately, get a feel for the situation at hand. Our inspection is the first step of the pest control process because it allows us to properly analyze all of the factors that will later determine how we need to approach a solution. During the inspection, the team member that you’re working with may ask you more in-depth questions regarding the place of infestation and what you’ve dealt with thus far.

pest identification

Pest Identification & Strategy

Once our team has got a feel for all of the factors that have contributed to the pest control problem, we go to the drawing board. We take into consideration things like:

  • The type of pest we’ll be dealing with.
  • The severity and duration of the infestation.
  • Which factors have attracted the pests there in the first place.
  • Conditions of the building and surroundings of the building.
  • Ease of entering the building.
  • So much more!

After taking all of these items into consideration, our Sacramento pest management team will work to determine a method and approach that will not only remove the pests but will manage them. At the end of the day, our goal is to use as little pesticides as possible while continuing to provide you with long-term pest management results.

Implementing the Treatment & Solution

Now that we have a plan of action, it’s time to implement it! Our solutions will include a method of pest removal that, depending on the pest will require the use of traps, treatments, removal and, when needed, pesticides. We will pair a method of pest removal with a preventative approach that will — when implemented correctly and thoroughly — reduce pests in the future, making this a popular pest control service in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. 

treatmentThe preventative techniques that we offer are items that we discovered during the initial consultation that we performed. During this consultation, we may have discovered that there was an easy way for pests to make their way into your home. A preventative measure would then be patching up that entrance and keeping an eye out for additional openings. Another conclusion we may have reached is that there was a consistent food source found by pests in your restaurant, in which case a preventative measure would be improved storage.

Ultimately, we will work to not only remove the pests but provide you with some information and guidelines on how you can avoid pests in the future. We will touch on a few of the following points when we talk to you about preventative measures:

  • Reducing clutter.
  • Avoiding standing water.
  • Cleaning up trash or dead vegetation.
  • Maintaining cleanliness of a space.
  • Improving storage techniques.
  • Sealing any cracks or openings.
  • Monitoring temperature and humidity.
  • And more!

We strive to educate each of our pest management customers on how they can minimize pests in their building, and we guarantee that each appointment with our team of pest management professionals will leave you feeling more knowledgable and in control.

benefits of integrated pest management

Benefits of Integrated Pest Management

There are so many perks to choosing to use a pest control company in Sacramento that provides its customers with a safe and efficient solution. In reading about our method, you’ve likely found a few of the reasons that we’re so incredibly fond of IPM, but we’re going to touch on a few of the reasons why we appreciate this method so much.

Avoid Resistance to Pesticides

Just as the human body builds a resistance to medicine, our ecosystem builds resistance to pesticides. Sure, they can provide you with some quick relief from pests when you need it, but eventually, this technique isn’t going to provide you with the same results and you’re going to need to start from the beginning to find an alternate means of managing pests. We consider pesticide-free pest control to be the eco-responsible solution. 

pest control

Long-Term Results

A major reason that we love IPM is that we’re able to provide our customers with long-term results. Since our consultation takes into consideration all of the variables that are attracting pests to your space in the first place, we can provide you with educated guidance on how to move forward. The advice that we give you will help you prevent pests by reducing the areas of your home or office space that appeal to them. Ultimately, this is a much better option than the quick fix of a pesticide. In short, long-term pest control takes longer to see results, but the results will make it less likely you’ll need to call a pest control company in the future for infestations. 

Safe Solution

Ensuring that our customers are safe is a priority. While we would love to provide you with the immediate gratification of removing your pests, we also want to make sure that you, your family or your staff are not dealing with the dangers that many pesticides include. Think about it: these pesticides are poisonous and are intended to kill. How could they not be posing harm to you or those in the building? Rather than place this type of risk in your building, allow for the integrated pest management method to provide you with a safe alternative for pest removal in Sacramento.

Gain Some Knowledge

Pests aren’t something that we are all fascinated by (though a majority of our team is.) While that may be the case, having a general understanding of pests around your home and what it is that they’re attracted to could be the underlying factor that keeps pests from being a problem that you’re dealing with. Again, the entire purpose of our safe pest removal solutions is to ensure that pests are safely removed from your home, but we also want to make sure that we leave you with a better understanding of how you can reduce the chances of pests coming back.

Many More Reasons

Integrated Pest Management is one of the more current means of managing pest control problems. In the Sacramento area where we deal with humidity, climate change, and a wide selection of pests, it’s a method that yields the results you want when you call us for pest control. While the points that we’ve mentioned above surely are some of the key benefits to this form of Sacramento pest removal and management, there are countless other benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy when you choose this method of pest control for your space.

pests we can assist with

Pests We Can Assist With

antsA question that we are frequently asked is what types of pests we’re able to assist with when talking about Integrated Pest Management. Pesticides are a form of poison intended to kill pests that are distributed based on the size of the pest and the maturity of infestation. While pesticides may seem like an umbrella method covering any and all pests, it has its downfalls.

IPM, on the other hand, is able to tackle just as many pest problems without focusing on pesticides as a means to an end. Here are a few of the pests that we deal with most frequently:

IPM truly is a case by case method of pest control management Sacramento residents rely on. Our team will be able to provide you with some form of assistance once we’ve assessed the situation and the infestation that we’ll be taking care of. If there’s a specific pest that we did not mention in the list above that you’re curious, reach out to our team and we’d be happy to assist you.

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Schedule Your Appointment

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about the pest removal and control approach that we’ll take here at Earthwise Pest Management, it’s time to schedule your appointment. There’s nothing better than knowing that the measures that you’re taking are preventative and will drastically reduce the chances of you having to deal with pests later.

When it comes to finding a pest control company that you can rely on, there’s no one like Earthwise Pest Management. It’s something that our team has grown up in and loves to assist the Sacramento area with. Learn a little bit more about our team and schedule your pest control services today.

The Earthwise Pest Management Team

earthwise team

After spending so many years in the industry, our owner — Joe Hawkins — decided that it was time to start his own pest control company. His vision included a team of passionate individuals that strived to provide safe solutions and customer service to those in the Sacramento area looking for reliable pest removal and control. Fast forward to today and his vision is now a reality.

Each of the technicians at Earthwise Pest Management has gone through extensive training and testing in biology, pest control techniques and materials, and much more. Our goal is to provide you with a technician that knows what they’re doing and can provide you with a solution that works.

Reach out to our team today to schedule your consultation and a member of our team will be glad to help! Regardless of the size of the infestation or the type of pest that you’re dealing with, we’ve got you covered!

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