Why Pest Control in Food Processing Facilities Is So Important

Food processing facilities can easily attract pests strictly due to the amount of food that is processed on a daily basis. Trying to tackle pest control in this environment with DIY techniques and products is almost impossible. Hiring a professional pest control company is the best way to keep a food processing facility pest-free.

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss why professional pest control is so important to have in food processing facilities. From preventing the spread of disease to protecting your employees and passing your health inspection, there are a number of reasons that investing in professional food processing facility pest control is so necessary.

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Protect the Health of Your Employees

Hiring a professional pest management company for your food processing facility pest control will help to ensure that pests will not harm your employees. Pests like cockroaches, ants, and rodents can spread disease and make your employees sick and some of these pests can also physically harm your employees by biting them. 

Prevent Contamination of Your Inventory

Pests are constantly searching for food. They crawl through your garbage and other not-so-clean areas and then they climb on to your countertops and even possibly through your food processing machines, leaving behind the bacteria that they picked up along their journey. Pests like rodents, ants, and cockroaches can easily contaminate and ruin a costly amount of your inventory. 

Prevent Diseases From Spreading to Customers

If you have a pest infestation in your food processing facility, it is quite possible that the pests can contaminate the food that is to be sold to customers. If you process ready-to-eat foods such as crackers, ice cream, or potato chips, there will not be a chance for the bacteria to be brought down to a safe level by cooking, which can result in a widespread outbreak. Professional pest control can help you prevent a pest infestation before they ever make it into your facility, helping to keep your food and your customers safe.

Pass Your Health Inspection

Health inspections are an important part of the food processing industry. They help facilities keep a certain standard of excellence when it comes to food safety. However, even if you are doing everything else right, if your facility has a pest infestation, it is very possible that you could fail your health inspection. Professional pest control helps to ensure that you will be able to pass your health inspection with ease. 

Maintain Your Business’ Reputation

You’ve worked incredibly hard to build and maintain your food processing facility’s reputation. The last thing you need is for that reputation to be damaged by a cockroach, ant, or rodent infestation. Investing in professional pest control with a company like Earthwise Pest Management in Sacramento can help you keep your business’ reputation intact. 

Hire Earthwise for Your Sacramento Pest Control Needs

If you own or manage a food processing facility in Sacramento, let the team at Earthwise Pest Management handle your pest control needs. We utilize our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process to safely and effectively remove pests and prevent future infestations. This three-step process allows us to minimize our use of pesticides which is healthier for you, your customers, your employees, and our community. Contact the Sacramento pest control experts at Earthwise Pest Management today for a free quote on food processing facility pest control services.