Do you manage a pharmaceutical company in Sacramento or the surrounding areas? If so, it’s time to consider investing in professional pest control. Our pest control methods are safe and effective, so you can rest assured that your facility will remain pest-free. No more worrying about disease-spreading rodents, cockroaches, or ants. You also won’t have to concern yourself with termites, silverfish, or any other pests. With our pharmaceutical pest control services, you can spend more of your time focusing on the things that matter like providing support for your employees and developing new pharmaceuticals rather than wasting your time chasing pests. Contact the Sacramento pest control experts at Earthwise Pest Management to learn more. 

At Earthwise Pest Management in Sacramento, we take immense pride in providing superior pest control services and an excellent customer experience. We utilize a safe and effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process to remove and prevent pest infestations while minimizing our use of pesticides. Our environmentally-responsible pest control method will help keep you, your employees, your inventory, and your customers safe from diseases spread by pests, and keep your facility in compliance with laws and regulations regarding pest control in pharmaceutical companies. Continue reading to learn more about why you should choose Earthwise Pest Management for your Sacramento pharmaceutical pest control services. 

Safe and Effective Pharmaceutical Pest Control

When you choose to work with the Sacramento pest control experts at Earthwise Pest Management, you can be sure that we can provide you with safe and effective pharmaceutical pest control. Our pest control methods can effectively remove any pest infestation that currently plaque your facility and help to prevent future pest problems. You won’t have to worry about pests coming back or our pest control tactics producing lack-luster results. We have extensive experience in our field, which allows us to apply our pest control methods in an effective and safe way. Our staff is expertly trained to handle pesticides and knows how to apply them in a way that is safe for your staff and your inventory. 

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Process

At Earthwise Pest Management, we utilize our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process to effectively remove pests, prevent future infestations, and to do so in an environmentally-responsible way. This three-step process allows us to minimize our use of pesticides by focusing on removing the pests’ food and water source, shelter, and their way into your facility. If pests cannot find these things on your property, they will be much less likely to call it home. 

Step 1: Detailed Inspection

In this first step, our team of Sacramento pest control experts will perform a thorough inspection of your property and any infestation that may be present. We inspect your property to check for ways that pests can enter your building like holes or cracks in your foundation, open doors, or damaged window screens. We also assess any current infestations to see where the pests are finding food and water as well as where they are nesting. The more information we can find out in the step, the more successful we will be at removing the infestation and preventing a future one with minimal use of pesticides. 

Step 2: Pest Identification and Strategy Planning

During the second step, we will take a closer look at what pest is giving you problems. We must know exactly what species of pest is infesting your pharmaceutical facility in order to create an effective plan. This means that if you have cockroaches, we need to investigate further to determine if you have German, American, Oriental, or Brown-Banded cockroaches. Each requires a different plan of action. Once we have identified the exact species of pest, we can create a pest control strategy. 

Step 3: Pest Control Treatment

After we have learned absolutely everything that we can about the infestation during steps one and two, we can begin treating the pests. This stage will involve us using our scientifically-tested natural and botanical pest control products as well as making suggestions to you about preventing future infestations. We may suggest sealing holes around windows and doors, keeping your outside doors shut when not in use, or moving your dumpster further away from the building. These suggestions are meant to make your facility a less attractive home for pests and allow us to use less pesticides. 

We Provide Follow-up Pest Management and Maintenance

At Earthwise Pest Management, we understand that in the pharmaceutical industry, it is imperative that you do everything you can to prevent a pest infestation before it happens. That’s why we always offer our follow-up pest management and maintenance. During each visit, we will perform the steps above, whether you have an infestation or not, because that is what allows us to help keep your facility pest-free. Each time we visit, we will pinpoint behaviors or circumstances that may be attracting pests to your facility and teach you what you can do to prevent a future infestation. Our pest management and maintenance services can help keep your pharmaceutical facility free from pests, so you can focus on more important things. 

Professional Pest Control Will Protect Your Facilities Reputation

A pest infestation can very quickly ruin a company’s reputation, especially a pharmaceutical company where cleanliness is essential. Since it can be especially challenging to keep pests out of your Sacramento facility, you must be proactive in pest control. A pharmaceutical facility that does not stay ahead of pests will inevitably find themselves scrambling to remove pest infestations from their building. Having cockroaches, ants, rodents, or silverfish in your facility can very quickly ruin your company’s reputation. Pests spread diseases and you don’t want employees or suppliers to see a pest and spread around the news that your facility has a problem.

With professional pharmaceutical pest control from Earthwise Pest Management in Sacramento, you can be rest assured that your facility is pest-free and your reputation will remain intact. 

We’ll Help You Stay In Compliance

Pharmaceutical companies are held to a higher degree of excellence and cleanliness due to the nature of your business. At Earthwise Pest Management, our professional pest control services can help your company stay in compliance with your local, state, and federal regulations regarding pest control in pharmaceutical companies. With our services, you can focus on more important aspects of your business, while we take care of the pests. 

Our Employees Are Knowledgeable, Experienced, and Professional 

When you choose Earthwise Pest Management for your pharmaceutical facility pest control, you can rest assured knowing that you are receiving the best pest management services in Sacramento. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced — there isn’t much we haven’t seen or dealt with when it comes to pest control. You can rely on our professional team to provide you with exceptional service and communicate with you every step of the way. You’ll rest easy knowing that the Sacramento pest control experts at Earthwise Pest management have you covered. 

At Earthwise Pest Management, we understand how challenging it can be to keep your pharmaceutical company pest-free. Your industry provides a unique set of challenging circumstances that make it a bit more difficult to keep your property free from pests. But, the Sacramento pest control experts from Earthwise Pest Management are here to help.

In order for pest control to be successful in any environment, you must be aware of what pests you are most at risk of attracting. In the pharmaceutical industry these pests include cockroaches, ants, rodents, silverfish, and termites. Understanding which pests you need to protect your property from gives you the upper hand when it comes to designing a pest control strategy. Continue reading to learn more about the pests common in Sacramento pharmaceutical companies. 


Cockroaches love dark hiding places, and pharmaceutical facilities certainly provide plenty of those. They often find their way into your facility through small cracks and holes in the foundation or around doors and windows. These pests are small enough to fit through tiny spaces in their search for a new home. Cockroaches are often attracted to places where they have a food and water supply such as standing water in a sink, a leaky pipe, crumbs on the break room floor, or packages of food that aren’t tightly sealed. And, once cockroaches nest in your pharmaceutical facility, they can live up to a month without eating, which is one of the things that makes them so difficult to get rid of. 


Ants are another pest that commonly makes their home in Sacramento pharmaceutical facilities. Ants come in a variety of different species in varying sizes. Some of these types of ants enjoy a warm moist environment while others prefer a dry place to live, and others actually prefer to burrow through wood to make a home. But one thing that all of these species of ants have in common is that you do not want them taking up residence in your pharmaceutical facility. Ants are so small that an infestation may not even be noticed immediately, but they may still be spreading diseases and contaminating your inventory. If you think that you may have an ant infestation, contact the Sacramento pest control experts at Earthwise Pest Management and ask about our pharmaceutical pest control services. 


Rodents are notorious for spreading diseases. They scamper through not-so-clean areas of your facility like the dumpster and trash cans and pick up bacteria on their paws and fur. After they are finished going through these areas searching for food and water, they continue through the rest of your facility and leave behind all the dangerous bacteria that they picked up along the way. You don’t want rodents in your pharmaceutical facility. At Earthwise Pest Management in Sacramento, we can help to remove any rodents on your property and prevent future infestations, so that you’ll never have to worry about rats, mice, or other rodents spreading bacteria and illnesses. 


Silverfish are attracted to moist, warm areas. Many times you can find these tiny insects in your sink or floor drains when water is left behind. One of the easiest ways to avoid attracting silverfish to your facility is to ensure that there is no standing water. Sinks and drains should be thoroughly dried after each use and pipes should be checked on occasion for any signs of a leak. These tiny silver insects can find their way into your facility on their own, or an employee can carry one in on their clothing. No matter how they enter your pharmaceutical facility, it’s important to treat them right away. Silverfish can lay up to 200 eggs at once, and because they are nocturnal animals, you may not notice an infestation until it is too late. While they aren’t a pest that is known for harming humans, you should still have them removed from your facility immediately. 


Termites are a pest that can go unnoticed for years, and sometimes, even decades. These small pests eat through the wood in your building and can create a structurally unsound situation. While you may be able to identify a termite infestation by their mud tunnels or finding hollow wood in your facility, it is much more likely that you won’t even notice them at all while their numbers continue to grow. A termite inspection from the Sacramento pest control experts at Earthwise Pest Management is the only way to be completely sure that your pharmaceutical facility is termite-free. Contact us today to get started. 

At Earthwise Pest Management in Sacramento, we can provide you with safe and effective pest control for your pharmaceutical company. We will utilize our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process to remove and prevent pests in an environmentally-responsible manner. We will also provide you with continued pest management and maintenance to ensure that your facility remains pest-free. If you are ready to get started, contact the Sacramento pest control experts at Earthwise Pest Management and ask about our pharmaceutical pest control services.