Are you dealing with bugs or rodents in your Roseville home?

Let’s be honest. Finding a bug or a rodent in your home is something that no person wants to deal with. However, what happens when the problem is no longer you spotting just one bug or rodent but instead you are seeing a number of them? Obviously, your first reaction is going to be repulsion. But, it’s important that you realize that it is up to you to solve this problem and the longer you wait, the worse the issue is going to become. So how can you do that? Well luckily, Earthwise Pest Management serves the Roseville area. When you spot one bug or rodent in your home, don’t wait to find the rest of the pests that are likely hiding out of sight. Instead, call our team of highly-trained experts to eliminate the problem before it ever has the chance to get out of hand.

Hire A Pest Control Company With Your Best Interest In Mind

When you choose our pest control experts, you can feel confident in the notion that your home will soon be free of bugs and rodents alike. We will provide you with unwavering service and total transparency so that you know what is happening inside and outside of your home every step of the way. As a family-owned and operated business, we care wholeheartedly about you and your family. That is why our pest control services are so thorough. Regardless of the problem you are dealing with, we want to solve it quickly for you.

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Our Residential Pest Control Services

While many people consider pests to only include bugs, this term actually encompasses so many other critters. Our residential pest control services were designed with all of these pests in mind and not just a specific few. On the other hand, we have been offering extermination services in this area of California for quite some time, and that means that we are extremely familiar with the most common pests people find in their Roseville home. Below you can find just a few that we find in homes in your area more often than others.

Bed Bugs

“You have bed bugs,” is something that no homeowner wants to hear. However, over the last couple of decades, this is something many people have had to deal with. As the spreading of bed bugs increases in the United States, it’s important that you know how easily these pests can transfer from one surface to another.

All it takes is one person who is acting as an accidental host to bed bugs to share a seating area with you. That is it. Before you know it, the bed bugs will find their way onto your clothing or belongings and before you know it, you’re calling us because you suspect there is some sort of pest that has infiltrated your home.

While you may be tempted to panic, we urge you not to. Bed bugs are by no means something anyone wants in their home but the experts at Earthwise know how to solve the problem quickly.


Mice and rats are known for how incredibly quickly they can reproduce, which means where there is one mouse or rat, there is likely an infestation brewing elsewhere in your home. We suggest that you keep a close eye on your home so that you can spot any potential warning signs that rodents have made residence in your house. Some of the most common indications you have a rodent problem are foul odors, mouse tracks, nests, and animal gnawing marks on furniture and baseboards.

When we step foot into a home with a rodent problem, we know almost immediately. With much experience with these sorts of pests, we can not only tell you what sort of pest you are dealing with but also where they are coming from. Even better, we will get rid of the mice or rats once and for all.


In California, termites cause a lot of damage to structures, including homes. The problem is, these pests are incredibly sneaky and difficult to spot. This means you could be living in a home with a termite problem for years before you even see the first signs of damage. This should concern you, as the investment you have made in your home is easily threatened by termites. With that said, we think it is in all homeowners’ best interest to have a termite inspection annually.


There are many different species of ant that could be infesting your home. So when you begin to see ants all over your home, you need to call us. We can determine which species you are dealing with and then make a plan for how we can get rid of them for good. While this may not seem like something that you need to do immediately once you spot ants, we would urge you to not put it off. Not every ant species is as harmless as the bugs you see crawling on the sidewalk outside of your home.

Other Pests

While these are the most common pests we have to treat in Roseville homes, there are certainly more that appear from time to time. We also offer extermination services for the following kind of pests: fleas, silverfish, cockroaches, bees, mosquitoes, ticks, moths, spiders and more.

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If you find that you have any problems at all with pests taking over your home or yard, be sure to call the experts at Earthwise Pest Management today. We know that you want your home to be as safe and clean as possible and that just is not something you can get when you have pests in your home. We will use the very best in eradication methods and make sure that you approve of all decisions before they are made in or outside of your home. Call us right now to get your free quote or to learn more about how we can assist you with your pest issues.