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How’d that Mouse Get in My House?

By 1seodev / May 7, 2020

Do you hear scurrying inside your walls? Have you seen a mouse scamper across your floor and shock everyone in the room? Have you found bite and gnaw marks on boxes or bags of food? If you have mice inside your house, you’re probably wondering how they got there and what you can do to…

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Sacramento Pest Control — 4 Diseases Spread by Rodents

By 1seodev / April 29, 2020

It’s never pleasant to see a small mouse scamper across your floor or hear gnawing in the walls, but having a rodent infestation isn’t just unpleasant, it can also expose you and your family to dangerous diseases. Rodents are known for spreading everything from salmonella poisoning to rat bite fever and even plague. A rodent…

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Reasons for Rodent Control

By 1seodev / March 23, 2020

You might think having a mouse or two in your house is no big deal. Really, how much damage can a couple of mice do to your house? Besides, they are kind of cute and they basically stay away from you. There is nothing to worry about. A mouse infestation is definitely something you don’t…

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Rodent Control and Signs You Have Mice

By 1seodev / March 19, 2020

Being nocturnal creatures, mice prefer to keep hidden and quiet during the day and they tend to head out and search for food in the middle of the night. Still, there are quite a few signs that you may have a mouse infestation. Mice are active all year long and they can cause a great…

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Rodent Control in Sacramento and Owning a Cat

By 1seodev / March 6, 2020

You may have heard that a dog is man’s best friend. There is also a lot of talk out there that dogs are the best pets you can own. But we tell you what, cat owners will disagree. About one-third of households in the United States have a cat, and for very good reasons. Cats…

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