Your Pest Control Company Doesn’t Recommend DIY Pest Control

There are risks when pests invade your home. Rodents and insects may bring disease and damage, which is why pest control is necessary.

There are also risks in pest control treatment. However, these risks are greatly diminished when pest control is handled by a professional.

Licensed pest control companies, like Earthwise Pest Management, must closely follow local, state and national regulations. Still, the temptation to break out the blow torch to rid your kitchen of those pesky ants is high.

The internet is full of all sorts of pest solutions. But there are risks to using these DIY methods instead of calling the pros. Here are a few of the risks of do-it-yourself pest control.

Long-Term Health Risks

To avoid infestation, many people resort to repeatedly spraying pesticides in their homes. This is not a good idea. This could be much more harmful than the presence of the pests themselves. Prolonged exposure to pesticides has been known to cause all sorts of problems including skin disease and respiratory issues.

We don’t think you want to risk it.

Unpredictable Pests

What you don’t know about certain pests could prove to be a danger. You just never know how a particular pest is going to react in a situation. For example, an animal cornered in your attic could react in a very aggressive way. And that stuff you are spraying on the ants in your kitchen, it could be indirectly exposing your cooking utensils and food to poison.

The professionals who work for pest control companies are knowledgeable about all of the pests they encounter. They also use the proper equipment and protective clothing. Furthermore, they take the necessary measures and precautions to protect your pets, cooking utensils and food from indirect pesticide contact.

Safety Issues

Placing traps all over your house without knowing what you are doing could prove to be hazardous. This is especially true if you have pets or children.

By taking things into your own hands, you could be putting your family at risk. Whether it is traps, pesticides or some other form of pest control, homeowners have been known to unintentionally hurt pets and family members and cause damage to their home.


Many people mistakenly assume that in handling their own pest problems, they will save money. Since the majority of do-it-yourself pest solutions are simply not effective, the more failed attempts you make, the more money you spend.

At some point, it would have saved you hundreds of dollars by just calling in the professionals in the first place.


A common problem for people who attempt their own pest control is the inability to correctly identify the problem. For example, you might think your house is infested with ants when it is really infested with termites.

A wrong diagnosis leads to the wrong solution. So while you are attempting to rid yourself of what you think are ants, the termites are literally destroying your home.


The use of chemicals is not only a danger for you and your family, but a danger to the local ecosystem as well. Professionals know how to properly mix and apply pesticides so that they avoid destroying vegetation and wildlife.

Some people seem to think there is shame in having to call a pest control service. But this is far from the truth. There is, however, shame in poisoning your family.

And while it is fun to take up the occasional home project like fixing the faucet or painting the living room, there are just some projects best left to the professionals. So if you are suffering an infestation, make the solution easy by calling Earthwise Pest Management.