Your Commercial Pest Control Service and Mice in the Office

Your office or workplace is like Disneyland for mice.

This is because it not only provides shelter and food for them, but because it is a playground of interesting things for mice to do. You might think there is nothing special about the pile of computer cables in the storeroom, but mice think that is the greatest place in the world to hang out.

Earthwise Pest Management, your commercial pest control service in Sacramento, delves deeper into the reasons why your office or workplace is a playground for mice.

How They Get In

You might wonder how mice can even get into your office. Well, a mouse can squeeze into a space no bigger than the circumference of a pencil. Mice are very nimble creatures. In addition, mice are capable of running fast and jumping at great lengths.

With their speed and jumping capabilities, mice can sneak in your office right under your feet and you are none the wiser. Have you ever encountered a mouse on your kitchen counters at home? It is quite common to catch mice in high places because they can climb with the best of them.

Another way mice enter your place of business is through connections between different buildings. They use water pipes, cables and other underground connections to get from building to building.

Mice can also stow away in boxes. You might get a delivery of office supplies with a mouse stowaway.

Why You Don’t Want MIce in Your Office

This seems like a silly question. But there are many people who notice mice and don’t do anything about it because they think they are harmless creatures who will either die or leave.

The reality is mice are far from harmless. While they are cute mammals, they can wreak all sorts of havoc in your office or workplace.

Mice can spread harmful diseases by way of their droppings. Cue the shocked looks. And since mice are not potty trained, they go to the bathroom just about everywhere including on your phone and on your computer keyboard. Ewwww.

It is in their nature to explore. So when a mouse gets into your office, it isn’t just going to chill in one place. Mice in your office will scamper around looking for food, a place to sleep and things to chew on.

That’s right, mice have teeth that never stop growing. The only way to keep them trimmed down is by chewing on things, no dentist visits for these guys. If you are experiencing problems with your computer or phone, it could be mice chewing on the cords.

Of course, if you have mice chewing on live cables, that is going to create a fire hazard. ANd there is always the chance that a cable or cord is chewed through in the middle of the night when nobody is around.

That filing cabinet full of important paperwork, it could be the perfect nest for a mouse. They will get into your filing cabinet and shred paper to create a soft and cozy place to sleep, eat and make a family.

Keeping Mice Out of Your Office

Mice are amazing scavengers and are never too humble to pass up a good meal. That garbage can full of leftover pizza, bologna sandwiches and cheese crackers is like a buffet for mice. If there are any dirty dishes in or next to the sink, they will find their way to where the food is.

The best way to keep mice out of your office is to keep things as clean as possible. Don’t leave food out, either put it in a garbage can with a tight lid or store it in an airtight container and place it in the refrigerator.

There are several ways in which you can deal with a mice infestation at the office including traps and poison. But in many cases, these pursuits will fail and you will still have an infestation. Besides, using poison at an office building is sketchy at best.

If you want the infestation gone without the chances of poisoning your employees, your best bet is to call the pest control people at Earthwise Pest Management. Give us a call today.