Where Do Mosquitoes Hide In The Winter?

With winter comes a number of things that we don’t experience the rest of the year. Whether it is freezing cold temperatures or several inches of snow, winter is quite a magical time of year. One thing that makes it even more wonderful is the lack of a certain warm-season pest that none of us really enjoy having encounters with. Yes, we’re talking about mosquitoes. While we are absolutely a fan of not having to deal with painful and annoying bug bites, we also get plenty of questions about where exactly these obnoxious pests disappear to during the colder months.

Where have all the mosquitoes gone?

Once temperatures begin to drop in the late autumn, early winter, female mosquitoes take this as a sign to begin depositing their eggs in water-holding items. This could even be something that holds as little as half an inch of water. At this point, these eggs enter diapause. This will keep the egg from developing throughout the portions of the season when there are freezing temperatures.

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Where are mosquito eggs deposited?

Truly any item that can hold water is a possible place that mosquito eggs can be deposited. However, some of the most common locations are as follow:

  • Grill Covers
  • Flower Pots
  • Tire Swings
  • Bird Baths

When will they emerge?

While it may be nice to have a break from mosquitoes for a few months a year, they will absolutely resurface eventually. Once temperatures begin to rise and rainfall begins to become more frequent in the spring, you can expect for the mosquito eggs to become re-emerged in water, causing them to hatch. When this happens, this new generation of mosquitoes will begin looking for human blood they can suck.

The dangers of mosquitoes

As you know, mosquitoes like to suck blood, and they have to do so in order to survive. This makes these critters extremely dangerous as they do not take the precautions that we, as humans, take when dealing with blood. Mosquitoes can easily carry infections not only from human to human but from animal to human and more.

Think ahead to spring mosquitoes

If you want to make sure that your family and yourself are not at risk of being eaten alive by mosquitoes in the coming spring, we would suggest that you take extra precautions once winter temperatures have subsided. In order to decrease your chances of mosquitoes choosing you as their next meal, you can take the following steps.

  • Look on your property for any items that are able to hold water and the eggs of mosquitoes and ensure that they are empty and unable to house water moving forward.
  • Have your gutters unclogged and be sure to fix any pipes outside of your home that may be broken or leaking.
  • Keep all of your trash cans that are located on the exterior of your home tightly sealed to prevent water from entering them.
  • Have insect repellant on anytime you go outside, especially if it is a particularly warm day.

Hire The Experts To Help You

At Earthwise Pest Management, we offer both mosquito and tick treatment that will help to control these and other pests that may be hanging out around your home this spring and summer. We also provide this service for commercial spaces as well if you want to make sure your employees and customers don’t have to worry about coming into contact with mosquitoes when they are frequenting your location. Contact us today to learn more about our pest control services in Sacramento! We look forward to being the pest solution you can rely on all year round!

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