When Rodents Invade Your Home In Winter

Here in Sacramento, our winter weather isn’t anything like the arctic blast that pounds the Midwest and Northeast states every year. Nonetheless, our winters are cold and rainy. This means that critters which normally reside outside are seeking shelter in your home.

One critter category we’d like to cover today is rodents. Rats and mice begin to seek out shelter as the temperature drops. Unfortunately, your warm, cozy house makes the perfect rodent hotel for the winter.

The specific rodents most likely to hobble indoors this winter are house mice in suburban or wooded areas and Norway rats in urban areas. This means that somebody looking for rodent control in Sacramento will need their services tailored to the area where they live.

Rodents Inside The House During Winter And Spring

If rodents do find their way into your house this winter, they will likely make themselves at home pretty quickly. While rodents in the wild typically do not mate much during winter due to the lack of food, an inside location will encourage breeding year-round. By the time spring comes around, you could be looking at a major rodent infestation.

Mating Habits Of Rodents

Rats, in favorable conditions, will produce about six litters per year, but with a 21-day gestation cycle and an ability to become pregnant again immediately after giving birth, that number can be much higher. Each litter will contain 5-10 pups.

House mice will typically birth 5-10 litters per year consisting of anywhere between 3-14 pups. Like rats, mice have roughly a three-week gestation period and can reproduce immediately after giving birth. It’s easy to see how a couple of mice in the house can soon become an infestation.

Removing Rodents From The Home

The best way to remove rodents from the home is to make the home an undesirable place for them to be. At Earthwise Pest Management, we use a system of pest removal called integrated pest management. This is an environmentally friendly method of eliminating current infestations and preventing future ones while reducing the use of poisons and pesticides.

It’s not difficult to find DIY rodent removal products at the store. From poisons to traps, the options are endless. However, unless you have just one individual rodent running amok (which, if you’ve seen one, he likely has friends), these products do not solve any problems. Poisons — which can harm your pets and children — only lead to a dead rodent decaying somewhere in the house while a traps might catch one or two critters and leave the rest to wander your home.

Our Sacramento rodent control services provide a three-step elimination process. First, we will do a detailed inspection. We will be the Sherlock Holmes of pest control as we meticulously inspect the home for points of entry, breeding sites, nests, droppings, and more. This will also give us a better idea of what type of pest or pests we are dealing with.

Then, we will provide a variety of techniques to prevent future problems. This can include fixing broken screens, sealing up cracks and holes, and replacing missing or cracked caulking. We can also give detailed advice on keeping food and water sources unavailable to rodents.

Finally, we can follow up with routine maintenance and inspections. If needed, we can set, monitor, and dispose of traps or bait to eliminate a current infestation. If this is necessary, we can take care of all aspects of this so you do not have to worry about cleanup.

Rodent Removal In Sacramento

Whether you have mice in the kitchen or rats in the attic, we can help. We offer Sacramento mice and rat control so you can take your home or business back. We specialize in getting control of the current infestation and preventing future ones from occurring. While other rodent control companies might rely on one-and-done methods, the only way to truly take care of a problem is to take steps to prevent it from coming back.

If you suspect a mouse or rat problem in your home or business, do not hesitate to reach out to Earthwise Pest Management. As your Sacramento rodent control experts, we will go above and beyond to take care of your critter problem once and for all.

Get Rid of Rodents For The Long-Haul

To highlight the type of rodent control service we try to bring to the Sacramento area, check out these two Yelp reviews from Bobby R., who experienced long-term success with our rodent control methods:

“What a relief it is to have found a pest company that can actually resolve my (what feels like) never-ending issue with rodents. Big shout out to Breanna in the office and my tech Ben. They were both informative on what their plan is. I signed up for their quarterly pest services.” – 11/2/2017

“I have to revisit this review and thank the team at Earthwise – I’m still completely pest-free after battling with constant rodent issues for a couple years exhausting other pest companies. These guys really know what they’re doing and provide stellar customer service.” – 3/6/2018

Bobby’s review really highlights our effective method of long-term pest control. Whether you think you might hear something scurrying around in your attic at night or you have seen several rodents on your property, give us a call right away for an initial inspection.

Earthwise Pest Management is your trusted source for Sacramento rodent control. Call us today to get control of your rodent problems this winter and spring.