What Is Integrated Pest Management?

At Earthwise Pest Management in Sacramento, we utilize a three-step program called Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. We use this program because we understand how important it is to safely and effectively remove pest infestations while still being kind to the environment and the IPM program allows us to do just that. 

Today, we are going to look at IPM in depth. We will discuss the three steps, our follow up maintenance and management, and how IPM helps us be environmentally-conscious. Continue reading to learn more about IPM and if you are in need of pest management in your home or business, contact the Sacramento pest control experts at Earthwise Pest Management today. 

What Is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is how we remove pests from your property in a safe, effective, and environmentally-responsible way. With IPM, we don’t come in and just treat the infestation, we first inspect the infestation and identify the pests so that we can treat the problem more effectively. The more we know about the pests, the better we can solve the problem and prevent future infestations. IMP involves removing the pest’s food and water source, shelter, and entry point so that they will find your home or business to be less hospitable. We then treat the infestation to completely remove pests. 

What Are the Steps of IPM?

IPM is a three-step process that we follow to ensure that we are treating the infestation in the most effective and safest way possible. After we finish treating the infestation, we always recommend follow-up maintenance and management so that we can help you prevent future infestations. 

Step 1: Inspection

We begin by inspecting the infestation. To best treat pests, it’s important to understand how the infestation got started, where they are finding food and water, how they got into your home or business, and how mature the infestation is. We complete a thorough, detailed inspection to learn all these things and more so that we can effectively treat the current infestation and prevent any future ones. 

Step 2: Identification

During this step, we identify the pest. While this may seem like a no-brainer, identifying the specific type of pest we are dealing with is the only way to effectively treat the infestation and prevent any from occurring in the future. For example, if you give us a call because you have an ant problem, in this step, we will discover what type of ant is in your home. Different types of ants are treated in different ways. Some prefer moist environments while others prefer dry. This is all important information that we need in order for us to treat the infestation effectively. 

Step 3: Treatment

In the last step, we treat the infestation. When we treat pests in your home or business, we try to minimize the use of pesticides by focusing on ways to make your property a less hospitable place for pests to live. This could include us making suggestions to repair screens, patch up holes, or even change some sanitization practices. Everything that we do is to ensure that the infestation is treated properly and that the pests do not have a way or a reason to enter your home again. 

Follow-Up Maintenance and Pest Management

After we finish treating the current infestation, we recommend follow up maintenance and pest management services. We want to help ensure that the pests do not come back and the best way to do that is with continued pest management. 

How Is IPM Environmentally-Responsible?

IPM strives to reduce the use of pesticides by creating an environment that is less likely to attract pests. During IPM we identify the pest’s source of food and water, their shelter, and how they got into your property. Removing these items from the equation allows us to use fewer pesticides, which is better for the environment. 

Hire the Sacramento Pest Control Experts

If you have a pest infestation in your Sacramento home or business, let the pest control experts at Earthwise Pest Management take care of it. We will use our Integrated Pest Management program to ensure that we completely eradicate the current infestation and can help you prevent any future pest problems. Contact Earthwise Pest Management today for all of your residential or commercial pest control needs.