Three Backyard Pests to Worry About this Spring

School is out, which means that kids are going to start spending more and more time outdoors. Whether they’re climbing trees or playing make-believe games with their closest friends, there’s one thing that you always need to be a little bit concerned with. No, we’re not talking about scraped knees and road rash, though they are sure to be a part of your child’s time outside. We are talking about pests!

Insects may seem like one of the more harmless things that you have to worry about when it comes to your child spending time outside, but there are a few pests that you need to keep an eye out for.

The team at Earthwise Pest Management, here in Sacramento, wants to ensure that you’re aware of which pests you need to be looking out for. That is why we are going to touch on three of the pests that are known for ruining a beautiful day outside. Let’s dive right in.


One of the most common pests that we need to be wary of when we are outdoors is the common mosquito. It’s not news that mosquitoes can be a pain during the warmer seasons of the year, but they certainly haven’t gotten any better. Aside from being flat out annoying, mosquitoes are known for biting  people when they’re spending time outdoors.

These pests are also known for passing some harmful viruses. While West Nile Virus is the more commonly known virus that mosquitoes are capable of passing, Zika Virus has become the more recent concern. Both viruses have some severe side effects and can make day-to-day life uncomfortable. While the chances of these viruses being spread aren’t extremely likely, they are possible.

The best way to avoid any incidents with your children dealing with mosquitoes while they’re outdoors is to handle problems with mosquitoes before they turn into infestations.


A pest that never gets much attention, though it should, is the tick. These insects are hazardous and are far more common than people realize. Here in Sacramento, ticks can be found in the wooded areas, but they also find their way into just about any area where there are lots of trees. When you’re talking about kids spending time outdoors, it’s pretty easy to see why this can become a problem.

Whether your children are climbing in the trees or building forts underneath them, ticks are something that you need to be prepared to check for. Pay close attention to the backs of necks, ankles, and armpits —- this is where they are most likely to bite.


The last pest that we’re going to talk about is one that people are aware of the dangers and are often nervous around: wasps. The primary reason that people are so scared of these pests is because they sting. Unfortunately, these are pretty common pests, which is only more reason to keep an eye out for them when your children are outdoors playing.

The primary reason that wasps are of concern and bees are not is because bees can sting once, while wasps can sting multiple times. If a wasp is aggravated or feels threatened, it is more likely to sting more than once. For that reason, you definitely need to be keeping an eye on your children and if there are any wasps around them while they play. Adding a few wasp traps on your deck or throughout your backyard can definitely reduce the chances of them being something that you have to deal with during the warm months.

Turn to the Professionals

If you do notice that there is an increase in pests in your backyard, it’s absolutely crucial that you turn to the professionals. While pests may not seem like the most dangerous thing that you have to worry about when your children are outdoors, the reality is that they can be a serious harm. For that reason, routine maintenance and management is a must.

Earthwise Pest Management is proud to provide the Sacramento area with the quality pest management services that they need. Our IPM approach provides you with safe, long-term results so that your children can enjoy the outdoors without you having to worry. Contact our team today to get a free consultation from our home pest control company.