Termite Treatment in Sacramento and Preventing Termites

Termites are a menace. They are overwhelming in number, single-minded in their pursuits and could be nibbling the inside of your walls at this very moment. And regardless of the number of years you have been living in your home, the threat of termites is always there. This is why you should always be thinking about termite prevention.

A typical termite colony you might find in your home can consume 2.3 linear feet of wood in a single year. Now, this does not seem like much, especially when you think about the sheer amount of wood in your home, but what if that 2.3 linear feet comes from a supporting beam.

If you are not doing your best keeping termites away from your property, you could be harboring conditions that might actually invite colonies to your home. For termites, wood is wood, they don’t care so much where they go to get it. If there is something on your property that garners their attention, your home is fair game.

So if you have tasty pieces of scrap wood on your property, that is an invitation to a potential disaster.

Earthwise Pest Management, Your termite treatment service in Sacramento, offers ways in which you can keep termites out of your house.

Old-Growth Wood

There are plenty of reasons to use salvaged wood to make repairs to your home. If there are repairs that need to be made, use reclaimed old-growth wood instead of that soft new wood found at your local lumber store.

Old-growth wood is more stable, more rot-resistant and higher in resins than new wood. Basically, it’s far less attractive to termites.

Use Borat

Spraying borate on wood before it is primed and painted is a great way to help prevent termites. And other wood-destroying insects. These products are quite easy to apply, all you do is dilute it and spray it onto the wood. The spray soaks into the wood and makes it very unappetizing for termites.

The beauty of these products is that they only have to be used once as a single treatment will work for decades.

Fix Leaks

Termites love soft wood, in much the same way you enjoy sinking your teeth into a tender ribeye steak. Termites are always on the lookout for soft wood to eat. When you have a water leak, whether the leak originates from the roof or a broken pipe, it causes wood to soften up.

Wet wood is soft wood and it will attract termites. It is in your best interest to check around the house for leaks and have them repaired right away. If you do find leaks in your house, make sure you repair any damaged wood.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

Tree limbs hanging over your roof and overgrown shrubbery create ideal shelter areas for termites. They also cause moisture build-up and provide easy paths into your home for many types of pests, termites included.

Trees that hang over your home will also drop leaves into your gutters, which will create moisture problems and attract termites. Do yourself a favor and keep the trees and shrubs around your house neat and trimmed.

Clear Mulch

Wood mulch might look good and give your home great curb appeal, but if it is used in excess, it can create temperature and moisture conditions ideal for termite activity. It is a good idea to keep mulch at least four inches from your home’s foundation and make sure it is not in contact with the siding or framing of windows and doors.

Proper Drainage

In order to survive, termites must have moisture. If your home suffers improper drainage, you are creating ideal living conditions for termites.

It is important to make sure that you are diverting water away from your home and that your outdoor faucets aren’t dripping and creating puddles. You should also check under your air conditioner to see if it is causing water to pool up.

Check Firewood

Stacking wood against your house created easy access for termites. Plus, it is a great source of food. To minimize the risk of a termite infestation, stack wood piles several feet away from your house and keep wood elevated if at all possible.

Decaying Vegetation

Make it a habit to clear downed tree branches and dead plants before they start to submerge into the soil. The roots from dead plants in your yard should also be pulled.


If you have a sprinkler system, check all of the heads and make sure they aren’t pointed at your house. A sprinkler pointed at your house creates an ideal environment for termites.

Regular Inspections

The best way to prevent termites is to have your home inspected on a regular basis by a trained professional. It would be wise to contact Earthwise Pest Management for an inspection.