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At Earthwise Pest Management, we understand that effective pest control is imperative in operating a grocery store. You work hard to provide your customers with great service, superior products, and a pleasant shopping experience, the last thing you need to worry about is pest control, and yet to not address it all could be detrimental. That is why we offer our grocery store pest control services. You have enough to focus on, let us worry about keeping the pests at bay.  Contact the Sacramento pest control experts at Earthwise Pest Management today for all your pest control needs. 

The Benefits of Professional Pest Control in Grocery Stores

When you decide to hire a professional pest control company to handle pest management in your grocery store, you can rest assured that your grocery store will be pest-free. You won’t have to worry about pests finding their way into your grocery store, you can focus on the more important tasks at hand such as taking care of your customers and ensuring that your store is fully stocked. 

When you hire Earthwise Pest Management for your grocery store pest control, we can help to identify any pest problems — even the less obvious ones, get rid of pests, and prevent future infestations. We have extensive experience in commercial pest management and we know how to handle them. Hiring us for your pest control needs will ensure that your grocery store remains pest-free. 

Identification of Pest Problems

Not all pest infestations are easily identifiable. Termites, for instance, can hide in your walls for years or even decades without being noticed while they quietly destroy your building. Other times, pest infestations may be a lot more widespread than you initially thought. Just because you only saw one ant or one cockroach, does not mean there is not a whole nest hiding somewhere in your grocery store. 

When you hire a professional pest control company, we can identify if you have a pest problem, what pest it is, and how large the infestation is, which are all extremely important factors when it comes to dealing with the problem. The pest you are dealing with determines our course of action because each pest has unique preferences. For example, if you have an ant infestation, identifying the type of ant is essential because some prefer a moist environment while others prefer dry. Understanding the differences in the environment that they thrive in is a part of how we rid your grocery store of pests. 

Prevent Future Pest Infestations

Whether you have a current pest infestation or not, you want to ensure that you prevent future infestations. A professional pest control company like Earthwise Pest Management has years of experience doing just that. We keep up with the evolution of pest control methods with continued training and education. We use a combination of our experience and education and utilize the best pest control methods available. If you are looking to keep your grocery store pest-free, hiring a professional pest control team is your best option. 

More Effective than DIY Solutions

Professional pest control, especially in a commercial environment, is much more effective than DIY solutions. If you own or manage a grocery store, you don’t want to risk a pest infestation. Pests can spread disease, make your staff and customers sick, damage your store’s reputation, or even get your grocery store shut down. Saving a few dollars on pest control is not worth all the trouble. DIY pest solutions may sometimes be effective for very small pest problems in homes, but they are not something you want to try in a commercial environment, especially a grocery store where there is an abundance of food and water sources. 

Our Integrated Pest Management Program

When you work with Earthwise Pest Management, we utilize a very effective and environmentally-responsible Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. This is a three-step process that allows us to rid your grocery store of pests and ensure that they do not return while using treatment and prevention methods that are kind to the environment. 

Step 1: Inspection

During the inspection phase, we decide if there is an infestation, how big it is, how the pests got into your grocery store, and where they are finding their food and water. Understanding these steps will help us rid your store of this infestation and prevent future ones.

Step 2: Identification

In step two, we identify what pest we are dealing with, which will help us understand how to treat the pest. Each has different preferences for food and water, shelter, and environmental conditions, which means they are all treated differently. 

Step 3: Treatment

Once we have completed the inspection and identification of the pest, we will begin to treat the problem, remove their food and water source, and prevent them from entering your grocery store in the same manner to ensure that the infestation will not return. We also recommend follow up treatments to effectively prevent any future infestations. 

Common Pests in Sacramento Grocery Stores

Grocery stores provide the perfect home for pests like rodents, cockroaches, ants, and fruitflies because there is plenty of food and water around. And while you can’t have a grocery store without food, there are plenty of ways that Earthwise Pest Management can help you keep the pests away. Sacramento grocery stores attract many common pests, but the following list includes the ones that are most likely to try to make your store their home. 


Rodents love any place where they can find food and water. They love dark hiding places like those found in pallets and behind shelving units. Rodents are very likely to try and make their home in your stock rooms. It only takes a few small crumbs to attract rodents, but with our Integrated Pest Management program, we can help keep rodents out of your grocery store. 


Cockroaches are one of the last pests that you want to see scurrying through your grocery store, and if one of your customers or employees happens to notice one, it is not something that they will soon forget. Cockroaches not only spread disease but they will also ruin your grocery store’s reputation very quickly.


Ants come in many varieties, but one thing is true about all of them — you don’t want them living in your grocery store. Ants, like most other pests, spread disease, and a small infestation can quickly grow to a large one, especially when food is in ample supply, and ants don’t require much besides a few small crumbs. 

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies love not only fruit but almost anything sweet. All of the fruit in the produce section is a perfect home for fruit flies, but so is juice or soda that gets accidentally spilled by a customer if it is not cleaned up quickly and thoroughly. Customers do not want to have to swat away flies as they pick out a couple of apples or bananas, so it’s important to keep fruit flies at bay.  


If you have a termite infestation, you may not even be aware of it as they destroy your building from the inside out. Termites are known to go unnoticed for years until an extensive amount of damage has already been done. Each nest can house a million or more termites, so this is not a pest that you want making their home in your grocery store. 

Why You Need Professional Grocery Store Pest Control

Pest infestations can ruin your grocery store’s reputation, get your employees and customers sick, and ruin expensive inventory, among other things. With all that delicious food around, you do not want to take the risk of allowing a pest to make your grocery store their home. Professional grocery store pest control can help rid your store of any current infestations and prevent future ones. It is something that is well worth investing in. 

Health Inspections

Grocery stores are held to high standards to ensure the safety of their staff and customers, and just like health inspectors will check the temperature of your refrigerators and freezers, they will also be on the lookout for pest infestations. 

Health inspections occur randomly, so if you have a pest infestation at any time, you could be at risk of failing a health inspection and potentially being shut down by the health department. If you hire Earthwise Pest Management for your grocery store pest control, you can rest assured that your store does not have a pest problem and you won’t have to fear failing a health inspection.

Your Grocery Store’s Reputation

A pest infestation can easily damage your grocery store’s reputation. If a customer or an employee notices a cockroach, rodent, ant, or any other pest, you can be sure that they are not keeping it to themselves. You will be lucky if they don’t snap a picture to post online for all to see. The only way to be completely sure that your grocery store is pest-free is by hiring a professional pest control company that specializes in grocery store pest control. At Earthwise Pest Management, we will utilize our Integrated Pest Management program to rid your grocery store of any pests and prevent future infestations so that no one will ever spot a cockroach or rodent while shopping. 

The Health of Your Staff and Customers

Pests like ants, rodents, and cockroaches are known for spreading disease. Cockroaches have been known to spread diseases like typhoid fever, cholera, and strep throat, and they can even cause asthma attacks in certain individuals. Pests spread disease while they are searching for food. They crawl through the trash and dumpsters looking for scraps and pick up bacteria, and then later on they make their way onto food contact surfaces, or even worse, on to the food itself and spread the bacteria in those areas. Hiring a professional Sacramento pest control company can help keep your staff and customers safe by stopping the spread of disease. 

Keep Your Inventory and Building Safe

Pests can also ruin your inventory, especially products that are not fully sealed, but they can also chew holes into the packages of food items that are sealed. Hiring a professional pest control company will help you prevent having to discard inventory because of cross-contamination.

Some pests, like termites and carpenter ants, can also damage your building. Termites eat the wood from the inside out, destroying the structural integrity of your grocery store’s building. And while carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood, they do destroy it as they burrow through your walls, but all of this damage can be prevented by simply hiring a professional Sacramento pest control company. 

Hire Earthwise for All Your Sacramento Pest Control Needs

At Earthwise Pest Management, we can help rid your grocery store of any current infestations and help prevent future infestations. We utilize our three-step Pest Integration Management program to safely and effectively remove and prevent pests. Contact us today for all your grocery store pest control needs.

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