Reasons You Need Flea Extermination In Your Sacramento Home

Fleas are nasty little things. Once they get into your home, it’s incredibly difficult to exterminate them with home remedies. Their larva bury themselves and hide in carpets and build their cocoon and stay in it sometimes for months before hatching. This is why many times you’ll see no signs of a flea infestation after treating your house for them, and then all of a sudden the fleas are back. 

Hiring a professional pest control company for fleas can be your best option for clearing your house of this pest once and for all. In this blog, we will discuss what fleas are and why and how they get into your home. If you live in the Sacramento area and are in need of a flea exterminator contact Earthwise Pest Management today!

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are small, blood-sucking insects that attach themselves to a warm-blooded host. They are a small parasite that can be brown or black in color and measure about 3mm long. Fleas don’t have wings, however they have powerful back legs and can jump from host to host 

The insect lives for about two weeks. However, before they become insects, they are larvae, and when that larva creates their cocoon, usually buried deep inside your carpet, they can remain cocooned for months or even years. The larvae can remain in their pupa until they detect a food source, making them immune to some DIY or over-the-counter flea control treatments.

How Did Fleas Get Into My Home?

Fleas live off of warm-blooded animals, so they exist in nature. Fleas live on rodents, birds, and other animals that are common in your area. So fleas simply jump from host to host and let themselves right in the door. Once they are inside they begin laying eggs and this spreads them all over your house. Before you know it you have a full on flea infestation. 

Your Pets Brought Them In

Your pets love to spend time outside getting fresh air. And then they love to come back inside to a nice cozy living area where they feel safe and cared for. Well, so do fleas. When your dog is outside sniffing around, or your cat is off hunting mice or birds — fleas see a new host and jump on. 

Fleas love the warm blood, and the protection that their fur provides. Your pets come in from playing outside and unknowingly bring those nasty little parasites with them. The fleas feed and lay eggs, and before you know it they have infested your home.

Your Children Brought Them In

Your children love playing out in the yard, or running around with their friends, and when they do this it becomes a possibility that they will become a host for fleas. While most fleas are pretty picky about their hosts, usually preferring  only cats or only rodents or only dogs, they sometimes jump on the wrong host. And by the time they jump off, they’re already inside your house. Once they’re in your house they are going to do what they have to in order to survive and begin laying eggs.

You Have Other Pests, Such As Rodents, That Brought Fleas With Them

There are certain types of fleas that prefer rodents as their host, so if you have mice or other rodents in your home, you are making yourself susceptible to a flea infestation. It surprises most people that even though they don’t have pets, if they have other pests they could still have fleas enter their home. 

The best solution to this is prevention; get rid of those rodents as quickly as possible. If you think you have rodents or other pests in your home contact Earthwise Pest Management Today to get rid of one pest and prevent another. 

Why Should I Hire A Professional Flea Exterminator?

You can certainly find a plethora of over-the counter and do-it-yourself solutions for flea extermination, however the results from these products can be unpredictable. Flea larva embed themselves deep into your carpet where a lot of these products cannot reach. So even if you get rid of the insects, you may not get rid of all the larva and you’ll end up having to try again.

Flea larva, once in a cocooned state can remain in their pupa for months and sometimes up to a year. And while their cocoons aren’t impossible to kill, they are more difficult to reach with over-the-counter flea removal options. The only sure-fire way of ridding your home of fleas the first time is to hire a professional flea exterminator.

Earthwise Pest Management Is Here For Your Sacramento Flea Extermination Needs

If you live in the Sacramento area and Fleas are infesting your home, Earthwise Pest Management can help! We can exterminate your fleas and remove any other unwanted pests. Contact Earthwise Pest Management Today to make your home pest free!