Pest Management Company and Annoying Things

Want to know what is really annoying? Having to call a pest management company because of an infestation. It doesn’t matter if it is ants, termites or a wasp nest in the attic, pests are annoying.

The good news is that the professionals at Earthwise Pest Control can deal with your pest problem in a timely manner. However, there are other life annoyances that we can’t really do anything about. Here is a list of annoying things that a call to us can’t solve.

Slow Walkers

There are people who can’t walk fast to save their lives and that is super annoying. This always seems to happen when you are in a hurry to get somewhere. It can be difficult to pass a slow walker on a narrow sidewalk or when there’s a lot of foot traffic hindering your passing moves.

The one thing worse than a slow walker is a group of slow walkers as they tend to spread out and create an impenetrable barrier. Someone should teach them to walk single file.

Screaming Babies

The biggest problem with screaming babies is that you can’t ignore them or they just scream louder. Since they are babies, you can’t negotiate with them either. You know, try to get them to stop screaming by arranging a trade.

Slow Internet Connections

A slow internet connection means pages load slowly, videos buffer endlessly and you get sick of seeing that spinning hourglass. You go to watch a show on Netflix and wound up throwing your iPad at the wall in frustration.

Seriously, slow internet is way worse than a little ant infestation.

Check Writers

It never seems to fail, whatever checkout line you get in at the grocery store, one of the people in front of you will write a check. Writing a check is bad enough, but what makes it worse is that the guilty party always waits until the groceries are scanned and bagged before even taking out their checkbook.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is annoying because he has way too much exposure. In all honesty, the music is good, but we just get tired of hearing his name.

Smartphone Addicts

Yup, this is a thing and it is very annoying. People who are addicted to their smartphones can’t go five minutes without taking out their phone and checking it. Like something earth-shattering may have happened since the last time they checked their phone.

They are far too engrossed in what is on their phone to even notice you.

People Who Feel the Need to Make Small Talk

There is no law that says you have to talk to someone just because you are near them. It is bad enough when someone starts up a conversation while waiting at the bus stop or while in line at the grocery store, it is even worse when the conversation is initiated in the restroom. People should know there is an unspoken rule about conversion in the bathroom.

People Who Insert “Like” After Every Other Word

Like, you know. like, all about the type of person we are talking about.

Grammar Nazis

There is nothing quite as bad as a grammar Nazi. Granted, everybody is guilty of this from time to time, especially if you have kids. But some people do it all of the time and it is annoying.

Breaching Toxic Topics at Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner

There are certain topics, we think you know which topics we are talking about, that are off limits at the dinner table. Yet, there is always some fool who insists on breaking the rules and has to open that can of worms and make the rest of dinner miserable.

Terms and Conditions

The fact that you are expected to read the terms and conditions before hitting the agree button is super annoying. Has anybody in the history of mankind ever read the terms and conditions of anything?

When Fabric Gets Stuck in Your Zipper

It is annoying when fabric gets stuck in your zipper and prevents you from zipping up or unzipping. Sometimes it gets really stuck and you have to cut it away.

So if you do have a pest problem in your home, know that all it takes is a phone call to Earthwise Pest Control and the problem will be resolved. As for these other annoying things, you are just going to have to deal with them.