Pest Control in Sacramento and How to Kill a Spider

Spiders of all types and sizes make their way into your home. When you spot one, you have no choice but to kill it. The only good spider is a dead spider. It doesn’t matter if the spider is harmless and beneficial or poisonous and dangerous, all spiders must be killed.

In most households, every family member has their own chores they are responsible for. For example, mom might be in charge of kissing boo-boos, cooking and folding the fitted sheets. Dad might be in charge of mowing the lawn, chopping down trees and taking out the dog. But it is highly unlikely that one person is in charge of killing spiders.

This makes sense as spiders can pop out anytime and anywhere. You might be in the house all alone when confronted by one of these eight-legged menaces. At which point, you have no choice but to be your own hero. So it is in your best interest that you know the best ways to kill a spider.

Earthwise Pest Control, your pest control service in Sacramento, offers the best and most creative ways to kill a spider.

Your Feet of Fury

If you happen to be wearing shoes or even slippers when you encounter a spider, you can just stomp it to death. Of course, you don’t want to rely on just one strike to ensure the deed is properly done, you must engage in rapid-fire.

This is done by stomping down on the spider with multiple stomps. It should almost look like a new dance that you just made up.

Spider Under the Cup

If you happen to be carrying an empty cup or one is within reach when you spot the spider, you can flip it over and trap the spider underneath.

Of course, it will take quite some time for the spider to die, but you have eliminated the immediate threat. Just make sure you place a note over the cup so someone doesn’t come by and release your catch.


You can always douse the spider in hairspray. The chemicals in hairspray will immobilize and eventually kill the spider. This is good to know in case you are trapped in the bathroom with a spider.

The only downside to this method of execution is that you run the risk of giving the spider a good hair day.


One of the most popular ways to kill a spider is with fire. But no matter how cool it is to kill a spider with fire, we cannot recommend this method.

Using fire to kill a spider can be dangerous and you need to be super careful. Using fire is totally out of the question if the spider is, say, sitting on a gas tank or running around on something that is flammable, like a roll of toilet paper or your slippers.

In a pinch, you can use the hairspray as a makeshift flamethrower.

Get a Cat

Cats are majestic and fearless beasts that can kill all sorts of pests in your house. Unless the spider in question is poisonous, let your cat do the dirty work.

Squish It

One of the most common and easiest ways to kill a spider is to squish it with tissue paper. It helps if you always have a wad of tissue paper with you at all times. After you squish the spider, cleaning up is easy as all you need to do is toss it in the trash or flush it down the toilet.

Smack it with a Newspaper

A rolled-up newspaper is a great tool that can be used to smack any number of pests in your house or train your dog not to pee on the carpet.

Unfortunately, newspapers aren’t as popular as they once were and are no longer a common item found around the house.


If you want to avoid even getting near the spider, suck it up in the vacuum cleaner. Of course, this could prove to be difficult to accomplish unless you already have the vacuum out and plugged in. By the time you run to the closet and get the vacuum, the spider could make a getaway.

After you kill the spider, call Earthwise Pest Management and set an appointment.