Knowledge Your Pest Control Professional Should Have

Searching for the right pest control company to tackle your pest problem shouldn’t be difficult, right? Unfortunately, there are lots of companies out there that feel confident promising quality results without having the extensive knowledge and background that it takes to remove of pests properly. If you’re lost in all of the options that the internet has to offer, then you need to look deeper into the knowledge that the pest control company has to offer.

Earthwise Pest Management is happy to provide full-service pest management treatments to the Sacramento area. Long-term results are what we strive to for, and we are able to do that through our extensive knowledge and years of experience. Keep reading for some of the knowledge that you should ensure the pest control company you choose, has.

Biology Background

While it might not be the first thing that you think about, a background in biology is a huge piece of knowledge that your pest control professional should have. Most people don’t think about insects when they think about biology, but that is exactly the area of science that any individual calling themselves a pest professional should have studied.

Though it may seem like the most important aspect of pest management is the actual removal, the reality is that there are various things about insects that a professional should know in order to treat an infestation properly. For example, it can be extremely easy to say that they will remove of your rodent infestation, but without a thorough knowledge of their desirable habitat, their breeding, their basic necessities, and the like, how can they ensure you that this problem doesn’t happen again?

For that reason, we believe that any individual that offers pest management services should have an extensive background of biology with some emphasis in insects, rodents, birds, and any other animals or bugs that they offer services for.

Treatment Methods

Though it’s far from the same thing, we want you to envision your pest control professional as a doctor. You’ve called them with a problem, and they’ve scheduled a consultation. Their in-depth background in biology allows them to recognize the problem, but if their knowledge stops there, there’s not much else that you can expect. Unfortunately, we don’t call doctors just so that they can diagnose a problem, we call them so that they can treat it. The same can be said about pest management professionals.

If you simply find a pest control company that can provide you with a diagnosis of your situation but cannot provide you with a treatment, what good are they to you? It’s obvious that you’ve recognized some sort of problem; otherwise, you wouldn’t have called them. This is why a knowledge of treatments and how to perform them is the second point that we’re going to cover in today’s blog.

Every pest scenario is going to require a unique consultation and treatment, just like every medical case requires a unique medical opinion and approach. If you come across a pest management company that can provide you with a quote before looking at the situation, you know that they don’t have an extensive knowledge of pests or how to treat them.

The pest professional that you hire should be able to analyze the problem at hand and utilize that information to come up with a unique treatment plan. This will change depending on the pest, the maturity of the infestation, the size of the infestation, the factors that drew the pest there, and various other items.

In order to enjoy long-term results, you need to find an individual that looks at the big picture when solving the problem, rather than trying to provide you with a quick-fix bandaid.

Equipment Training

Knowing how to treat a pest problem is one thing, but if the professional that you call isn’t knowledgable on how to use the equipment, you aren’t going to get much help from them. The third thing that you should ensure your pest control company has an in-depth knowledge of is the equipment that they use to tackle pest control problems.

As with any job, the use of equipment is necessary, but before anyone is able to use it, they need to be properly trained. While we focus heavily on integrated pest management, there is still quite a bit of equipment that needs to be used to ensure that all pests are removed safely and that they don’t return later on.

As surprising as it may sound, very few pest management companies provide their employees with as much training as they should. Looking into the training that every team member has is always something that you should look into rather than simply assuming that it’s something that this pest management company is going to have.

Check Out Earthwise Pest Management

At Earthwise Pest Management, knowledge is valuable. It’s what allows us to provide high-quality results for our customers in Sacramento, time and time again. The best part is that we aren’t just saying this to build ourselves up, we have the paper to back it all up.

Each member of our team has acquired a background in biology and has completed courses and licensing to ensure that they’re able to treat all pest problems adequately. Aside from that, we complete extensive training in all of the equipment that could potentially be used to treat an infestation so that they are confident when tackling your problems.

If you’re home pest control services that you can rely on, check out Earthwise Pest Management. Not only are we highly trained and educated, but we are passionate and dedicated. With years of experience, we are able to tackle any problem that we come across. Reach out to us today, and we will get your free consultation scheduled.