Insects Believed to Be Good Luck

We’ve been taking a different perspective on bugs, and today’s blog is going to continue down that same path. We’ve talked a little bit about countries that view bugs as a tasty treat and a few bugs that make for great pets. Today we are going to talk about bugs that people believe are a fortune to find in their homes becomes these insects are believed to be lucky!

Keep reading to see if any of the pests that you’ve found in your home are actually lucky to stumble across, even if you don’t feel similarly.


An insect that we rarely receive calls about are ladybugs. Not only are these insects that people don’t mind seeing in their home or around their garden, but they’re believed to be good luck! Aside from that, it takes quite a few ladybugs in order for people to feel like they have an infestation in the first place.

When a ladybug lands on you, it’s said to be good luck. Essentially, it’s a ladybug is supposed to be considered a provider of more patience and fewer burdens. The superstitions with ladybugs will go as far as saying that if you are ill and a ladybug lands on you, the bug will remove your illness. In the chance that one does land on you, take a minute to count the spots on their back. The number of spots is said to correlate with the number of good months ahead that lie ahead.


If you’ve ever seen the animated movie Mulan, then you know that crickets are believed to be an incredibly fortuante insect. In Asian countries, crickets were said to be the watchdogs that ensured you and your family were always safe from danger and misfortune. If ever there was something dangerous that you needed to be cautious of, the cricket would stop chirping.

Asian countries aren’t the only ones that think crickets can keep bad luck away. Native American culture teaches that mimicking the chirp of a cricket is disrespectful given that they provide so much fortune. Aside from all of that, it’s also believed that killing a cricket, even on accident, is bad luck.


Another pest that we rarely hear about are dragonflies. They are tough to come across, which is just one of the reasons that they are said to be good luck. Here in Sacramento, it’s much more common for us to see them when temperatures are warm and we’re close to the water. If you do come across them, it’s good to know that there are so many different reasons that these bugs are good luck.

Dragonflies are said to bring prosperity, strength, courage, and peace. Take a moment to really enjoy the beauty of a dragonfly the next time that you see one, and all of the beauty that it’s bringing to your life.


Another flying insect said to bring luck is the butterfly. These are much more common insects to come across, but they’re no less fortuante to cross paths with. A major factor of these bugs being considered lucky is that they are common in the fairytale setting that boosts the concept of magic and dreams.

Aside from that factor making them a beautiful bug, butterflies are also a symbol of transformation. If you are someone that is going through a big transition in life, seeing a butterfly could be a sign of luck and good fortune to come with the changes that lie ahead.


One of the insects that are extremely common to come across, but have rarely been considered good luck are bees. While it’s far from lucky being stung by a bee, if you find the bee in your house it’s said to be lucky! There’s no real reason that these bugs are believed to be lucky, but if you need a little bit of positivity when it comes to these bugs, why not believe that they’re lucky?


We talked a little bit about how crickets are believed to be good luck, but now we are going to talk a little bit about their close relative, the grasshopper. This is another bug that is not well known for being a lucky bug, but the saying goes that when you see a grasshopper good news is to come shortly after. Sure, it’s not quite as much luck as a cricket brings and there’s certainly not as much of a culture surrounding this bug, but good news is definitely something worth celebrating.

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There are lots of bugs that are known for being lucky, and plenty of others that are said to be bad luck. Regardless of how you feel about the pests in your house, do your best to look at the positive message and luck that these bugs are said to bring.

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