How to Stop Rodents from Entering my Roseville, CA Home

Discovering rodents in your home can be more than an inconvenience; it can pose serious health risks and damage to your property. Earthwise Pest Management, based in Sacramento, CA, understands the importance of a pest-free home, especially in Roseville, where various rodents can be prevalent. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the types of rodents common in the area, identify evidence of infestations, explore entry points, discuss attractions for rodents, and provide detailed steps on keeping your home rodent-free. For expert rodent control services, trust Earthwise Pest Management.

Types of Rodents Common in Roseville, CA

Roseville, CA, is home to various rodents, each with unique characteristics and behaviors.

Roof Rats

Roof rats are skilled climbers, making them a common pest in Roseville homes. They are drawn to attics and high spaces where they can cause damage to insulation, wiring, and stored items. Their droppings and urine can also pose health risks, making their control crucial.

Norway Rats

Norway rats are common in Roseville. They’re a little bit larger than roof rats, and they don’t like heights as much. Accordingly, they’re less adept climbers and tend to nest slightly lower than their roof-oriented counterparts. They’re known to live in burrows underground and in lower enclosed spaces when they’ve made themselves at home indoors. They’re also less slender and have shorter tails. They range in color from gray to brown.

House Mice

House mice are notorious for their ability to squeeze through small openings, making them challenging to keep out. Once inside, they can contaminate food, chew on wires, and multiply rapidly. Effective control involves sealing entry points and implementing preventive measures.

Evidence of Rodents In Your Roseville Home

Recognizing signs of a rodent infestation early is key to prompt action and preventing further damage.

Rodent Droppings:

Small, dark droppings near food sources or nesting areas indicate a current infestation. Identifying rodent droppings is a clear sign of an infestation. Whether in the kitchen, pantry, or hidden corners, these droppings signal the presence of rodents. Prompt action is necessary to prevent the population from growing.

Nesting Materials:

Shredded paper, fabric, or plant matter in hidden spaces reveal an established rodent presence. Discovering nesting materials like shredded paper or fabric suggests an established rodent population. This emphasizes the need for thorough inspections and targeted treatments to eradicate the infestation.

Finding Chew Marks:

Both mice and rats are avid chewers. They’ll gnaw their way into just about anything they can, including walls, food containers, wiring, and paper. If you’re finding things chewed up in your home, it can be a sign of a rodent infestation. You also may find containers of food with holes chewed through them.

Hearing Noises At Night:

You might hear noises that sound like scratching and tapping at night, which can indicate a rodent’s presence. Rodents are often active at night, and they’ll make noise chewing and running about, even in walls and in the ceiling. This can be a telltale sign of an infestation.

Eaten Snail Shells:

This one particularly pertains to roof rats, who will leave behind eaten snail shells. These can be a sign of roof rats living in or around your home.

Ways Rodents Can Get Into Roseville Homes

Understanding how rodents enter homes is crucial for effective prevention.

Entry Points

Gaps in windows, doors, or vents are common entry points for rodents. Identifying and sealing entry points is fundamental to keeping rodents out. Gaps around windows, doors, and vents are common vulnerabilities that require attention. Steel wool and caulk can be effective materials for sealing these gaps.

Tree Limbs

Overhanging branches provide easy access to the roof. Overhanging tree limbs can act as a bridge for rodents to access your roof. Trimming branches away from your home eliminates this access point, making it more challenging for rodents to enter.

Common Attractions for Rodents in Roseville

Understanding what attracts rodents helps in creating an environment less appealing to them.

Food Sources

Unsecured pet food or easily accessible garbage attract rodents to your property. Rodents are drawn to accessible food sources. Whether it's pet food left out overnight or open garbage bins, eliminating these attractions is essential for effective rodent control.


Shrubs and bushes near the home can especially attract rodents like House Mice and Norway Rats. They like to find small spaces to hide, and Norway Rats love to burrow, so low bushes and shrubs around homes can be the perfect place for them to start. Once they’ve burrowed just outside your home, they can begin nesting, reproducing, and making their way inside.

Favorable Conditions

Cluttered spaces and neglected maintenance provide hiding spots and breeding grounds. Rodents thrive in cluttered and unkempt spaces. Regular cleaning and maintenance reduce hiding spots, making your home less conducive to rodent infestations.

Standing Water

Standing water in yards and around homes, such as that found in puddles, low spots in yards, empty planters or buckets, and even upturned furniture, can attract rodents, who need sources of water to survive.

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Keeping Rodents Out of Your Roseville Home

Implementing preventive measures is vital to keep rodents at bay.


  • Seal Entrances: Sealing entrances with materials like steel wool and caulk is an effective way to prevent rodents from entering your home. Regular inspections help identify and address potential entry points.


  • Reduce Food Sources: Store food in airtight containers, clean up spills promptly, and dispose of garbage regularly. Removing food sources is a fundamental step in rodent prevention. Airtight containers, prompt spill clean-ups, and regular garbage disposal minimize attractions for rodents.


  • Reduce Water Sources: Fix leaks, unclog drains, and eliminate standing water around your home. Addressing water sources is crucial, as rodents need water for survival. Fixing leaks, unclogging drains, and eliminating standing water reduces the likelihood of a rodent infestation.


  • Clear Clutter: Regular cleaning eliminates hiding spots. Clutter provides hiding spots for rodents. Regular cleaning and organizing not only make your home less attractive to rodents but also contribute to a healthier living environment.

Call The Pros at Earthwise

You might have taken all of these steps and still find signs of rodents. Or maybe you need some help with the rodent removal process. Either way, at Earthwise, we can help with our thorough rodent control process.

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The first step we take, and arguably the most important, is a thorough inspection. We’ll look for signs of rodents, conditions that can attract them, and locations where they can make their way in. We’ll cover every minute detail to make sure we haven’t missed anything and provide you with a full report of our findings. This step is important because it will inform us of the steps we should take next and what recommendations we should provide you with.

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Next, we’ll begin the process of trapping rodents. Not only will this help cut down an infestation, but by trapping them, we can know without any doubt exactly which type of rodents you may be dealing with.

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This is the process of sealing up your home from future rodents making their way in. This is one of the hardest parts of dealing with rodent infestations, and we’ll take a thorough and comprehensive approach. This involves sealing up your home from top to bottom and a solid understanding of the rodents you’re dealing with—their biology and behavior. That’s why the inspection stage is so crucial to the process and makes us so successful.

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Follow Up and Regular Inspection

The final step is follow-ups and regular inspections. This way, we can ensure that your home stays safe and that we’ve made sure your rodent problem is taken care of. As always, if we have to come back because you’re still dealing with rodents after our service, our next visit will be free.

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