How to Protect your Roseville Home from Termites

There are over 2,600 species of termites around the world, and up to 23 different species in California alone. While all these species of termites are very diverse, ranging in all sorts of different sizes and colors, they do all have one thing in common: They eat wood, and a lot of it.  In nature, the termite is actually a very beneficial insect to the balance of the ecosystem, but this is Roseville, not nature.

Termites are naturally drawn to wood as it is a food source for them, as well as a source of shelter for some species. Because termites are naturally attracted to wood, it is important to check your home every once and awhile for signs of termite infestation. If you find a sign of termite infestation while checking your house, contact us at Earthwise Pest Management and ask us about our residential pest control.

Termite Protection

What to look for when inspecting your home for termites?

When inspecting your home for a sign of termite infestation, there’s a couple of things that you should be looking for.

The first thing you can do  is to check the exterior of the house for damage. You want to be looking at the exposed wood of your house closest to the ground for indications of infestation. You should be looking for the entry points of the termites, as well as dark and blistering wood. If you are suspicious of any spots on your house, try knocking on the wall and listen for a hollow sound. Other signs of termite infestation are small pellets of fecal matter and small exploratory tubes of dirt on the side of your house, a method of travel for some variations of termites.

If you find a sign of termites, it is likely an established colony that will need to be addressed by a residential pest control company. Give us a call at Earthwise Pest Control, and schedule an inspection and assessment for termite control.

Precautionary steps to protect your home from termites.

What can you do about termites? Well, the answer is quite simple, you can try to prevent them. After a termite colony is established, it is more than likely that a residential pest control company will be needed, a service that we, at Earthwise, would be happy to help you with.

Remove any organic matter or wood piled up against your home

In order to protect your home from a termite infestation, you first must make sure that there is no wood, or organic matter stacked up against the side of your house. Make sure to do this especially in areas where the wood siding of the house comes within six inches to a foot of the ground, as this is the area most prone to termite infestation.

Stucco or re-side the side of your house closest to the ground

Termites often infest houses where the siding meets the ground, so if you were to stucco the bottom foot to foot and a half of your siding, the termites will not have an easy way to access the structure of your house. Also, some wood such as Douglas fir, is moderately resistant to termite infestation, making it a viable option for siding.


There are a few insecticides that you can buy over the counter in the state of California, but it is widely believed that over the counter insecticides are inefficient. The most effective brands of insecticides are only available to professionals due to their strength If you are in need of pesticides for termite control, please contact us at Earthwise Pest Management. We would be happy to help.


Baiting is the act of placing edible cellulose pesticides in intervals around the house. Termite baiting is a form of termite control that is sold commercially. The slow-acting pesticides eventually kill the termites that have ingested it, making the risk of infestation slightly diminish.

Termites are tough, but we are tougher.

Termites are a destructive pest, causing enough damage annually to surpass the damage of hurricanes or fires, combined. Inspect your home regularly for a sign of termite infestation, and if you find termites, give us a call.

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