Home Pest Control in Sacramento and DIY Disasters

So you have discovered an ant infestation in your home. Sorry to hear about that. While it is very tempting to look up DIY pest control on the internet, we suggest you just call us instead.

Whether you are looking to solve your ant problem quickly or you just want to save a few bucks, there are several reasons DIY pest control treatments either don’t work or actually make things worse.

Earthwise Pest Management, your home pest control in Sacramento, offers the reasons why DIY pest control is not a good idea.

Environmental Risk

That concoction you made out of caustic substances to eliminate your ant problem might just work, it could kill off the ants. However, it could also kill the family dog and get the cat sick.

Applying a DIY concoction could affect insects and animals that aren’t targeted. You might inadvertently kill a house pet or honey bees in your yard. You could expose harmful toxins to your neighbor or it could wind up in the runoff water table.

That’s right, your DIT method of eliminating ants could poison your very own water supply.

Poor Results

Some people have strange ways in which they deal with pests. There are homemade treatments that sound good, but wind up being rather ineffective. For example, some people pour boiling water down anthills. These types of remedies might kill or repel a few insects, but they do a very poor job in targeting the infestations. Repellents only work temporarily until the insects find a way around them.

Costly Treatments

You might try to conquer an infestation on your own to save money. Some pests require specialized treatments and numerous applications for effective results. Using the wrong products or misidentifying the pests will only cause the situation to get worse. If this happens, you can expect your wallet to take a hit.

Your best bet is to just go ahead and give us a call.

Exposure to Chemicals

The products you mix together or buy for pest control contain numerous chemicals. Some of which are deadly even to humans. Should you mishandle or misuse these chemicals, you can create a toxic atmosphere right inside your home.

The technicians at Earthwise are professionals and are trained to apply pesticides responsibly. You aren’t and if your dog gets poisoned, that’s on you.

Underestimating the Pest

Pests lack our knowledge, language and an opposable thumb, but they make up for this with keen senses and a fierce survival instinct. They are going to fight to survive.

Underestimating the Situation

You might think all you have to do is kill a few ants roaming around in your kitchen. What you don’t understand is those few ants are just the tip of the iceberg. Where there are a few ants, there could be thousands more lurking where you can’t see them.

The same holds true for other pests. If you see three mice in your house, that means dozens of them are roaming about your property.

Understanding Habits

Have you ever wondered why the pests you are trying to get rid of keep coming back? It is because you don’t understand the habits and lifestyles of pests.

Venomous Insects

From spider bites to allergies, there are downfalls in attempting to rid your home of pests. It can be difficult to get rid of some pests without getting bit or otherwise hurt. And should you get bit by an insect or spider, seek immediate medical help.

Respiratory Issues

Randomly spraying pesticides in and around your home can create some serious respiratory problems. This includes permanent damage to your lungs.


You see insects and you start spraying them, that is how you think it works. It’s wrong. When spray is applied, some insects will scatter and this will spread them across the area and make things worse.

Unpredictable Behavior

What happens when you corner a raccoon, bat or rat? You don’t know how an animal might react in any type of situation. You also don’t know if the animal has an illness or disease. A bite or scratch could leave you infected with something you don’t want.

Do yourself a favor and when you spot an infestation or other pests in your home, don’t try to resolve the issue on your own, give Earthwise Pest Control a call instead.