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If you’re living in Granite Bay ca, and looking for reliable affordable and environmentally friendly pest control near you, Earthwise can help.

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Granite Bay is a gorgeous city with a vibrant community and great outdoor spaces. Situated adjacent to Folsom lake, the area is home to some incredible nature and plenty of sunshine. With Folsom lake adjacent, there are lots of streams and ponds in the area as well. With so many places to hike, enjoy nature, take a splash, or even relax on the beach, Granite Bay is a great part of California to live in. 

Unfortunately for residents, the area can be attractive to many household and outdoor yard pests as well. In Granite Bay, residents sometimes find their home has been invaded by pests common to the area. But, with regular and preventative pest control, Earthwise Pest Management can help you keep your home pest free every season. 

Reliable and Fast Pest Control in Granite Bay

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Don’t hesitate to contact Earthwise if you need pest control services in Granite Bay. We offer reliable, year round service to Granite Bay and we offer 100% guarantee on our services. If you’re still having the same pest troubles after we’ve given you service, we’ll come back free of charge. 

Understanding Granite Bay Pests is What Makes Us Effective

We take a comprehensive approach to pest control and start with thorough inspections. Understanding the pests that are creating problems is the first step to properly addressing those problems, and our inspections are comprehensive to ensure that we take the right steps. We’re also pet-friendly and make sure that our treatments never pose a risk to pets. You want your home to be safe, and that’s what we’re here for. 

A Measured Approach to Pest Control in Granite Bay

We don’t simply poison pests and call it a day. That’s one of the reasons our inspections are so important. Instead, we take a biology-informed approach to understanding the pests that we’re addressing, and we take measures to not only treat infestations, but make the surrounding environment less conducive to their presence in the first place. By identifying pests and understanding their behavior, we can take the most effective steps at treating infestations and minimize the chances of future infestations rather than simply using excessive amounts of poisons and pesticides. We take an approach that takes into account the environment in and around your home, so that we can help you take steps to modify it so that pests have a harder time making their way in in the first place. Not only does this help keep your home, family and pets safer, but it’s more effective in the long term. 

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Granite Bay is a gorgeous place to live. Unfortunately, certain pests feel the same way, and the area can be home to a range of common household and yard pests. At Earthwise, we commonly see these pests in Granite Bay:

  • Paper Wasps

  • Yellow Jackets

  • Earwigs

  • Cockroaches (especially Turkestan Roaches)

  • Spiders (including Black Widows, False Black Widows, and Wolf Spiders) 

  • Rats (Norway and Roof Rats in particular)

  • Fleas

  • Ants


Paper Wasps



yellow jackets

Yellow Jackets











The good news is, we’re here to help. If you’ve seen any of these pests in your Granite Bay home, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know. We can help provide comprehensive pest control and address infestations and help you avoid future ones. We provide inspections, check ins, expert recommendations and pest control services, pest exclusion measures and active maintenance plans to help keep your home safe year round. 

Indoor Pests in Granite Bay

Our homes are our safe havens, so it can be particularly distressing to find that pests have made their way inside your home. In Granite Bay, there are a few different indoor pests to keep an eye out for that can cause problems for residents, ranging from being a simple nuisance all the way to causing structural damage to homes and contaminating food or spreading disease.

Rats in Granite Bay

Rats can be a serious concern for residents in Granite Bay. While it may seem like they’re just a nuisance, rats can cause some serious structural damage to homes, and they can also spread harmful microbes and contaminate food supplies. 

What Kind of Rats Are In Granite Bay?

The two types of rats we see the most in Granite Bay are Norway Rats and Roof Rats. Both of them can pose their own problems for residents, and it’s important to understand which ones you’re dealing with in the event of an infestation.

That’s why we always start with a comprehensive inspection so you’re never left in the dark. While as their name implies, Roof Rats like to live up high, often making nests in attics and rafters and other high up places where they can wreak havoc, Norway Rats like to burrow below.

Both types of rats can cause structural damage by chewing on everything from walls to wires, and they can cause a lot of damage that isn’t easy to notice, since they like to live in small spaces and they’re often more active at night when we’re often asleep. They can also get into food supplies, spread harmful microbes, and contaminate our foods.

Outdoor Pests in Granite Bay

While we often worry about the pests that can make their way into our homes, there are also some outdoor pests to look for around Granite Bay that can make our yards dangerous, and carry their own risks of sometimes making their way inside.

Wasps in Granite Bay

The most common wasps we see in Granite Bay are Yellow Jackets and Paper Wasps. They’re both black and yellow and they can be difficult to distinguish just based on appearances, and they can both pose risks for homeowners. One way to tell them apart is their nests. Paper wasps like to make nests up high, hanging from places like tree branches—though they have been known to build nests inside of structures as well. Yellowjackets like to build underground nests, and you might find them flying out of small holes in the ground. While Yellowjackets tend to be more aggressive, both species are known to sting humans, and this can pose a serious threat to individuals who are allergic to their venom. 

Outdoor Roaches in Granite Bay

One of the most common roaches we see in Granite Bay is the Turkestan Roach. Turkestan Roaches love water, and the many ponds and streams in Granite Bay have unfortunately made this area an ideal location for them. These roaches like to live outdoors, where they often swarm in the evenings. They tend to become most active around the spring time and in warmer months, and though they like to live outdoors, they can easily make their way into homes, looking for sources of water. 

They become active in the evenings, and they’re a quite prolific species, reproducing quickly. They’re known to swarm around light sources as at night they’re attracted to lights. They can easily become a problem for homeowners, and like many other species of roaches, they carry the risk of spreading dangerous diseases. If you’ve noticed swarms in the evening around your home, don’t hesitate to call Earthwise and we can inspect and address possible infestations around your home. 

Ticks in Granite Bay

Ticks can be quite dangerous, and Ticks carrying Lyme disease have been found in Northern California. Ticks often live outdoors in wooded areas, and they can attack not only humans but pets as well. It’s not uncommon for homeowners and residents to find that ticks have made their home in backyards and around homes. If you’re worried about ticks around your Granite Bay home or in your yard, don’t hesitate to call as tickborne diseases can be quite serious and Lyme disease can even be fatal. 

When To Call Pest Control Professionals in Granite Bay

Pests can create a range of hazards for homeowners ranging from food contamination to structural damage, so there’s never a bad time to call pest control if you’re worried about pests in your Granite Bay home. Sometimes, an infestation is manageable and there are steps you can take to minimize risks on your own, but we are always here to help. We take a multipronged approach to pest control, and take into account environmental factors that can lead to future infestations, and we can offer you expert advice about how to keep your home pest free. 


Even if you just want to avoid future infestations, or you’re worried but unsure of if you have pests, we can perform inspections and help you determine if you have an infestation or if your yard or home is conducive to future infestations. It can be a good idea to call Earthwise Pest Management if you see any of the following signs in or around your Granite Bay home:


  • Finding rodent droppings in or around your home
  • Roaches flying around your home in the evenings (Turkestan roaches can reproduce and form large infestations quite quickly) 
  • Hearing scratching noises on the roof or in your walls at night (this can be a sign of a rat infestation) 
  • Seeing trails of ants in or around your home
  • Findings wasp nests or seeing flying insects flying out of holes in the ground in the evening (these can be signs of Paper Wasps and Yellow Jackets respectively) 
  • Consistent itching at night or seeing your pets scratching frequently (can be signs of fleas) 
  • Finding food with burrowed holes and plants with holes in leaves (which can be signs of earwigs) 


Whether you’re certain you’re dealing with an infestation in your Granite Bay home, or you’re just concerned about future infestations or wondering if you might be dealing with one, we can always help. We perform thorough and comprehensive inspections, and we’ll be able to not only report our findings, but make expert recommendations about which steps you can take next and how you can create a home environment that’s less conducive to pest infestations. 

Keeping Your Granite Bay Home Safe Year-Round

If you’re facing pest problems in your Granite Bay home, you want to avoid infestations, or you’re concerned about future infestations, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. We can set up regular services and inspections and help you keep your home in Granite Bay safe year round. As always, we 100% guarantee service, and if you find pests coming back after we’ve come to help out, we’ll come back free of charge.  

Quarterly Services

In order to keep your home protected all year round, we recommend quarterly services. Each season brings unique conditions, and by setting up quarterly inspections and services, we can help you ensure that you’re prepared for what each season brings in your Granite Bay home. Different seasons can be times for different pests to become active, like Turkestan roaches in the warm months, and spiders which can become problematic in colder months, so it’s important to address possible pest issues through the seasons. By setting up services quarterly, we can help you avoid pests through each season, and make sure your home is safe all year round. 

Call Earthwise for Pest Concerns in Granite Bay

There’s never a bad time to call pest control experts. If you have any concerns about pests in your Granite Bay home, whether you’re already dealing with a pest problem, or you simply want to avoid any future ones, or you’ve noticed signs but you’re not sure, we’re here to help. We’ll perform a thorough inspection to determine which, if any, pests you’re dealing with, and we also offer preventative maintenance services to make your home as safe as possible. We can help you set up a pest exclusion plan to help you minimize the risk of any future pest problems. 

If you have any pest concerns about your Granite Bay home, don’t hesitate to reach out online, any time, here, or call us at (916) 668-8888, and we can provide you with a free consultation and quote.

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