Fact or Fiction? Can You Use Cinnamon To Get Ants Out Of Your Home?

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet when it comes to nearly everything. One of the questions we get from our customers often is about a DIY ant control solution that is all over the internet right now. According to multiple websites, cinnamon can help to solve an ant problem you have in your home if you simply just sprinkle it where you are seeing the ants. While this would be a nice and simple solution if it worked, the truth is, we wouldn’t recommend that you begin buying cinnamon in bulk anytime soon. Continue reading below to learn more.

Why Would Anyone Ever Use Cinnamon To Get Rid Of Ants?

While many people certainly think there is merit in this claim that cinnamon helps to eliminate ants, we aren’t so sure. It is believed that the smell of cinnamon works as a natural repellent to ants because they simply cannot stand the scent.

Therefore, it makes sense to people would think that sprinkling cinnamon or cinnamon essential oil around an area of their home that is particularly rife with ants would encourage these pests to move out of the area.

Does The Cinnamon Method Actually Work?

While there have been many studies that have shown that cinnamon essential oil can work to mildly repel and exterminate ants, there is no real proof that this is a tried and true method. Sure, the results may last for a few hours or a day, but when it comes to lasting results, using cinnamon to get rid of ants isn’t going to provide you with what you need. Additionally, you could spend money and time trying to get the concentration of the cinnamon oil to be the correct measurement and never achieve what you are hoping to. So how can you get rid of ants once and for all this spring and summer?

Ant Control Services That Work Without A Doubt

The truth is, no matter where you keep noticing the ants in your home, that doesn’t mean that is the only place they are residing. If you are hoping that simply treating one area of your home is going to result in all of the ants being eliminated once and for all, you would be wrong. We aren’t trying to burst your bubble, but we need you to know that the only surefire way to get rid of ant colonies in your home is to hire a professional pest control team.

Earthwise Pest Management Ant Control Services

If you live in the Sacramento area and you are dealing with ants already this season, you should get rid of the problem now, before it gets worse. At Earthwise Pest Management, we know how to properly handle your ant problem in no time at all. We will send our expert team to your home, locate where the ants are residing, and eliminate them without you having to worry about a thing. Contact us today for more information about our ant control services in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

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