Everything You Need To Know About Wasp Removal For Your Sacramento Home

Wasps are not the kind of pest that you want to try to remove yourself. Wasps come in many different species all around the world. They exist in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some wasps are social, while others are solitary. Some wasps use their stingers for protection, while others use it to hunt prey.

The species that we know best is a yellow and black, almost bee-like creature that is known for building large nests on your house or deck, and sometimes even in your attic. These wasps are social and can attack as a team when they perceive a possible threat. 

In this blog we will discuss how to know if you have wasps, things to do and things not to do, and how you can prevent them in the future. If you’ve noticed a wasp nest on or around your home don’t try to tackle it yourself. Call Earthwise Pest Management to have it removed, safely and professionally. free pest control quote

How To Know If You Have Wasps

You will usually notice that you have wasps when you see them flying around your home. You won’t just notice one or two, once in a while, you will notice them in larger numbers and quite frequently. When you see these wasps it’s best to look around and see if you can find their nest, as they don’t usually wander too far.

Wasps create a unique nest. They collect wood, chew it up and make pulp out of it. Wasps have been making paper nests from wood long before humans even knew what paper was. You’ll be able to identify a wasp from a bee if for no other reason that wasps make nests and bees live in hives. So if you are not sure which you are dealing with, take a look at their home.

Things Not To Do To A Wasp Nest

Wasps can be annoying, they can sting and bite, and we understand that you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. However, removing a wasp nest yourself can be a dangerous task. Wasp nest removal should definitely be left to the professionals, but just in case you were thinking of doing it yourself, here are some things to avoid.

Don’t Light It On Fire

Sounds crazy? Well it’s been tried over and over again. A wasps nest is made from paper and some people just can’t resist the urge to burn it in an attempt to get rid of their wasp problem. Nests are usually attached to your house or porch and are very flammable. When you light the nest on fire you are endangering your home. The fire can spread quickly and without warning. 

The species of wasp that is typically found in nests on your home use their stinger for protection. And they don’t die after just one sting. When you light their nest on fire, their first reaction is to protect their home. The wasps will attack and sting. Not only that, but destroying the nest won’t kill all the wasps, so even though you may have destroyed their home, they will just build another. 

Don’t Swing At It With A Baseball Bat Or Other Object

Wasps attack when they feel threatened, and if their nest is being hit with a baseball bat, you can bet that they feel threatened. The wasps will follow their instinct to protect themselves and their nest and begin stinging away. 

When a professional destroys a nest, they sedate or kill the wasps first. Just going in all gung-ho with a baseball bat will irritate the wasps and cause them to attack. Please don’t swing at a wasps nest with a baseball bat. Let the professionals at Earthwise Pest Management remove the nest safely.

Don’t Use Water To Flood Or Remove The Nest

Trying to flood a wasps nests has similar repercussions to burning it. You will agitate the wasps, not kill them, and they will act in self defense, biting and stinging. Not to mention, wasps nest are typically pretty high off the ground. Your creating a situation where you could possibly damage your property, which could end up costing you much more than just the price of professional wasp removal, not to mention the inconvenience that it can cause.

How Much Does Wasp Removal Cost

Investing in professional wasp removal will protect you and your home. Trying to remove it yourself could cause damage to your house and cause the wasps to sting and bite. Professional wasp removal costs vary depending upon the location and size of the nest, but prices usually range from $300-$550. It is a one time cost that will give you peace of mind and keep your family and home safe.

How To Prevent Wasp Nests

The best and most cost effective way to get rid of wasps is to never allow them to build their nest in or on your home in the first place. If you know that wasps live in your area, your best option is to utilize these prevention methods to keep wasps away. Earthwise Pest management can assist you in protecting your home from wasps, contact us today for a free quote.

Seal Off Any Possible Entry Points

Any little cracks in windows and doors or unsealed vents can be a point of entry into your home for a wasp. All it takes is one queen wasp getting in to begin building a nest. If you make sure that your home is sealed up tight, you won’t have to worry about finding a wasp nest in your attic.

Clean Up Your Outdoor BBQ’s and Picnics

Wasps, like every other animal, are searching to make their home around a food source. Allowing food, especially proteins, to sit outside after you have finished with your dinner or get together is a great way to attract all kinds of pests including wasps. After cleaning up, it is also a good idea to ensure any outside garbage cans are tightly sealed. 

Use A Fake Nest

Fake nests are a product that you can find that will deter wasps from making their nest on your house. While wasps are social with the other wasps in their nest, they typically won’t start a nest next to another. Wasps want their own space to live and their own food sources, so installing a fake nest will typically make them move along.

Hire A Professional Pest Management Company To Spray For Wasps

Professional pest control companies offer a service where they come around and spray deterrent chemicals all the places that wasps like to build their nest. This is a great option because you know you’re receiving a service that will work since it is coming from a company that specializes in the prevention and control of pests such as wasps. 

Hire A Professional Pest Management Company To Remove or Prevent Wasps

When you find that you have a wasp nest in or on your home please don’t try to remove it yourself with any of the dangerous tactics that we’ve discussed. Contact Earthwise Pest Management and they will safely and efficiently remove wasp nests, so you can get back to enjoying your home, pest-free.